Wednesday, December 6, 2006

So we are supposed to test 5v5 matches in the beta now..

2v2 and 3v3 matches have been disabled in the beta to focus on testing 5v5 matches instead.

I have sort of a problem with forced "testing" of 5v5 matches at the moment. It usually ends up as this: Organized group (read: guild who was lucky enough to get 5+ guild members in the beta long enough ago to get 70 and gear out) meets pug. Organized smashes pug. Puggers get frustrated and quit.

I offered people access to my TS server and allow for some more organized play, but noone cared enough to do so. Although even if we did manage to get organized over voice comm, it's still hard to be AS organized as a guild group. Noone knows each others voices, playstyles, habbits, tactics etc, as guild groups do.

More than any other aspect in the entire game, including raids, 5v5 PvP requires the absolute best organization, timing, and teamwork. It is only when you have 2 teams playing their best against each other that individual class flaws, be it overpowered or underpowered, can become more easily apparent.

Joining a pug 5v5 team against, say, DnT (assholes!) and getting smashed over and over, no matter my spec, because my groups teamwork just isn't there, is not accomplishing anything.
Meanwhile, I'm still waiting on guildies to hit 70, and Cham will still be afk for another week or 2 as he is selling his house and moving.

Sadness. WRU Cham?

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