Friday, December 7, 2007

So I hit level 70 on Dec 1st...

And I've been very busy gearing the toon out ever since.

I've managed to scrap up enough decent gear to not die instantly in the arena's lately, so I started recording some 3v3 clips last night. I put a post on the official hunter forums about this, too.

Overall, I love the new hunter changes for the arena so far. Aimed shot, when used properly, puts SERIOUS pressure on the enemy healer(s) to keep the focused member up. Hunters left alone can be a clothies/rogues worst nightmare now. The aimed shot change FORCES the hunters DPS to simply not be ignored anymore. Viper sting is amazing when used in conjunction with a scorpid, especially if you can fear dispeller. Teaming with a warlock and priest in 3s is very strong. Priests are probably the strongest 3v3 healer atm. And warlocks, well, everyone knows they are OP! :)

Anyways, I made a video of our games. I hope you can give me some pointers as I'm still learning.


Cambin said...

I shall watch the videos. I think the preist/lock/hunter combo would work wonders due to the dps/cc ability of the two and the power of the priest these days.

Vague said...

I don't know what teams you are playing against, but RMP teams would tear your team to pieces. We are running the same setup, and any team with a rogue has a serious advantage against us. The biggest problem with this setup is that the other team can pretty much go for anyone of you and it is guaranteed that you have no escape mechanism whatsoever.

Wait until you reach higher rating and you will see how many problems this setup has.

P.S. We took this setup in s2 to 2300 rating, but it seems that our BG learned how to counter us pretty well now.

Leiah said...

Really? That's interesting. We tear RMP teams apart so far.

Vague said...

RMP always goes like this. They start on me both mage and rogue and my fel armor is removed. At that moment, I'm really stunlocked and my pet is on the mage in case he tries to sheep my priest. Mage sheeps, I spell lock him. Spell lock gone he sheeps and I devour sheep, he sheeps again. DPS on me is mad and I really can't move (between rogue cripp poison and freeze). If priest doesn't come out of sheep I will die since CS of the mage is ready, and then comes the rogue blind. If he trinkets out of sheep he gets blinded.

When we swapped the hunter with a rogue it made a huge diff because of the simple fact that the rogue can really provide excellent CC for me to run. We also got a mage for a few games and it also worked pretty well with frost nova and sheep.

Our biggest problem now is that we can never tell whether they will go for me or the hunter since neither of us have effective ways to escape. For RMP teams, especially the good ones, the only char that can't escape is the priest. We try to gank the rogue and he always clos/vanish when it gets dangerous, the mage would ice block. The only way we can defeat them usually is if we survive the first 30-40 seconds.

I'm sure you found this out too, but we found out that BM doesn't really work in this setup, scatter shot is a requirement if we want a balanced setup.

I think hunters need imp wing clip for all specs (not a talent, trainable).

P.S. Leiah, I asked before, you got a steam ID or MSN that I can contact you on?

Leiah said...

yeah just look me up as NVSniper. :)

I'll try to record some RMP games this week, but it's definitely one of our easier matches.

Sciurus said...

If you sub out the priest for a druid and run hunter/lock/druid, RMP becomes a sad, sad joke to play against.

The extra cc from the druid who can't be poly'd, on top of abolish poison kiting over frost trap basically destroys that team.

Another combo that is pretty disgusting is hunter/rogue/druid. 5 point Expose Armor with Faerie fire on the burn target can really put out some insane burst on anything that isn't plate while still retaining some decent cc and drain capability.