Monday, December 11, 2006

Nether Protection Is Fair.

Honestly, it is!

I ran straight past 4 shadowpriests and easily lived. So, yeah. If you're going to spec destro, don't pass up this talent. That just saved me from about 9,000 damage easily.


izraar said...

nether prot is GOOD, nuf said :D
anyway i made a post recently was wondering what u thought on this issue:

I feel warlocks won't be very competitive in higher level arena play in TBC
we will likely be prime targets for organised teams to take down, given locks' pvp reputation and many ppl crying nerf

i think despite our high stam, rogues with CloS and having all they're cooldowns every arena match is going to make us rogue/melee bait.
we lack any sort of escape or protection ability. So that when organised team focuses DPS on a lock i can't see how we can survive long and therefore be of much value - especially in top 3v3 and 5v5 teams

note im not asking for any buffs, nor am i having a whing. I just noticed other classes like palis have they're shield avail every arena match, frost mages have 2x iceblock every match and it does feel like these classes will be a neccessity in top arena teams.

before you flame away im just posting to see what everyone else's opinion is, and obviously alot of this is theory craft and we probably won't know how arenas shape up til tbc is live and arena games r being played more seriously.

Brooke said...

love the info and regular updates, here's a comment so u know we hear ya :D

-taels :D

Anonymous said...

As an affliction lock, I think nether protection is stupid in its current form. If I dot a NP lock up, my dot ticks will guarantee that he is immune to every spell in my book until my dots wear off. I can't fear, deathcoil, or damage him.

Jadefury said...

NP does not, nor has it ever, procced off of dot ticks. Only the application of a fire/shadow spell will trigger its activation.