Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I don't get it.


A steady shot that causes base weapon damage plus [RAP * 0.2 + 150]. Causes an additional 175 against Dazed targets.

I don't get it. Concussive costs a GCD, and more mana than another steady shot. (About the same as an arcane shot, which is instant, does damage, and dispels).

You don't open up a damage sequence on a target with concussive first, so arguing that doing concussive > steady is a moot point for extra "burst", if you call it that. The damage bonus is negligible at best as it is. I'd be better off just using another steady or multi or arcane between steady and auto shots.

You save concussive for targets running away, or to slow down chasers, which means you are typically moving away or toward them. Since steady shot requires you to be stationary, this "synergy" just seems broken.

The only real use I could see out of this would be if you were in a raid and other classes were dazing the mobs that actually aren't immune to daze (which seemed rare when I had aftermath procced), and you were BM spec doing your standard steady/auto 1:1 shot rotation.

In PvP, I find this extra feature far, far, FAR too situational to ever use or take advantage of. I really think there could have been a better bonus system for this new shot. I just find it far too counter-productive to try and take advantage of the daze damage bonus. (Giving up other potential shot damage to work in a tiny damage bonus on my steady shot).

Am I missing something here?


The 1s off the multishot cooldown is OK.
I find it odd, though, that our best DPS/burst ability is also the most prone to breaking CC. I can't really see myself taking advantage of using multishot every 9s (especially with its pretty high mana cost) in the same way that a warrior can always take advantage of 5s off his 20s intercept cooldown (a 25% increase, mind you). Yeah I know intercept is 30s base, but let's be realistic. Any PvP warrior is going to have 20s intercept via talents, just as any pvp warlock is going to have instacast corruption. You just have to take that into consideration.

I understand you can't add a reduction to aimed shot cast time, since I've never seen a armor bonus that was talent specific on pvp gear. I'm assuming there's some sort of policy against talent-specific set bonuses on pvp gear so that you guys won't get flamed for ignoring the 2% of warriors who pvp as fury or prot (lol) for example.

Still, a 1s off arcane and 1s off of multi would be better. At least then we'd be able to at least benefit from the 4pc bonus 100% of the time, vs 50% of the time as of currently.


Zek said...

Steady Shot daze component...

It's supposed to be our "synergy" with rogues and their Blade Twisting talent (+Warriors Shield Bash) more than Conc+Steady combo move.

Sadly "synergy" ends with trash clearing since bosses are immune to daze.


As for -1s MS Cooldown. It's same crap as -1s ConcShot CD.
In pvp you "save" arcane/multi for time when you need really to burst things down or use multi when people cramp together.

-5 seconds on trap CD woud be better.

Zek said...

(continuing first post)

After bit of thought, steady shot daze component could be used with Concossive Barrage talent(witch sux).

3/3 talent, high in the MM tree, 6% to proc daze on Auto Shot.

This kinda translates to 12 procs in 10 minutes with MM spec witch is only spec that could have this talent. Need I say crap?

I think this talent will change so it will grant not only daze but add chance to dispel on Arcane Shot. 20/40/60%. Reason being very loud crying about Arcane Shot = OP on WoW forums.

But to be useful at all daze component should proc on all shots + it should reduce pushback on steady&aimed shot.


4 piece PvP set. Hunters main PVP weapon in arenas atm is without doubt Viper Sting. Make 4 piece scale Viper by another 10% or return part of mana drained to hunter. (and where is RAP scaling on Viper Sting btw?)

Anonymous said...

I think they meant for it to be used with the Concussive Barrage talent, not necessarily conc shot.

Anonymous said...

Grogzor here-

The thing about Steady Shot is...BM hunters are doing fine in raids as it is in terms of DPS. So making it usable on bosses would actually imbalance things a bit.

On the other hand, in pvp, daze is very hard to come by if ever. Rogues don't take blade twisting and hunter's dont take concussive barrage. Maybe if all slows were considered dazes it would mean something but other then that its a useless part of the ability.