Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Oh yeah, and cyclone nerfed, QQ.. etc.

Now it's going to have the same range as fear! Except unlike warlocks, I have leather armor, can heal, abolish poisons, have barkskin, and a talent that makes it impossible to interrupt via damage anyways.

This would hurt warrior druid more than hunter druid. (Which is good, as it's probably the better of the two combos)


Healing Touch: Wow this spell sucks. I tried to do this:

"Thinking about doing this spec, because the new 4pc bonus to resto set would go nicely with the healing touch talents.

That would make those 3.5s healing touch casts down to 2.75 (before any spell haste, that is). "

At least that's what I thought. Here's why...

In PVE, I use tree form way more than anything else for healing, for obvious reasons. Keeping my hots going, and having swiftmend is more than often enough to satisfy any healing requirements. On rare occasions, I will need to get a huge heal off. That is when I use HT, but only when in conjunction with Nature's Swiftness. Obviously, this pisses me off because it will shift me out of tree form, and that is really annoying. Is there ever a time when I think it's a good idea to not be in tree form and using primarily healing touch? No, no there isn't. To make HT even remotely good, you have to invest 12 points into naturalist, tranquil spirit, and empowered touch. 12 talents to make it still less-than-on-par with my other heals, that I still can't use in tree form. It's inefficient. It's slow. It can't be used in tree form (which means it goes with inefficient). In other words, it's crap.

The only time I ever use HT in pve, or pvp, is when I need to NS Heal someone. That's it. HT is meh otherwise.

This is the build I use lately, as it's a fantastic PVE/PvP healer hybrid build. Notice the complete lack of any HT related talents. They're pretty much a waste. Also, I'm obviously going to feel the cyclone range nerf pretty hard, as I'm used to 36 yard range cyclones atm. Yeah it's useful, cause I can stay near a pillar and CC someone I want to from a long ways away. The range nerf will definitely force druids out into the open more and make them more vulnerable to counter CC and focus fire.

Also, I know I already touched on this, but why the hell is Omen of Clarity in the resto tree? It's simply awesome for feral, but absolute crap for resto. I have to melee to get the clearcasting to proc? Let me tell you how often I melee shit in pve tree form, or pvp when i'm pillar dancing. Why is this a resto talent? I don't get it. The talent isn't bad, it's just in the wrong place.

Oh, and why the hell does casting Mark or Gift of the wild in tree form shift me into caster form? Gamebreaking? No, but insanely annoying. I don't see why druids can't be allowed to cast that in tree form. Would reducing the mana cost on these spells by 20% in tree form really be that op?


Anonymous said...

About cyclone nerf, now i can earth shock it :)

About omen of clarity. There are a lot of great feral talents in the resto tree leading up to this, so i see alot of feral druids get it anyway. I have a lvl 40 rest druid and the talent. So far my instant cast HOT spell has been more than enough to keep the tank and party alive 99% of the time. so I go up and start hitting things to keep entertained. When it procs i throw out a Moon fire or another free HOT. I imagine this won't work in a raid environment where u have to watch for cleaves and aoe damage.

Anonymous said...

My elemental shaman has 375 resilience and more +healing than your druid and is only rated at less than 1600 :(

Anonymous said...

Tree is supposed to impose some limitations on what you can do. It's part of the flavor.

There's also a logical problem any time there is an arbitrary line. Here, you can cast A, B, and C in tree form, but not D, E, and F. Some things are gonna be close calls either way, and Bliz wants you to make choices, and experience tradeoffs.

Briahn said...

HT is definitely garbage. Hope things go well for you ... will check back in two months when you have finished grinding honor gear and are completely fed up with the system =)