Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Warlock Lifetap (and shaman flametongue) changes reverted.

Like I've said before, I'd rather wait and see what actually goes LIVE in 2.4 before throwing a fit. Sometimes its hard to get a good feel for potential changes on an internal test environment. Looks like warlocks will be keeping their current efficiency. Now, that incinerate change is looking quite nice. Not enough to replace Shadowbolt (thanks to ISB), but it is looking nice nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

There is a post from Kalgan on the Warlock nerfs and about arena representation:

Good that they won't be going through with it... I would not mind a nerf to LT if it did not scale backwards as I got better gear, that's just dumb.

I think a single spell that is 20% HP into mana would make more sense in this case if they wanted to nerf LT for PVP reasons.

Gritonic said...

I just hate the fact that everyone was in a HUGE uproar over the change before it went live.

P.S. We all miss you on the forums Leiah :(


Oth said...

"I just hate the fact that everyone was in a HUGE uproar over the change before it went live."

The uproar was justified due to the nature of and justification for the change. If you let something like that go live 'just to see how it turns out', you a) invalidate the PTR's experiences with it and, more importantly, b) stand a much lower chance of having the change reverted even if it turns out that it is a bad change.

Why bother vetting any change through the PTR if you just push it without soliciting feedback, in that case? The complaints were not without merit. (shrug)

Leiah said...

I'm not saying the changes were without merit.

I just have different channels to express my feedback I guess. I had a pretty good feeling that this wasn't going to go live, but I'd rather keep my mouth shut from now on. :P

Oth said...

"I just have different channels to express my feedback I guess."

Well. Yeah. Heh.

Oth said...

PS: I still want to see a mini-VST badge trinket in the badge loot, though. :/

Anonymous said...

Would Tom be irritated if you talked as much here as you used to on the WoW forums? It's not like you'll be banned from blogspot for arbitrary reasons.

Anonymous said...

That is the most informative post since patch 2.4 on PTR. Now that is what I would call "communication". With figures! Granted I get a severe nausea and headache when I see mathematical charts. I will have to assume whatever it says makes sense. Basically I believe it translates into "Warlocks are fine, nerf druids! Buff hunters! They need some love from somewhere other than their pets." or something like that. Oh and I hate the part involving non- warlocks. I am having quite some fun on my druid toon. And my warlock already have some difficulty dealing with hunters, especially those big red ones.

I don't know what others think. Overall I am feeling good about recent changes. It feels like the developers and the forum modulators are actual human beings, and are actually playing the same game as we do.

On a side note, the demonic circle idea seems awesome. Now if they would implement the soul prism suggested somewhere on the warlock forum, to alleviate the trouble farming shards before arena or BG...


Vague said...

It's still going to pretty bad with resiliance affecting mana drain. There was no stopping druids in 2v2 and 3v3, this nerf will re-affirm that. Draining 750 mana compared to draining 1200 pre-2.3 is a massive nerf, esp considering how gear is getting buffed in between then and now.

Baek said...

It's best to complain while the changes are up on PTR, because that's when they're actually going to look for feedback. Getting angry while the damage has already been done means we'd have to wait another few months for the next patch to come out... or in this case, WotLK.

Anonymous said...

About your feedback on Elemental Shaman.
Please consider things from our perspective. Most shaman will agree we have great burst damage. But we feel it doesn't need nerfed because it is very easy to contain. Any class can easily stop our nuke damage. A rogue can easily keep us stunlocked and interrupt our spells, warlocks use curse of tongues, fear, felhound(silence, pushback, eats buffs) deathcoil. Mages counterspell. priest fear, silence, mana drain. Druid cyclone, pounce, feral charge. Other shaman use grounding totem, earthshock. Once we have a pet or melee class on us we have no means of escape and no base spell pushback resistance.

Further reducing our available pushback resistance and crit rating will further amplify these problems. Do you consider these problems when you say we need nerfed?

Leiah said...

I don't think nerfing pushback resistance is the right way to go. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've stated the opposite and in fact have even asked for lightning shield to provide additional PB resistance.

It's just the instacast guaranteed crit while PI'd and chained after a big nuke before that, that I don't like. Although with PI nerfed, I don't think it'll be that bad tbh.

The great thing about shaman on 2345 and 2346 teams, is that if the opposing team does decide to go for you, your team is pretty much guaranteed a win. You have really high armor for a nuker, can heal yourself (although most is coming from the paladin), your priest is free to get lusted mana burns off, and your warrior can go to town on whatever enemy you drag back into good positioning on your side. In addition, when the warrior on your team finally gets someone low, all it takes is a simple trinket + EM + NS macro and you can easily dump another 3-4 _minimum_ with no pre-casts on the target, instantly.

Also, mana burning a shaman is typically a waste of time as well, as they actually have fantastic lasting power with the new water shield now. You can't leave pets on them to stop them from drinking either, as it will only feed them more mana anyways.

However, this is only a 5v5 context when you have an optimal team to support (you). This is where the shaman shines.

They're really not that great on 2s and 3s, and nerfing spell pushback only ups the requirement to be with a pal for conc aura even more, which is why I don't agree with it.

Anonymous said...

under that one circumstance it would be a powerful combo. And only usable once every 3 minutes, assuming it doesn't get purged or you don't get stunned again. But this brings up another problem for me. I play 10 arena games a week just to get some points. I enjoy them but my raiding schedule makes it hard to get on a team that has that level of coordination. Most of my PVP is in battlegrounds where i'm normally FF by everyone within range.
I think what shamans need more than anything is an escape ability or anti-CC.
I'm glad you don't like the push back nerf, any caster who's had a snake trap planted under them, while being attacked by a hunter and his pet will tell you that even 70% doesn't help much.

baek said...

Shamans are indeed lacking in active defense options... but who isn't? The name of the game in BG's as a caster is to keep as much distance between you and any melee as possible. Welcome to Warlock PvP since the BG's were released.

Draele said...

Read this!

BTW, get on steam ya hooker. Haven't been on for 7 days, you'd better be dead or on vacation!

Leiah said...

Been too busy on my druid. :/