Friday, March 14, 2008

Not sure if I'm wired to play a healer.

I'm in this sort of delimna:

I'm having a hard time adjusting to healer. I get people all healed up in the BGs, and noone's taking any damage for a bit.. and I start to get bored. So I'm thinking to myself...well this is gay, im just sitting here. Yeah I can cyclone a couple people or root folks off of a retard that's just going to keep smashing away at the cyclone or not run away from the rooted melee anyways... so I start scanning the battlefield looking for someone to help nuke down. Maybe I'm just too ADD. The RAPIST in me comes out, I guess which is from playing a warlock/hunter most of the time, you know? Anyways, before I know it, i'm too busy cc'ing or killing people, I forgot to scan health bars or keep track of where my team went. Oopse. I'm constantly scanning the field looking for my next target to sodomize, instead of patiently waiting to heal the important people around me at just the right time. I get impatient. If shit isn't dying fast enough, I feel obligated and compelled to contribute to the death of said newb as quickly as I can.

I don't know if I can cut it. Does that mean druid healers suck? No, far from it. I just have too much of an aggressive playstyle for me to be satisfied playing one I think. Damn it.


Vague said...

Enter Vague. I have played a druid all the way till BWL, but got really sick of it as I have never played a healer in any other MMO.

I rerolled lock back then and never looked back. Some of my friends still play healers since release and they are quite content with it, but I'm just a person who has a very aggressive play style in every game I play (infantry rush in RTSs anyone?).

Leiah, do you know if the devs are actually aware of the melee advantages over casters in terms of scaling in the arena, and more importantly, if they are planning to fix that?

Briahn said...

I feel exactly the same way. Not sure I'm cut out for being a "support" type class, it's like I'm not part of the game unless I can kill something. Arenas are more interactive, but pug BGs as healer is a complete snoozefest, I can't bring myself to play my druid in there for fun.

Juzzie said...

I wouldn't be surprised. I know of very VERY little people who can be completely satisfied in a pure healer role, especially in BG PvP.
On the other hand there are loads of people willing to heal some, if they also get to do some meaningful amount of killing or damage done.
Just about eveybody want 'kill the enemy', the aggresive playstyle is abundant in players in WoW. The true support class playstyle I'd say would be but a tiny percentage of that number.

KYRRE said...

I could have told you that from day one. You need a killer class.

Karjub said...

Battle grounds are really easy to heal in, I tend to get bored in there unless I'm facing a premade. Arenas require me to be a lot more active and attentive.

Druid "healing" is best played aggressively, with lots of CC and even support DPS on low players. The difference is you can't get tunnel vision the same way you can as DPS. IMO playing a healer has made me much better by improving my situational awareness.

Here's a pretty good video of an agressive resto druid playing at a high ratings:

Rachel said...

I could have told you you weren't a healer type of player. You're too aggressive on your hunter and lock. I observed that plenty just from the short time I knew you. Me however? I enjoyed my druid and healing on her up until the end. The reason I got so burned out on it though was trying to compensate for the other healers who just weren't good enough. My first high level healer was a priest, but then I rolled my druid and loved it. I stuck with her all through BWL and AQ40, and then onward to 70 and raiding. However, raid healing to me gets very boring. I often found myself almost falling asleep at times. BG healing though is a lot of fun. At least if you go in with good people. I rarely PUG'd it up on my druid just because half the time the PUGs aren't even worth the mana. Hell, I even had a 70 healing paladin that I enjoyed. I couldn't bring myself to work my priest to 70 though, but maybe it was because she was a NE and I was kicking myself for rolling her as that?

I almost wish I had rerolled a druid when we all moved to Tich, but I'm glad I didn't. It gave me a much needed break. Just wish I could have transferred her, then I might still be playing.

Oh, and heya stranger. :D

Leiah said...

Hi Rach! Hows Ken?
I miss you guys. :)

I agree with everything you said, but I'm starting to enjoy it a lot more. It's different in my situation here from yours, because I'm the raid/guild leader, so if people are slacking, I can call them out on it while giving tips for improvement.

I find myself very picky on hunter performance now, though. I still love that class a lot. Anyways, I finally got to do my first kara run with a full in-house guild run of fresh level 70s. We had myself as a resto druid, and a resto shaman in nagrand gear as our only healers. Yep, no shackles, no cleanse, no dispel, no warlocks for banish either. Just two undergeared healers as druid and shaman. We killed every boss on our second try (except the first who's a free kill), all the way up to shade of aran, where we stopped after killing him. Raid healing is pretty intense in 10 man, but I can see where 25 (or 40) man raid healing would be a yawnfest. I like kara healing so far. There's a ton of shit to pay attention to when you only have 2 healers and everyone is undergeared. I also like playing resto druid in a premade BG group. Maybe I'll get my hunter here to 70 someday. Who knows.

How are things on Tich? I haven't really logged in and played there much lately, just a wsg now and then.

Rachel said...

Ken's good! Working a decent amount.

And I can definately see why Kara was interesting for you. It got boring for me when two of our main healers besides myself insisted on having 4 healers per Kara run. (YAWN) We didn't need it half the time, but they would refuse to go otherwise.

I'm glad you're liking it a bit more now though. It does take some getting used to after playing DPS classes for a while. I know when I first made a mage on ER it took me so long to get used to the idea of taking numbers out instead of putting them in. I found myself still watching health bars and had to forcefully turn them all off.

But you are right, being a raid leader is a lot different. I did however have a lot of say on how the druids were ran. It's why we usually ran with little druids because most were either not around or just did not cut it compared to other healers we had available. Plus, it helped being on the good side and respected by the GM/raid leader as well. Then when Ken was raid leader/GM he took my opinion into things a good deal.

I have no idea how things are on Tich.. We quit WoW about.. a month or so ago now? Got tired of the same old boring stuff. I'm not into grinding BG's all day after doing it on my mage, and while Kara happened and could be fun.. it wasn't enough. Even working my hunter got to be old, plus I wanted to level with Ken and the others which didn't really work out towards the end. We're back to playing Ultima Online. (lol?) An old friend talked me into reactivating my account and I've been having fun and keep busy. Lots of new stuff since I last played, and I've always been a RP junky at heart.

Hit me up on MSN or something.. You got Ken's info right? If so you can grab it from him or I can get yours. <3

Leiah said...

Man, we were able to down prince last night in our nagrand gear lol.

Ken has me on MSN. Check your gmail, rach. I sent you one. :(