Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What the FUCK?

I'm absolutely speechless.


Anonymous said...

With Neo-Cons in power, I am not surprised. Can't wait for the elections.

karjub said...

Somebody wrote an excellent proposal on why he should be able to play WoW at work.

"Why are you playing video games when we've got terrorist cells to investigate?"

"I'm... ummm... looking for terrorist cells in this online community."

"Oh, carry on then"

Anonymous said...

You will have to forgive my ignorance. That comment could apply to recent warlock change, or patch 2.4, or my breakfast (local time 12:25PM), or a number of other things.

What happened? Someone in US goverment declared WOW be outlawed because of terrorist activity?

I was pondering about the synnergy between druid and shaman, and was hoping there could be a good story to go along with it. Maybe the beginning of another joined action between alliance and horde. Seems this is not a good time.


Anonymous said...

This comment title could've easily applied to the Feb 27 PTR push as well :/

Anonymous said...

I see what you mean....

There are many logical choices suggested by warlocks on the forum. They are helping Blizzard to nerf themselves to achieve the intended result without side effect. Either the changes suggested by the warlocks on the forum proves to be too great a coding challenge for the dev team. Or the idea of percentage-based-lifetap comes directly from the head dev or even higher. I would be somewhat dissappointed if the first assumption is true. I would be very dissappointed if the other one is true.

Here is the concept. " There is no future. There is no past. There is only present. " There is no future, so no "nerf now for future buff" " nerf now for future itemization". There is no past, so no " you are overpowered for 3 years, a little frustration is in order" . The devs might "know" the future of the game, which class would be buffed, which ability might be adjusted, which piece of gear need some fine tuning. The players don't. From what the devs know, the warlock change might make sense with the coming changes in future patches or in WotLK. The players don't. What we know at present, is that Blizzard is changing a core ability of a class, in a way that makes this class lose its attraction. Many even find the change unacceptable. Will the new mechanics appeal to a new set of players?

Who knows. There is no future.

Newcomer. Sorry for the crappy English.

Anonymous said...

"What we know at present, is that Blizzard is changing a core ability of a class, in a way that makes this class lose its attraction"

I suspect that almost every serious WOW player with a warlock main has leveled an alt to 70 and plays it more than their warlock nowadays. The class has just been left to wither with ZERO changes to fix ANY of our 41pt talents to make them worth taking (is there another class who doesn't take a 41pt talent for their arena OR endgame raid spec)? When I see them go to such lengths to make all 3 shaman and rogue trees viable in arena while the statement to warlocks is basically "QQ more spec SLSL fgts" then it's pretty clear that there is NO dev actively looking at or caring for warlock concerns.

If our only hope as a class is the future, then I don't see why I shouldn't cancel until the 3.0 patch and then check out the WotLK talents and rebalancing. And NO,devs, Curse of Mortal Strike won't change my mind about this.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed there seems to be an increase in number of blue posts recently. Though most of them does not concern detailed discussion. And I can see why they don't do so. Also enhancement shaman got some buff.

That is a good sign, I hope. They know we are concerned, and they let us know that they are viewing the forum articles. Sometimes I even believe they DO care about what we think.

I believe the devs could not have played each talent tree of each class and not favor some more than others. As long as they delete the useless QQ posts and actually read the feedbacks, that's fine by me.

I used to play MUD when I was a student. The manager of the game was called "God" or "Wizard" of the world. They do favor some certain class, and their alts often have top notch gear much earlier than ordinary players. But we ordinary players look at them with jealousy or reverence(is this the correct word?), instead of disdain. As long as they communicate with people that really care about the game, and adress the issues the players presented. Well, it's their game. It's their right to have some fun.

I believe the stupid word pinning favoritism to a certain dev will remain, and reappear every time any class get a nerf. I also believe if every player is enjoying the game, there are enough reasonable and grateful players that actually know " Praise the WIZARDS before you login" .


Vague said...

The changes to the warlock classe have been nothing but a big disappointment. Either the devs are really not in touch with reality, or they are a few months behind.

Warlock is not the top class in any bracket 2200+. Warlock is #3-6 in all brackets, yet, they are hit with the nerf bat more than classes that are represented a lot more (warrs and druids).

I have stopped playing 5 days ago because the new proposed changes made me realize that the time investment in this game is no longer worth it when the people in charge of development seem to be taking the game in the wrong direction (that's what killed most famou MMOs).