Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Early PvP spec(ulation) for talent build:

I'll probably be gravitating towards something like that. I'm not sure if ravenous dead will be worth it over outbreak, considering how fragile he is. I'm also not to keen on getting RoR due to it creating more dependency on Blood plague being on the targets. I'd rather have stronger baseline talents than have to rely on diseases being on the target due to the cleanse issue.


soph said...

so considering ghouls are fragile, i guess that means no ghoul glyph then. But I dunno about blood strike glyph, I was under the impression that scourge strike glyph would be more useful. Other than that, I agree with ams glyph (duh) and rune tap glyph.

Jayde said...

Blood strike glyph is great for pvp. Remember, the target has to be snared, but not necessarily by you. Hamstring, frost trap, desecration, Crippling poison, Mage slow, curse of exhaustion, etc.

Any of those effects will give you the bonus. Heck, it's even useful in PvE if you have desecration and the mob isn't immune to snares.

Jayde said...

That, and Scourge strike glyph seems too RNGish for my tastes.

Mani said...

Solid build, but I find Mark of Blood extremly useful, esp. for 2 dps 2v2. Can't see me going that deep in blood and not takin it.

P.S. I'm almost level 59 atm, nerf EU release 8-)

Tillams said...

Can you really leave mark of blood behind, I found it vital for arena on beta.
I went with this build on beta:

I'm a little curious about reaping, I didn't have a chance to try it out before beta died, do you think it's worth getting? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

do you think you can post the recommended unholy talent build you think is more effective :)