Tuesday, October 28, 2008

For those curious about DK leveling:

I just finished the entire DK quest chain again (for the billionth time), and this is to show you just how far into 57 you get before turning in the part in orgrimmar or stormwind.

Also, it takes roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes to run through these quests.


Galen said...

I beg your pardon for any redundancy if this question has been asked, but as it pertains to the topic of leveling; what spec(s) will you be using to level up?

Loomineel said...

awww.. "Eviljayde" :]

Ray said...

That's weird....I've leveled up 3 DK's in the beta so far and I've been able to hit 58 as soon as I finish the invasion quest. I think it may have to do with the torture quest, I always have to kill at least 10 to 20 Scarlet Crusaders before they give up.

Anonymous said...

What Ray said, pretty much word for word.

Also, I tend to kill randomly for a few minutes at a time between quests just to get used to my buttons.

losthero said...

how much time do you need for the whole questchain? (hours/minutes)

Anonymous said...

Hey I have been reading your blog for a bit, but never posted. This is totally off-topic, but is there a thread about death knight race on here? I have found countless post on other forums / blogs, but they all end up being posts containing "i are picking BE cause I think they coolest." I assume that you chose BE because of the original racial benefit for runes. Can we have a serious post about racial talents and what they will mean for death knight abilities (PVP / PVE). In particular, I am curious about whether orc racials will push a death knight to be more than just mid level dps. Boosting attack power and spell damage as unholy sounds pretty slick. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I did a spreadsheet that shows the breakdown of all the xp you get from quests and exploration that I parsed from logs.

I will be "borrowing" my kids refer-a-friend account and dual level my DK through the starting area for 3x XP to get a bit of a jump.

There is a column for how much XP you would get at the 3x XP rate, and columns totaling XP gained (regular and 3x) so you can roughly determine where you will will end up, adding in some xp from mob kills.


Mike said...

Jayde I demand to see a picture of your hands. I assume you have 3 hands considering your ability to maximize your keyboard. I must know, what is the secret to your keyboard madness!

Takle said...

Im also quite interested in your keybinds @ lvl 80 - so if you wouldn't mind posting that would be great.

The reason i ask for this is Im bit of a shortcut freak myself (play with no actionbars on my screen only health bars ^^).

So I would like to know yours for inspiration.

Revinn said...

Indeed. I've always been kind of curious on how his keybinds were. I noticed he has a lot of core abilities in the bottom right of the main action bar, and I doubt he uses WASD. For a while I figured he was left handed and used his right hand on his keyboard, but i'm not really so sure.

I was a hardcore league playing Counter-Strike player for several years, so I doubt I could ever shake the mouse look/turn and WASD strafe. It's branded in my brain.

Monte said...

Well lets see, cross-referencing his arena/PvP videos with that screenshot we get:

Shift A: Death Pact
Shift S: Death Coil
Shift D: Icebound Fort
Shift F: Empower Rune Weapon
Shift G: Raise Dead
Shift H: ???
E: Death Strike
Shift Z: Bandage
Shift X: DnD
Shift G: Trinket
Z: Mindfreeze
Mouse ?: Anti-magic shield (in the video)
Shift Q: BE racial
Shift W: AMZ
Shift E: Rune Tap
Shift R: Gargoyle
Shift T: Mark of Blood
??? + A: Blood Tap
Q: Rune Strike
R: Chains of Ice
Mouse ?: Death Grip
1-= (in order): Trinket, Oblit, Bone Armor, Strang, Pest, BS, Dark Command, Trinket again?, Mount, Icy Touch, BB, PS.

Going up the side we have:
Food, Path of Frost, HoW, other "non-combat" things.

It's pretty much the same as mine except I use Mnemonics for my binding( ei Shift+g for plague strike...etc). I'm not sure what he uses to move though.

Takle said...

Don't you get annoyed by the stop of movement when using shift+wasd? Or do you have auto-run enabled all the time in PvP.

Jayde said...

" Takle said...

Don't you get annoyed by the stop of movement when using shift+wasd? Or do you have auto-run enabled all the time in PvP."

Don't have that problem, because if I'm using shift + movement keys for hotkeys, I'm holding down the right mouse button for directional control (mouselook) and all it takes is holding down the left mouse button in tandem for forward movement.

When you need to target things manually with the mouse, you still have directional control via WASD (or whatever you use on the keyboard. mine is different, but close).

When you need to move and "aim" while using certain hotkeys on the keyboard, you can simply swap roles and have the mouse take care of movement.

Anonymous said...

what about pet control in pvp?
do you have pet's claw attack on auto? how do u make sure your pet will have enough energy for the stun when you need it? and if you dont have claw on auto do you just have to spam the button to increase its dps?
i really cant see how pet can work in pvp

Egoone said...

Hey Jayde could you give us some advices regarding which race to pick up for PvP(arenas)?
I just can´t decide between orc,ud and be.I want some advices from someone who plays on beta and knows how the things works :) I will be very thankful.

Aliza said...

Same here:D ... sry...but what spec did you use for lvling :)

Brian said...

I have written up an analysis of the best Death Knight races, covering both Horde and Alliance. I have seen a few questions on that topic in these comments, so I'll post it here.

Best Races for Death Knight

Zarkharaan said...

for those wondering about levelling specs

I'm not going to speak for Jayde
but Blood is a nice bet for levelling due to the survivability you get from Vendetta, letting you go from mob to mob without ever having to Death Strike.

Frost and Unholy, however, still have Death Strike. Unholy might fare better especially when you pull multiple mobs and Frost isn't particularly bad for grinding either.

It's all down to style. Just think what you like more - slicing and stabbing things, freezing things or melting things down through diseases.

Jayde said...

For a leveling spec, I'm more apt to go down blood to get either vendetta or imp runetap (or both), and then put the rest of my points in unholy for gargoyle, on a pale horse, unholy aura (to be used with blood presence), among others. A light blood/heavy unholy build will probably be best for leveling. It's just too easy to cherry-pick so many good talents that way.

Anonymous said...

you will be losing alot of dps by going vendetta+unholy atleast until around lvl70 that you will be able to get scourge strike
personaly i am going for deep unholy with glyph of deathstrike and alot of healing potion injectors and bandages :P

Aliza said...
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Aliza said...

sry for doublepost:
hm..I'll try this spec with 58:

And maybe something like this with 70:

Have any improvements, or is it okay?

Revinn said...

I'm tired of people posting 'Rate my specs' in the comments. Theres plenty flooding the many Dk forums. :(

Knoxville said...

Jade I'm begging you.

I am an European Beta test player and unable to write my request in the US Beta forum. You're my only hope!

I think it's really sad no to use the Undead Female somersault animation for Death Knight skills. Why not put it for one of the following: PS/BS/ST?

I'm sure Ghostcrawler will look into it if you add this request in one of your future feedback posts!

This is a crucial cause I'm fighting for! ;D


Rekota said...

Just popping in to say hello in return from a fellow DK :3