Friday, June 27, 2008

Age of Conan pve/pvp demonstration.

So if you're wondering what the gameplay looks like for ranged and melee combat in both pve and pvp while solo questing/ganking as a ranger, here you go.

This game is quite a bit of fun, but I'm not sure how well it will keep me entertained once I'm max level.


fergus/maso/baek said...

So I heard that at the WWI PvP panel, Kalgan said that the devs are happy with how pets are currently scaling.

I'm pretty convinced that he either really does balance this game around what classes he plays or is a blind fucking retard. The Warlock class needs you again, Leiah.

With the developers being "happy" about stuff like current pet scaling and RACIALS in arena, I'm really starting to wonder where this game is headed.

But hey, D3's announced right? Whoo! D3. I'll be a professional by the time it comes out and I probably won't have time to play it... but yay, D3!

Leiah said...

I heard, and no I don't agree. Hit/penetration is first and foremost a big problem.

The fact that they can be killed doesn't bother me. The fact that certain team makeups can gib a pet in literally 2 seconds makes no sense. There's no strategy or tradeoff involved in going for a pet that can die to melee heavy teams in seconds. I'd hardly call that a gamble of "spending too much time to kill a pet".

I've seen a sword spec warrior with windfury kill my felhunter in 2 seconds flat. Literally. Triple crit string and the pet was just gone.

Do I think pet scaling is fine? No. I definitely think it has a ways to go. Pet's need a blessed resilience type ability so said example can't happen.

fergus/maso/baek said...

I don't think anybody's asking for their pet to be invincible, that would just be silly. However, as a Warrior playing I too have experienced the 2 second pet gibs, and I think it's ridiculous.

Mani said...

If he thinks pet scaling is fine, then he is saying "pets were way too OP in the first 2 seasons and now they are where they should be".

It isn't rocket science, it's common sense, if everything (esp dmg) went up and pets did not, then it means that pets will die faster, so he is effectively saying that pets did not die fast enough in the first two seasons and now they are dying according to how blizz planned it.

Anonymous said...

dude you need to try DND 4.0, its better then WOW, AOC, or anything else right now in my opinion. I quit all of WOW and pretty much want to uninstall it, but wont just in case in the next months to come. But seriously, find a group, and play the new DND. You couldn't get bored if you tried.

Anonymous said...

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