Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Looks like the feedback has been helping thus far. :)

" I wanted to share with you some changes affecting hunters that are coming in a small patch. The effect of aspect of the viper is being increased. Pet leveling speed will be substantially increased. Lastly, it will once again be possible for two freezing traps to be in place at the same time."


Zek said...

I hope it was feedback and not 200+ pages of WTF on wowforums. Well thats form of feedback too I guess. ;)

Now to begin crusade for improving/changing some hunter talents, like Master Tactician in Survival tier8.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your efforts. I (like Zek) hope it is your constructive feedback and not simply forum complaining (for or against hunters).

I hope the new viper is useful. Even now for it to be remotely useful I have to equip about 400 to 420 intellect for the regen. OF course with gear itemization being such that you dont find crit agi and int on many pieces at all means that I am sacrificing much dps to have the regen be useful. This is counter productive.

Again, thank you.

Anonymous said...

* Viper increased to 55% from 50%.
* Dual Trapping back.
* Pet Leveling increased

One Bugfix (pet leveling)
One Mini-mini-mini buff (viper)
One reverted change. (traps)

When looking at mage changes this gives me Icy Veins...

Anonymous said...

I appreciate what you've been doing.

Some random ideas for you to think about:

-4 pc pvp set bonus changed to reduction of Viper Sting cooldown. Something like -2 or 3 secs off of the cooldown.

-Deterrence changed to also give a chance to resist magic effects (25% chance and it doesn't dispel any current effects).

-Wyvern Sting getting something more. As it is, the talent is really only useful as an "oh shit" button. In pvp, this will usually last long enough for people to find the dispel button, unless 1v1. In pve, it's only usable in 5 mans, and even then it's counter productive to keeping the mob CC'd.

-Unlinking Master Tactician from Readiness would be a great change to Survival.

Thanks again for the help!

Leiah said...

Yep, all 4 of those changes have been suggested and/or are being considered. I don't think they realized just how much wyvern sting was hurting since the trinket change to remove EVERY cc, in addition to 2 racials being able to counter it (Wotf and stone form).

I'm def not crazy about 1s off multishot cooldown for arena play. You bring a hunter for viper sting more than multi shot.

Survival just needs more work, and yea unlinking that crappy 2nd to last talent from readiness would help some.

Deterrence still feels weak for a 5 minute cooldown.