Wednesday, December 6, 2006

DrakeDog 6

Drakedog has released his latest destro video and it is well worth the d/l and watch. He is a one of the finer warlocks you can see that has a fraps capable machine, and makes the most of his spec and profession in every way. His timing is great, as are his abilities to read the enemies moves before they know it.

Unfortunately, alliance warlocks will have lesser success mimicing his playstyle, as the ability to run around solo in the BGs with a succubus is limited by the fact that 40% of the horde population is undead. In nearly all those instances where he was able to use seduce as a tool vs those warriors and rogues, he would be a spot on the ground if they had been undead.

Still, I won't knock his skill as he does what he does very well.

Well worth the watch.

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