Friday, April 25, 2008

Tourney Realm Games

In case anyone is wondering, we just couldn't get hunter comps to work well in 3v3 on the tourney realm, given the current balance of classes and itemization that's being used on there. (Seriously, how does a Lady Vashj bow for hunters compare with a rod of the sun king for rogues? I don't get it.)

Anyways, Socio, Kake and I will be playing the classes we feel most comfortable with, which just so happens to be warlock/warlock druid. I haven't had time to play many games at all this week since the ranked games started, but we should get a good amount of games played this weekend.

I just don't feel as if the hunter brings enough to the team currently to warrant using one, and apparently, I'm not the only one. With as easily as pets are killed off, and the necessity of constant scorpid pressure needed on a non-priest healer, viper sting is just too unreliable, especially after the mana drain nerfs. It's too easy to shut down hunter DPS (and almost more importantly, aimed shot) by simply riding them non-stop in a 3v3 setup, especially with the recent druid nerfs. It's much harder to keep things cycloned off of a hunter when an easy turn-and-burn can be made to druids now. This didn't used to be the case, and played a pretty important factor in the strength of HLD comps.

Anyways, hopefully we'll see some nice hunter changes coming soon. I know they're coming; I just don't know which ones.


baek said...

One thing that bothers me most about the official forums is the number of people that say the Hunter class is "easy to play" and are also convinced that Warlocks are actually difficult to play, especially in the arena.

I understand that many of them base this opinion primarily off of BG experience, but some will insist that Hunters have it easy in the arena. Meh.

But then again, these are the same people who say "LoS is for scrubs" and "only skill-less idiots spec SL/SL." I guess a larger number of people need to read the sirlin article.

Rayvik/Abeyance said...

Fortunately for you Leiah, it appears that Lock/Lock/Drd is one of the best comps in the ATR metagame, if not THE best.

I agree that the Hunt/Drd synergy is pretty much over now with how effective quick swaps to the Druid are given the 2.4 nerfs. It's exactly as I was saying in the comments of your last post; Druids are much easier to kill now, and good teams realize it. Unfortunately, it appears as though the changes nerfed the Hunter class too.

Given this, I do agree that Hunters need something to better handle focus fire. Is it time to give them a Soul Link like talent of their own?

Mani said...

It's sad but true; our 3v3 (DLH) doesn't work anymore (we struggled at 2k this season). Just started playing LLD and it seems to be ok so far.


Anonymous said...

"Anyways, hopefully we'll see some nice hunter changes coming soon. I know they're coming; I just don't know which ones."

* +24mana/5 while viper is active (35% lvl)
* Instant, 30y Scare Beast


I'm waiting for my PvE improvements... like maybe... some synergy.

Anonymous said...

I'm really unhappy with the scare beast changes on PTR.

Not, that I don't see the utility of it, but what I don't get is, why do they try to balance the druids (our best arena partner) via a hunter buff? It's not really buffing the hunter to stand on his own feet, but much more a thing thrown in to regulate the overpopulation of druids in 2v2 and 3v3.

So, H are underpopulated, but works best with D.
While D is overpopulated and works with a wider variety of classes. Making H more present by giving them a counter to D, while also nerfing D slightly does not work on the long run.

I just don't get the big ppicture behind these ideas...

Mani said...

"why do they try to balance the druids (our best arena partner) via a hunter buff?".
This is like the change to pala's turn undead and the tremor pulse reduction. They were mainly directed to locks (and to a lesser extent to priests).


Rayvik/Abeyance said...

Yeah Vague, except Turn Undead has a cast time and can only be used on pets as opposed to Scare Beast locking out a player, which is of course a HUGE difference.

The 30y range on Scare Beast needs to be reverted back to 10y. Make it like a Psychic Scream for beasts, requiring the Hunter to expend some effort to use. Or leave it as it is, but increase the cooldown to 2 minutes at least.

I'm hoping this change is one of their "throw it at the wall and see if it sticks" experiments. Obviously it's not a great idea when people who actually play the class don't want it.

baek said...

I agree that the change is retarded. WoW doesn't need more hard counters.

Hell, Kalgan even stated in the Mage and Warlock forums that they're looking to reduce some of the hard countering in WoLK, why are they taking a step backwards in implementing this change?

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong, I play hunter and am hungering for a serious buff. In this state, I'd take quite any bone they throw to me. But on the other hand, I think this change is not hunter buff, but a druid nerf, well sort of, or at least not the kind of buff, that the average hunter player needs to have an equal chance for an equal skill level needed.

What I dislike most out of this change is the fact, that it renders a complete talent tree useless, if facing a hunter. Namely the already not so competitive feral tree. Although I think, that not every talent tree has to be equally successful in an arena enviroment, this would be too much.

The needed change is not easy to evaluate. Because a very skilled hunter can go far with it. So it needs to be soething, that eases hunter play, without dumbing it down.

I tend to give Feign Death a short retargetting immunity (no one is falling for my acting, really) or a kind of Jump Back button. I think, that a hunter has the least chances, when focussed correctly. Even locks have the opportunity to drain tank. Or increasing the damage requirement for being dazed in Cheetah (I mean more than Moonfire rank 1).

The buffs that the hunter community is calling for since arena wasintroduced where never to be more powerfull, but to be able to survive or gain range (what is the same as surviving). That and our manareg/-pool, but the latter has been adressed in the PTR and we have to gather more experience with it, before we can cry or rejoyce.

I think, that most hunters (huntards not included) have already realized, that blizz sees us as a toolbox, rather than pure dps. Like a swiss pocket knife or a leatherman tool. But what is tool good for, if it's broken or in a to tight enviroment to unfold itself?

A further wish, that could be adressed with WotLK could be to differentiate the talent trees a little bit more. But that's plain luxury, let's look at arena first. Especially, when WoW should become an eSport format.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jadefury. Sorry for the off topic post but I have a question that maybe you can answer if you're still in contact with your developer friend?

Are there any plans to rework the vast number of abilities that are just flat out useless? Windwall Totem, Firestone, Distracting Shot, Infernal, Feedback, etc. Doesn't make much sense to have these things in the game if they aren't even useful.

Anonymous said...

""What I dislike most out of this change is the fact, that it renders a complete talent tree useless, if facing a hunter.""

Question: To what Ferals are Immune in game if facing all other classes. And to what they are not. Because they are Beasts? (CC only)

I think... Hibernate+Scare beast are specific to them. And I know Repetance/Sap don't work on them. Polymorph/FrostEffects are mana drain for them. etc..

And yes I don't support current scare beast change. It does as much damage as its worth. And it's not working on warriors / rogues either ;)

If Blizzard sees hunters as toolbox, fill in the tools...