Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Looking deeper into the pet resilience scaling/SR stacking/Paladin problems.

I'm going to go ahead and link to this post here, as there's already a good discussion going on it.

If you can't see the wow forums for whatever reason, here is the quoted post:

Q u o t e:
2.4 is planned for before years end.

As far as penetration, my belief is that there's no reason it shouldn't be 100% scaling. The reason behind this line of thought is that demon abilities are considered to be part of the warlock class; things like Spell Lock, Devour, Seduce, etc are all taken into account when you consider the whole 'warlock equation'.

Having them not scale at the same degree of the warlock itself is akin to adding "more susceptible to resistance" to the tooltip of Counterspell.

I'm inclined to agree. I think we're seeing 3 problems here.

A) Paladins are too easy as is to CC and stop from healing their teammates. They don't really have any meaningful instant heals or oh-@!!@ heals. This problem leads to:
B) Paladins stacking things such as: http://www.wowhead.com/?search=shadesteel This problem leads to:
C) Warlocks then needing to stack massive amounts of spell penetration to negate shadesteel or other similar SR gear pieces as best as they can. This does not help pets, however.

So the REAL underlying issue isn't necessarily pet scaling with spell pen or the lack thereof. The REAL issue is the fact that paladins feel required to do whatever they can to make up for the fact that a warlock can CC them into oblivion without even trying. I will be the first to say that it is, currently, much too easy to completely shut down a paladin for most of a match, and at any given critical moment at will, minus when he's bubbled for a trivial amount of time.

So rather than sticking a bandaid on top of a bandaid (ad nauseam), Blizzard is currently trying to first see if they can find a better solution to the actual REAL problem, if that makes sense

I hope that clears some things up for you."


Nick said...

I got an idea: We give them a box which we will call the "Horadric Cube" in this box the Paladin will place a super mana potion, a super healing potion, and a chipped gem and "transmute" them into a Rejuvination potion to be handed to his teammates in time of need.

That or we can give the paly an ability named insist which will allow him to play any spell at any time.

Leiah said...

Ahahaha. I love it. :)

Anonymous said...

Just have to say that was deeply intelligent. You put alot of thought behind what you are saying.

Mirt said...


What do you think about swapping fear and banish? (i.e. single target fear = demons and elementals and banish = humanoids)

The VW would probably need better aggro to compensate in PvE.

I find that fear is just too random in PvP - sometimes it breaks after one dot tick, others not at all despite many thousands of damage being done. All the other CCs are much more predictable...

(I think the AoE fears are fine as is, due to their cooldowns)