Sunday, December 10, 2006

TBC Cinematic:

I like how even in the cinematic, warlocks are overpowered.


Oz said...

Too bad Blizzard removed the youtube video before I had a chance to watch it.

Hey, I have a question for you. I have a 60 Undead Lock - some epics, epic mount, good pvp faction and faction with others (60+ days /played). I love the BloodElf lore and am thinking of rerolling a BE Lock for looks, lore, and playstyle. However, since I am Horde already, I do not know if it will be worth the time on redoing everything, getting the gear, the attuenments, the mount, etc all over again. For you, going as Jadefury to Horde, crossfaction is a good reason to reroll. But what do you think of going UD to BE? Racials do not matter to me and since fear is getting gimped, WoTF will not be as important as a crutch.

Jadefury said...

Good question. I'm in the exact same boat, actually. Not only do I have a well-geared 60 human lock, but a 60 UD lock as well on a 2nd account. We had rolled horde initially on executus PvP, but that server is devoid of life. We hated it.

So while I am transfering my 60 UD lock and the guild funds, I still plan on rerolling BE for the same reasons you stated. I like the lore, the looks, the attitude, the animations.. everything better on the BE. For me, it's worth it. I would rather be staring at a more aesthetically pleasing character all day than always wishing I had a BE instead.

Yes, WotF is great, but like you said, fear isn't as strong as it once was. The only thing I will miss is being able to break out of seduce/mind control in a pinch, trinket or no trinket.

But look at it this way, you don't have to fight against WotF much (save arenas), and that is just as beautiful as having it. Having to fight AGAINST WotF in the open or in the BGs as alliance is just horrible, however. Not having to deal with WotF is just as good IMO.

Regardless, I think the AOE silence will be very powerful, albeit situational. (think wsg flag running and silencing a bunch of healers instantly... Mmmm.)

And as far as your gear goes... It won't matter in a few weeks after TBC is released. That arguement is null and void. Your 60 epics hardly matter in the long run. They'll just make you a twinked 60, basically.

And attunement? Sorry, but naxx/bwl/mc are a thing of the past, now. :P I'm never, ever stepping foot in those places again.

Oz said...

Oh man, after watching those drakedog videos I was wondering in staying UD and rolling something else on the BE, like a Pally, since UD do fit the part as a warlock. However, you are right, even though I have played many alts, I always go back to my lock. I like the way they play, the lore, even shard farming, everything. And as for race, BE are the best - that is the single reason I started playing WoW this year and rolled Horde, cause of them. So I think this is a simple question to be answered: I will bite the bullet and reroll BE cause in the long run I prefer to invest the days now instead of gaining more with my UD lock and then regretting it after gaining more gear and levels on that one.

So since you will be mostly playing your BE lock as your main kuje me, what is the usage of the UD lock for you? As a bank and a way to have 2 professions at 300 to help out? Which ones? Two gathering ones?

I am thinking of keeping my UD lock as a gatherer (skinning) and a tailor. And roll BE with enchanting/engineering (since BE get + to ench and engineering is great for pvp).


Jadefury said...


I will probably bring my BE lock up as an herbalist/miner. Why not skinning? Well, it's great, except that it's not as heavily used as the others. Herbs and Ore are used for consumables (Potions, grenades, repair bots, etc), and will always go for higher prices as they are in constant heavy demand. Ore even moreso as people will be powergrinding their jewelcrafting (all the more reason to go mining). I think we all know how ridiculous the prices for fadeleaf (hi rogues!), dreamfoil, mountain silversage, and ghost mushrooms are, and it always goes up, not down.

Oz said...

So you will level up to 70 with 2 gathering professions, then switch to something more useful for pvping like engineering? Or will your character be a gatherer and will rely on other level 70s to provide the finished products, like pots from alchemy, or nets/bags from tailoring, and do not rely on trinkets/devices of engineering since only one can carry those?