Monday, November 12, 2007

Working for Assholes

We all do it from time to time. Working at a crappy job that you're only doing because you need the money, or because you couldn't get the one you really wanted so you're stuck working for some douche that you could give two shits about.

I don't need to explain to any of you just how incredibly frustrating it can be to work for someone who never appreciates the hard work you do or the overtime you selflessly put in. You can save the company hundreds of thousands of dollars by doing everything right 99% of the time, but fuck up just once.... Or if you forget one small trivial task because you were, oh I don't know, keeping the servers that host millions of dollars worth of business from going down, then you still get yelled at. Yep. Working for assholes seems to be a very common problem with the common man these days. On the other hand, I also don't need to explain just how incredibly satisfying it is when your boss fucks up, big time, right in front of everyone.

So before I get into today's fine example of such fuck ups, let me give you a little background on the situation.

I work as an IT contractor (not full time with them) at a payday loan company. This company, and others like it, exist solely to suck whatever life it can out of your low-income individuals who desperately need money to make it through the week for whatever reason. It's a very profitable industry, but many don't agree with it for obvious reasons. I'll let me own opinions slide for now, as they don't really matter either way.

I work on an IT team with 3 other individuals. I won't name their real names for privacy reasons, but let's just call them Bob, Stacey, and Josh. Josh is our helpdesk guy. He's your typical nerdy and quirky individual who's a very hard worker but can often be annoying, due to his over eccentric personality. Stacey is our programmer, and she's quite the normal character and happens to be going on vacation tomorrow. Bob is our boss, and he's a difficult man to work for (read: asshole).

Stacey as I said is going out of town, so she set up a rule in outlook that will auto-forward anything that has to do with her programming system to the IT team containing certain specific text in the subject line.

Josh, who is not familiar with outlook rules, inquired in a reply to all as to how exactly the rules were setup and wanted to know if everything that was going to Stacey was getting forwarded to us all or not.

Bob, who isn't a very likable individual, decided to forward his reply about Josh's ignorance in general (because he's an asshole) to Stacey as sort of a private "haha" joke. Well as it turns out, Bob sent an email to Stacey containing the very same key words in the subject line that triggered Stacey's auto-forward rule (since, afterall, this is a continuous email chain), his snide little email just so happened to make its way to the whole IT group before he could realize what happened. And happen it did.

Here's his exact words: "Did his mom drop him on his head when he was young (or not so young) or what?"

Yeah. "Ha ha" Good buddy. The joke's on you. Maybe next time before you talk down someones ignorance of a certain functionality of an office product, you should actually do it in a way that A) Doesn't make you look like a moron for not understanding the very system that you're gloating to be so much better at using, and B) Won't advertise it to the entire department.

Kind of makes me wonder if he's ever said anything about myself, or others like that to his other joke-buddy employees.

What an ass.


Nick said...

It will be interesting how much grace he ask for considering his mistake versus how much he gives considering others mistakes.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the US has anything like the UK Constructive Dismissal law? That e-mail should be enough for a formal grevience preceedings.