Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The good old days.

Ahh how I miss griefing my own faction when the raids were done and the honor system yielded nothing more than a senseless grind. However, I actually enjoyed pvp back then more. You know who the top dogs on the server were. You might have hated them, or liked them, it didn't matter, because you respected them.

That's something the recent pvp system really lacks lately, is a real sense of community. Now, it just seems like you're tossed in the same random sandboxed pvp matches, but with completely new and different people. You don't really know anyone in the BG, except the people you queued up with. There's no sense of respect for the opponent anymore, because you don't really know who they are, and you don't really care. That goes a long way to take a lot of the fun out of the matches. There's no sense of pride in beating a team. Now the best you can get is "we beat a tich/blackrock/silverhand/etc premade. But, who cares? They're just random "faces" that you don't even really know.

And now it seems that the current trend is to add guards everywhere, even to all the new instances that are in CONTESTED areas. I just don't get it. What happened to fighting over content? What happened to having WARS in WARcraft on PVP servers. Come on. Blizzard has caved into people getting so butthurt over PVP happening on PVP servers, that PvP is now discouraged as much as possible, except when leveling out in the boonies. Whoopdee do.

The world pvp in this game lost its epic feel a long time ago. I'm hoping they will bring it back in WotLK. No more guards outside of instances or near meeting stones. No more flying mount guards that storm bolt you out of the sky. No more of that faggotry. If you want to put that stuff in on PVE servers, FINE. Go ahead. But let the people who rolled on pvp servers actually get the feeling that they are on one for once, ok? The actualy mechanics in wow for PvP in terms of combat are pretty solid. It would be even better, if you let the players create epic pvp encounters of their own, especially when they get tired of the same 4 battlegrounds all the time, doing the same exact routine, for the umpteenth time, against anonymous, meaningless, faceless opponents that they could care less about.


Avadann Kedeth said...

I missed the endgame 60 days during my year long MMO break, but I know what you're talking about.

On one hand, we're being railroaded into organized crime. PvP in BG and Arenas. PvE in Instances. The rest of the world is for... leveling? daily quests?

When Alliance attacks crossroads, I never care, because if I'm going to PvP, I do it in BGs where I'll get bonus honor, 12g and more bonus honor.

Anonymous said...

I'm a "fag" and don't want to be connected to Blizz's crappy PvP system in any way, so hopefully you'll remember that.

Otherwise, I completely agree that PvP sucks.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your assessment. PVP was a lot more fun when you knew the people you were fighing against and the people you grouped with. I also really liked the rating system... you knew who the baddasses were. World PVP was really fun too, the best of that was in Tarren Mills/South Shore.

It's sad that PVP is now a cookie cutter/controlled experience.

Hope that changes... but I doubt it, wonder how Warhammer will pan out?

Leiah said...

Eh, I have a real close friend in the warhammer beta, and he's not impressed. He said they're dumbing down a lot of the pvp systems in the game. You used to be able to go out and quest and level up at a reasonable pace via pvp combat, but now it takes roughly 10-15 times longer (read: impossible), and they're basically trying to force people to enjoy the lackluster pve they've implemented into the game instead.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... well that sucks, that was one of the things I thought was cool, that you could level off of PVP and PVE. And if you just did one it would be slower then doing both.

Wonder if they are changing this due to feedback from casual players....

Anonymous said...

Just found out yesterday that one of my customers is a bigwig at EA/Mythic . Beta Testing inc.

Anonymous said...

Leiah, just curious here, there is a guy who posted on Shaman forum about the totem GCD changes before they were announced, and claims he has an an inside source -- would this source (or poster) be you, or your friend?

The post I'm talking about is here:


Leiah said...

Your thread got cut off. That's the thing that sucks about this site. :(

Try using tinyurl.com I suppose.

Also, please understand, that there are probably at least 10-20 other players on various servers that provide direct feedback to Blizzard employees on a daily basis. It's not like I'm the only one.

Anonymous said...

Sorry here is the link again:


I am able to drag with my mouse down to the next line and get the whole thing selected for copy/paste, but I agree it is an annoying limitation of this comment system =)