Tuesday, December 5, 2006

I hate pugs.

With a passion, I might add. Time for a rant. Is it really so difficult to know how to get to the instance you started a group for? Is it really asking too much to repair your stuff, and buy your damn arrows, and get your food and water, or (in the case of the beta) figure out your spec BEFORE you show up? Honestly. Hey I've got one: Is it really asking too much to learn how to play your class correctly in a group setting when you're pushing 63 and have at least 5/8 tier2?

Is it really necessary for you to feel the need, Mr. paladin, to run up and smack every mob I try to seduce because you want to LOLDPS it down with your 1h hammer and shield? Is it? Do I really have to remind rogues to use crippling poison to help control loose mobs? I don't care what your DPS meters look like. Is it also necessary to stand around for 5 years between packs of mobs until everyone has full hp/mana, walked the dog, taken a piss, called their girlfriend, picked up their drunk brother from the bar, and finished watching that awesome ytmnd?


I hate you. I hate you with a passion, pugs. The single biggest obstacle I've run into when it has come to testing new instances or pvp is grouping with morons. Then again, the invites Blizzard sends out ARE random, for the most part. I guess that's why I see one more person asking everyday where the dark portal is in stormwind, or how do I get to the outlands in ironforge. Ugh. And if one more 61+ rogue asks me (a warlock) to make food for them, I'm going to scream.

Edit: And one more thing: Why is it that noone will freaking duel on the hellfire realm? You realize that we are there to TEST things in the BETA, right? This isn't an ego contest. I don't care how awesome of a player you are. I'm not going to run to the forums and scream LOL I PWNED U NUB with screenshots and videos of emo music about wanting to cut myself as I edit in soulfire crit after soulfire crit with vegeta screaming OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!. Is it really going to hurt your super sensitive girl feelings that much if you lose a duel to a warlock? You don't care about trying out how effective new talents or spells are?

No. But it SURE WOULD BE NICE if the people playing the beta test... uhm.. actually wanted to help, test? I guess everyone just wants to log in and pick up their phat beta lewtz that will be wiped in a month. Excuse me.


serial said...

super sensitive girl feelings

I resent that one :P

And yes, I hate pugs too. 5 tries to get a group that could actually complete Ramparts (the first instance). I cheered a little inside when it only took 2 tries to get a group that could finish Blood Furnace (yay druid tank).

Unfortunately none of the people I'm used to grouping with transfered their Horde characters over to beta, just their Alliance characters so I'm stuck doing pugs with my Horde And I refuse to do pugs with my Alliance. It's bad enough when we have to pick up one or two random people and end up with players like LOLDPS pali who really would have done us more good (by not breaking cc's) if he'd just stayed behind the group and stood there with his finger up his butt.

Lance said...

Almost every PUG ends badly. I avoid them at all costs. I solo or group with guild/friends.