Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Live: New Patch Woes.

So I logged into live last night to check out all the latest changes, and it looks like it's anything but. I feel sorry for the folks that don't have access to the beta right now. There are a LOT of great changes that are in the beta and not in live right now. Oh well. It looks like warlocks will still be able to run around with 30% absorption from soul link + felguard for now. :) I'd recommend not speccing into shadowfury until it becomes the 20s cooldown that it is on the beta, currently. I think demo or affliction will be the best way to go for now until the latest destro changes make it in, and even then it's a tossup. All the warlock trees are very, very attractive and balanced against each other. It's very difficult to choose a "best" spec now (especially on beta). With as much complaining as I see on the forums, I really hope there are 5x more people that just don't bother to post that realize how good of a deal we are getting in this expansion overall.


Jahzetah said...

I know the tooltip says 30% on soullink, but the combat log numbers show 20%, ie 1606 damage taken, 402 absorbed. I didn't notice it untill dueling my rogue friend, who said I seemed awful squishy for a soullink warlock.

Jahzetah said...

Thats on live right now fyi.

Jadefury said...

You have to understand that most of these changes are/were not intended for current level 60 play. If you ask me, they should have waited until TBC rolled out to introduce the new talents.. They're designed for level 70 play/stamina scenarios.