Monday, November 17, 2008

Deathknights in PvP:


Just from a random wsg I was queued into in the 70-79 range. (I was 76 here)

Also something interesting to note: If you click off your Shadow of Death ghouls bug when you die and come back as a ghoul, it doesn't count as a 'death' in BGs. Probably just a bug.

In case anyone is wondering, I'm currently running this spec.

I'm just messing around with talents right now, trying to get a good feel for them on live. I'm pretty much convinced at this point that mark of blood is really only good in some 2v2 scenarios or in duels. I'm probably going to drop it, and the subsequent points required to get it, for more points in unholy.

I will be uploading the fraps footage of this BG just for kicks as well later today.

On a final note, is seems that no one on the live forums cares to hear what you have to say unless you're complaining about something. Figures.


Anonymous said...

Damn, that's a lot of damage.
Btw, whats that UNit Frame mod that you are using?

lacroixdunoir said...

Not only a lot of damage but a fair bit of healing.

Jayde I've asked this before, but could you comment on your keybindings?

If I am looking at them correctly you have your left hand resting on WASD and perhaps your right hand on 90-=

Jayde said...

My keybindings are what many would consider very unorthodox, as they were born from a very heavy influence of both FPS and Flight sim games in my early gaming career. :)

But if you must know:

S = turn left
D = Walk forward
F = Turn right
Spacebar = walk backwards
g = jump
w = autorun
y = ventrilo push to talk

I mouselook basically everywhere.

t = target
tab = target last target (for easy target switching)

from there, I essentially map all my keybinds for abilities, mounts, spells, etc around those main movement keys.

q, r, e, h, v, c, x, z, a, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

And any shift-modified variations of such are used to keybind my essential abilities.

I also use alt-modified variations of a few as well.

I'm also one of those weirdos who prefers invert-mouse (due to flight sims and piloting as a hobby in my youth).

Anonymous said...

Give them time to adapt. Death knights are very, very new and most people have absolutely no idea how to deal with them.

Mike said...

the bloody live forums are just a wreck. There are so many people who say and believe very stupid things and think they are right.
It is the breeding ground of ineptitude in my opinion. It seems like all you can really do for those lost souls is try to get them to read the elitist jerks summary post, and then they try to explain back to you how corpse explosion and dual wield are meant to be together.

Melt- Crushridge said...

What is even worse is the general chats of all the zones I've been leveling through.. The sheer ignorance is painful..

At any rate, it's nice to see you still plugging along from our Alpha days :)

Daniel said...

Well I see a HUGE nerf inc. When you are the top damage dealer by more than double anyone else; and, you heal more than the healers its coming :(

But great vid/everything else.

Anonymous said...

I'm only really feeling OP when it comes to leveling as blood with no downtime, from the PvP I've experienced so far I don't feel unstoppable. That being said, it's still too early to tell...DK's aren't on a level playing field with other classes. An excellent player has a tremendous advantage no matter what class they play (arguably), so using someone who is probably one of the world's best/most experienced DK's as a standard to measure the class against might be unwise for the purpose of balancing it.

Anonymous said...

Daniel whats your spec? J/W. And no, i do not think balance will ever be achieved in this game. I think its an impossibility. We will be nerfed as DKs as long as the majority dislikes how much "better" we are than them(not saying we are better, just if people think we are as a class). As far as balance goes...will never happen..but the nerf will take place in the name of balance. (recall paladins)

argontus said...

I wouldn't call the nerfs just yet; as people have commented earlier the class is new and people have no idea how to counter their abilities and such. Therefore the DKs almost always have the upper hand in pvp situations and that twirls the charts a bit.

It'll even out eventually, although the PvE damage AND survivability at the moment are quite something. But not all of this can be unintended, given how much feedback Blizz has got from the beta.

Nubbeh said...

Hey Jayde,

I think you mis-linked your pvp build. It's showing with unspent points.

D/Ling the vids atm, I'll catch you in game at some point :)

Anonymous said...

No points in Outbreak?

Anonymous said...

jayde can u upload your ui? :o