Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Leveling Spec:

I'll probably be going with a template like this tomorrow.

For leveling, the self-sufficiency of blood is a must, and the mobility and pet options from unholy are equally important. I'm not really sure at this point whether Imp Rune Tap or Vendetta will be better. Rune Tap is better for elites and single pulls, while Vendetta is great for when you need or want to pull a large AOE pack. I'm probably leaning towards Rune Tap at this point, and grabbing health pots to supplement any healing I may need in addition to it and Death Strike.

From this point on, I'll probably end up fleshing out the rest of unholy for more DPS upgrades. The finisher of choice until you can get scourge strike will probably be Death Strike.

I also recommend leveling with Sword Shattering, as it's a great way to mitigate damage. Between 2% dodge, sword shattering, and 3/5 Blade Barrier, you're going to be rocking and additional 12% mitigation most of the time, which is nothing to scoff at.

If I find myself too abundant with heals and overheals, I might just end up going deep unholy and skip going for self-sufficiency for now. It's really going to depend on how the flow of combat is going to feel, as I haven't leveled a new DK in about 4 months since beta started.

I still haven't decided on a name at this point, either. Jayde is taken on Tichondrius, so I'm still debating what to name myself. (I hate special characters)

At this point, I'm thinking between these:

Impulsenine (Give all weapons cheat in quake 1)

Ah, well.. What sounds best?


Anonymous said...

I like nephlyim. it sounds dk'y without being obvious, also the nick will be neph instead of death or impulse.

my 2c

Anonymous said...

Impulse 9 is all weapons. Impulse 255 is quad damage. Name your character iddqd.

Jayde said...

All Weapons. That's right. Thanks!

It's been a looooong time, hah. :)

I thought about IDDQD or IDKFA as well.

Ando said...


sound weird:/

Plz take a name like


or something else

Anonymous said...

Jaydelol/Jaydee don't sound weird at all. And he said Jayde was taken

Anonymous said...

learn 2 read guy:/

Ando said he dont like Deathknel, Nephilym and Impulsenine, not jaydelol.

I agree with Ando, y should take a name like jaydee. Y are Jayde und not IDDQD^^

Jayde said...

Only option would be to make it Jaydé.

Ando said...

Jaydé looks fine=)

Special characters are not bad at all.

Mani said...

That's a similar build to the one I was planning, but I've never been a fan of Blood-Caked Blade. Those 3 points are going to Bladed Armor and Impurity for me.

Re: Vendetta vs. Imp RT, I always go for Imp RT if I have to choose simply because the CD is low enough.

Ailrick said...

I'm leaning towards Nephlyim. Its sounds like Nephilim, which were the unions of either fallen angels and humans, or Sons of Seth having kids with Daughters of Cain.

Kind of fits the fallen motif of the deathknight.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot sarcasm is bad on the internetz.

Jayde said...


And how are you going to move those points from BCB into impurity or BA at that level? :)

Rytis Petrauskas said...

Go with Innovision (suits more for unholy. :)) I got this for my 29lvl gnome mage. Which is quite abandoned ATM (and will stay for next mothns or forever.. ^^).
For DPS/tanker and female a nice name would be Cyberia.

From you list i would prefer Nephilym - sounds quite darkish and nicely.

But if you want to have some connection with Jayde , you can think somethink like - Jdey, Jayded, Jaydie etc :).
I dont like spec chars as well.
Esp when you have to whisper or add to friends :)

I will have mine short though. Abreviations are also a good idea.

Anonymous said...

You should just call yourself "Jayderest" lol

Mani said...

Ugh, you are right >.<

I just looked at the calculator again and was trying to think of what I was missing from my beta premade build, then I realized that Unholy Command is missing :<

Shadowmorn said...

Nephilym sounds good.

Supose Jaydé is fine too, but it feels alittle like a cop-out :p

Had a pain in the ass over my name "Waah, you cant call yourself Shadowmorn/Mefanwe!".

So its Yane for me instead >.>

'nway, jayde, thanks for helping make DK's what they are :)

Mani said...

Btw, ending a name with a "lol" is meh imo.

Nephlyim is pro.

Anonymous said...

What race Jayde?

Jayde said...

Female Blood elf, of course.

Rytis Petrauskas said...

I somehow believe and sure - the most of DK from horde side will bellong to BElves side :)

Mani said...

Female UD > Female Belph.

Andrew said...

I thought the whole point of going relatively deep Unholy to start was Soul Strike? Just a thought, like. (Well, and the movement stuff - but that's shallow).

Iggep said...

Jayde, I have found your blog to be instrumental during the beta and I appreciate everything you've done for us throughout. I really like today's post as it touches on exactly what I think most people will need going into the expansion tonight.

It might be worthwhile to also indicate what your end-game spec will be and what you'll do with your points from 58-80.

Anonymous said...

I like Jaydé special characters makes your toon special:P haha

If i create a male Belf i'll name it "Luffy" if i make a belf female ill name it "Neliél".. yeah im a anime freak:P

i think ill go with male as the weapon and shoulders are so small on belf females.. however males are gay and females are hawt..=D

Great blogg btw Cheers/Luffy or Neliél at Outland EU

Anonymous said...

Not really. Whenever I see someone with special characters in their name I just think "they weren't original enough to come up with their own name so they had to steal someone else's and modify it." Of course, that wouldn't be the way I feel towards the Jayde from site, but only because I have alot of respect for him and he is THE "Jayde" :D

Anonymous said...

It's especially worse when the person who has the name you want is like lvl 5 or doesn't even play anymore.

Thayne Thompson said...

:D thanks jayde! i appreciate you responding to my question, your the man.

Brian said...


Zarkharaan said...


Awnsidhe said...

Jayde on Tich... a level 28 Tauren druid.

There's a shame.

Of those proposed, my vote goes for Neph as well.

I /salute you for choosing not to dishonor yourself by bastardizing your Beta name.

That said, if ever they offer the title "the Everliving," I have Mum-Ra reserved.

Anonymous said...

Havent looked, but Jade is in the stone must have some other incarnation of its name that could possibly be bastardized?

Sunny said...

I was forced to rename myself Sunnydelight. Still fits with my theme, just a little more of a tall drink than a happy day.

Anonymous said...

How about Jadefury/Jaydefury?

If it works for World of Feedback... :)

Anonymous said...

I'd say Negativity is a good name. I'm bias though, it was my DK on Northend.

Max said...

Negativity is best. Misspelled names make you look illiterate. I too would be interested to see what your plan your build to look like at 80. I find it hard to look at these massively deep DK trees and parse them out quickly, never having played one. It took me 4 years to learn the other 9 talent trees!

Anonymous said...

hi Jayde, just thought I would say you have a few hours before the xpac hits tonight so paid character rename out Jayde and reserve it for your DK so everyone will have THE Jayde to rememeber. The one who has helped us out so much during the past few months. Cheers

Anonymous said...

After changing your name, the old name is "locked" for 90 days. A guildy found that out the hard way when trying to give one name to another character. :(

(I was never in beta) and went full blood this morning. Pretty hysterical how much overhealing I'm getting done. Recount is saying about 65% overheal. I use (improved) runetap twice an hour maybe? And one of those is for a pvp encounter /lol.

Going to try deep unholy. I gave it a shot very early on when I wasn't sure what was going on so I was sort of confused, but after playing snore-mode for a bit I'm ready to give it a real shot.

Thanks for all your postings Jayde. Long time reader.

Lynxx-Norway said...

I just wanted to know if the current build you are using is viable in solo/5-man groups ?

Lynxx-Norway said...

Forgot one thing: Is it also a usable tank spec ?