Friday, December 14, 2007

Wish List:

1) An ability to remotely deploy a trap from range. Having to stop dps on my target, run 30 yards back to the pillar that my priest is running around, dropping a trap, and running back out to optimal DPS range, really sucks. I would kill for the ability to stay where I am, deploy a frost trap (for example) at a location or target of my choice, and go back to DPSing my target. Traps have enough limitations as is. Forcing me to cut DPS until I can run around the map and drop the trap where it's needed most is it's biggest limitation.

2) High rating-required ammo.

3) Remove the mana cost from aspects, or at least the mana cost to go back into viper.

4) Make deterrence not suck. It's highly situational, doesn't last very long, and the classes I need it most against typically stunlock me or chain mace stun me anyways. The cooldown is WAY too long for what little/brief benefit it gives you, even though it's only 1 talent point.

5) Concussive barrage needs to not suck. It, at the very least, needs to be able to proc off of steady shots in addition to auto shots. That way, you won't have a chance for your mobile shots to proc daze, and you will have to be using stationary shots to utilize it. Would also make sense, considering steady shot has a damage bonus vs dazed targets, yet hardly anyone inflicts daze (lol destro locks or Blade twisting rogues), and if they do, it's far, far, FAR from reliable. This way you'd at least maybe be able to take advantage of the daze proc, and the damage bonus a few times during the fight.

6) Silencing shot _can_ be a bitch to use sometimes. Not only is it on the GCD (unlike spell lock or counter spell), but it also has a travel time. Combined with latency, and distance from target, these factors can make getting silencing shot tricky to land exactly when needed sometimes. Ideally, I'd like it to be off the GCD. I realize that kick and pummel are not, but you don't exactly have to spec 41 points to get them, either. However, I'd also settle for an instant travel time (if possible).

In addition: It would also be wonderful if this shot actually was usable and reliable in pve. Most mobs other than trash are typically immune to silence, but not to school lockout. (Shade of aran, romulo and juliet, etc). Giving it a lockout for the same duration as the silence wouldn't break any pvp balance at all, and would actually make it useful in pve.

7) Wyvern sting. Neat talent, except for a few things.
  • A) Every trinket in the game can remove it (which is fine, except that this particular CC is on a TWO MINUTE COOLDOWN, in addition to being a 31 point talent.... in addition to having to give up silencing shot to get it, which has a 20s cooldown). Also, 2 racials (stone form and WotF) can break out of it.
  • B) The DoT poison afterwards makes it impossible to chain another cc after the sting other than fear or cyclone. Great, but, why is that a problem? Think about the horrible synergy this breaks between wyvern sting and readiness. Planning on sleeping that target twice in a row? Nevermind that it would suffer from DR and the second sleep would only last 5 seconds, but you can't do it anyways, due to the sting causing damage after the effect wears off.
Great. So what could fix it? Lower the cooldown drastically: 1 minute tops, possibly lower.
If you're going to put a crappy dot at the end of the duration, make it worthwhile to have on. Have the dot drain both health and mana from the target away, but do not let it stack with viper sting, as that would possibly be imba. This way, though, you could viper one target, and wyvern another.


Anonymous said...

Priest silence is also talented and not on GCD.

45 second cooldown vs 20

20yd- 24 (talented) VS 5yd(min)- 35yd(max) (+6 talented)

5 seconds silence VS 3...

11 point talent VS 41

Silencing shot also deals damage.

I just thought I would throw that out there for comparison, since it was not mentioned in your other comparisons. Both have their advantages and their draw backs. I really agree with the point about travel time however, making silencing Shot difficult to use. I can see how this can be particularly frustrating in arena.

Personally, I don't think its a weak talent versus mage/priest silence. Versus spell lock is another story. But to be fair, all silences fall short in comparison for the simple fact that the little guy can chase around pillar humpers.

Anonymous said...

i don't think rating ammo would be good, when hunter gets their new weapons it's not exactly equal for everyone when some only get 1 ammo dps and another can get a different one,

lucky for warriors a 2 hander is as it comes, but i see ranged weapons have already such lower dps than 1 handed weapons and i think arrow dps should be removed and added to all ranged weps to make them better upgrades.

Kyrre said...

As usual you're pretty much spot on, agreed on all of it.

Kardonnis said...

@ first comment - Silencing shot also doesn't lock out a school like most other silences do.

Ammo should be purchasable with honor and silver like arena water, and there should also be arena bandages purchasable with honor/silver.

agreed on deterrence.

I think concussive barrage would be much better if it was on steady and not auto unless it had a signifcantly higher chance to proc (say 10% instead of 6%)

Silencing shot being removed from the GCD would be pretty amazing, but removing travel time would be good too. I think that both are unlikely to happen.

I think a 1 minute cast time for wyvern would be more appropriate. I'd hesitate making it lower tbh though. I wouldn't mind a damage based dot if it were significant damage instead of a slightly less crappy serpent sting.

And though I've never tried it, if you wyvern stung a target twice in a row, wouldn't the second wyvern sting overwrite the first one, causing the sleep effect to take place a second time due to the 1 sting limitation? But, its kind of silly to have to scorpid sting someone everytime they wake up from wyvern if you want to cc them.

@ your previous blog on mana. Mana needs to be changed in function for hunters. Our mana pools are absurdly vulnerable, we aren't casters, and it affects our itemization making us have to itemize as hybrids (elemental shamans). Whether it stays mana or not doesn't matter but how we spend it and gain it needs to be changed.

Kardonnis said...

"I think concussive barrage "

That should be don't think.

Vasilii said...

Added to the wish list would be something to remove / grant immunity to snares

Possibly add it to deterrence to make it much more useful.

Right now if we get snared by rogue/warrior and do not have trinket up its very difficult to get range.

The absolute worst is popping trinket to get away only to get a snare insta reapplied - so annoying!

Kyrre said...

Thread about your ranged trap idea. Will be nice to keep an eye on it.

Anonymous said...

"@ first comment - Silencing shot also doesn't lock out a school like most other silences do."

Priest silence doesn't do this either, I'm not really understanding the point you're trying to make. Also spell lock out only happens for interrupt effects (unless these effects are talented) and even then opposing player has to be caught casting for this to occur.

I don't agree with removal from global cooldown, as that argument stems from warlock/mage silence being off global cooldown while ignoring other silence effects. The point about travel time is pretty significant, and I will agree it should be removed.