Monday, November 10, 2008

Ok, I lied: One final lock idea:

One of things I liked about playing a necro in EQ way back in the day, was their "lich" line of spells.

Would it be possible to see some sort of glyph or talent to change lifetap into a drain health into mana gradually over time (until cancelled), rather than having to mash the button 10,000 times a day?

Alternatively, it could also be used as a way to spice up dark pact, draining the pets mana to you over time instead.

In addition, it would also make talents such as Soul Leech more "fluid" and thus more fun to use.

Just an idea. =]


Bryce said...

Solid suggestion.

To add to that, I would love to see more of a variety of undead/demon pets for DK's and Locks Much like in EQ (I was a SK back in the day as well, V- Zek Human SK- Harm Touch ftw.)

Obviously, this is a more asthetic suggestion, but one that I always felt Blizz could really improve on, but forwhatever reason, always seem to fall short on implementing.

Still lookin for that play-list Jayde..=p

Skellum said...

Ahhhh but then how would they use LT's GCD invocations to control our DPS output?

While I would absolutely love to have lich, Sans the skeleton because if I have to hear that giggle chatter again I'll kill people, I dont see it happening as it would increase the best caster DPS in the game at 80.

Myrx said...

I always liked the Lich line in EQ as well, but remember that there were still things like Cannibalize and Harvest that were active regen.

It could be neat, but it would pretty much make mana management irrelevant for Warlocks.

Cyle said...

I was actually sad that the DK wasn't more like the EQ Shadow Knight :(

Anonymous said...

They could also give us an aura switch much like hunters to regen mana....or build in a "power-up" system much like shammies where each damage spell would add a bit to a pool and upon 5-10 charges we could use the spell to fill up on some mana.