Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a good christmas (or whatever holiday you observe).

My wonderful girlfriend gets to stay with me for winters break between her grueling semesters at college. She is taking the architecture program at Cornell University. And she got me a Wii! She's the best! :)

Oh, and if you haven't seen the new movie "I Am Legend" yet, don't bother. It was pretty horrible.


Kyrre said...

Disappointing, I was looking forward to that movie..

Grats on the Wii! She's a good'un ;)
And Merry Christmas of course! <3

Cambin said...

Yeah, other than making me jump about 5 times, it was definately lacking and the end stunk it up.

Grats on the Wii, the trick to Bowling is to toss the ball up in the air a little ;)

Brian said...

Heya Jadefury/Leiah!

I was planning to see that movie with the gf this weekend... this is one more among many votes to skip the movie, so I'm kinda deflated.

I still hope to get in touch with you soon, I am the Brian that has been looking for you to talk about hunters. Hopefully you will get a chance to check that email from me soon.

Sounds like you have good taste in women, by the way! My gf and I are both Cornell grads (2003).

Anonymous said...

I Am Legend was awful. The first half was entertaining despite the outdated looking CGI, but the second half ruined the entire movie.

brian said...

Hey Jadefury/Leiah, I posted a second round of my talent writeup on the forums.

Would love to hear your thoughts if you get a chance.