Friday, March 14, 2008

Rogue Shiv / Druid Build / LOL hunters / Pets

So while browsing the forums this morning, I came across this little gem.

And people wonder why I felt compelled to make informative posts on the forums and generate intelligent discussion. It seems that Blizzard's CMs or QAs aren't even aware of how many of the abilities in their own game were originally designed to function.

This goes without saying, but if that change goes in for rogues, it would be similar to changing, say, deathcoil to be a fear effect instead of horror. Shiv was originally designed so that it is unable to be blocked/dodged/parried, and it's been that way since TBC Alpha. Obviously this is going to have a huge ripple effect for rogues, and I really don't see the justification for this change, if it is indeed not a bug.

After playing around a bit with specs last night, I tried the 34/0/27 dreamstate build, and to be honest, I wasn't really impressed. The lack of swiftmend really seemed to hurt my burst healing capabilities. There's nothing quite like having a conflag heal. Having lunar guidance and moonglow was nice, so I decided to alter it a bit. This is what I ended up speccing and I have to say, I like it the best. I get pretty decent secondary damage to assist plate classes down that my rogue buddy is having trouble with, I still have lunar guidance and moonglow. Nature's grace has pretty awesome synergy with improved regrowth (High crit chance heal + reduced cast time after any spell crit = win). I still have swiftmend. I still have natural perfection, and I still have long range cyclone/root. I love this build so far. I have a feeling I'll be sticking with this one for quite a while.


Hunters are bullshit. I got bored yesterday and logged into jade on tich since I haven't been able to kill anything on my druid. I did a single solo pug wsg game. Averaging over 15,000 damage per minute in a 20 minute game is a little ridiculous. Hunters are quite possibly the most solid BG dps class in the game. Could they use a little arena love? I suppose, but not much. Maybe an ability that would shoot a trap to a remote location every now and then, such as at a teammates' feet. Regardless, I still say hunters are quite solid atm.


WRU Pet scaling? :/


Karjub said...

You're using my honor farming build, it's identical down to the last point. Swiftmend+natural perfection > dreamstate+moonkin by a huge margin for regular PvP.

The mobility loss without feral charge is the only downside, it's so nice to feral charge away after a shadow step.

Leiah said...

Feral charge isn't so hot for someone with 6.5k hp and 0 resilience.

I feral charge into someone, and get blown up in 2 hits by someone with decent gear. :/

Yeah, that'll change later, but right now I'll stick to cyclone/cyclone/ bear form bash as my caster/healer CC.

Chris said...

The Shiv thing looks more like a bug that's been overlooked to me. At no point, anywhere, does it say that Shiv cannot be dodged, blocked or parried, so I don't know where you get the idea that it was designed that way.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious about hunters are being fine? To me it seems as if the hunterclass is a killer in BGs, quiet good in PvE although there are some small bugs remaining (but they do not influence the hunters performance in raids too drastically, pet feeding for example) and absolutely crap in the arena.

Kalgan's numbers show to some extent, that the hunter is the most difficult class to play in the arena. Not impossibel at all to reach a high ranking, but definately not as easy as with other classes. Most other classes may suck in one or the other bracket, but they have at least one bracket, in which they shine.

In 2v2 most succesful hunters are forced into the drain-game with a resto druid, a class that is obviously overpowered in this bracket and recieves some small nerfs. More might come.

In 3v3 and 5v5 the BM spec comes in handy, when you go for a burst team. But a realistic look into BM shows you, that our pets hardly crit on high resilience targets and therefore won't be able to put out the damage they are meant to. While on the other hand our pets are easely 3-shotted. All pets (even warlock pets) didn't scale at all or only scaled to a small, almost ignorable extend after 70, while the players scale with each season. So BM isn't really viable, if your pet is dead.

Hunters are probably the most fragile class in the arena and the only thing you mention is maybe a throwable trap?
I'd say the most needed changes are pet scaling, in crit, hit and resilience. A CD ability to get out of range OR remove snares (the changes for every other class that we once kitet to get back to us, stands in no relation to our possibilities to get back to range). Mana issues. And maybe then come up with a throwable trap.

These changes woudn't influence PvE or battelgrounds too drastically, while seriously helping us in the arena.

I mean, you have played a hunter yourself. Do you really believe, that the only thing leading to Kalgans numbers is the fact, that incidentially the hunterclass attracts more unskilled people than any other class?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You are an idiot to think that hunters are fine in PvP...ESPECIALLY arena.

I have a shockadin that is less geared then my hunter and the palli can out damage..and lol, out heal any hunter in the game.

besides, if you want a taste of true BG power, get back on your lock..

and comparing a hunter in damage to a resto druid is just stupid. I mean what did you expect? For the hunter to SUCK vs a resto druids damage.

Leiah said...

Undergeared shockadins outdamage hunters? Lol?

Obvious troll is obvious.