Wednesday, December 6, 2006

My Gear:

All of the epics I am wearing came from raiding. Nemesis as you know from BWL, and the other 2 from Karazhan (the ring being an honored faction freebie with the violet eye faction by killing mobs in karazhan).

Every other blue and green piece of gear I am wearing came from questing. The only exception is the Mark of Defiance, as it's a pvp reward for getting 30 Marks of Honor by killing 30 horde at the pvp points in Hellfire and Zangarmarsh. Extremely easy to get.

So if you're worried about farming your honor gear with the latest patch, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Like I said, most of this stuff is just QUEST REWARDS. This is what the new standard trash loot is. Hang in there until January. =]


Matron said...

What's your self buffed hp/mana/dmg/crit rating?

And has resilience hosed over crit happy destro or is it not even noticeable?

Jadefury said...

I have around 8k hp, 7.5k mana, 600+ magic damage, and around 20% crit rating.

As for resilience.. it's hard to say. Noone really has any resilience gear yet.

Matt said...

Good god why am I worried about HWL gear right now? Wow!

- Loop

Matron said...

Sweet, thanks. Didn't you have > 600 damage on live nearly a year ago? For some reason I thought that would be a lot higher. Is that including fel armor?

My guess is you probably focused more on crit as heavy destro instead of pure +dmg. Any idea how much +dmg afflocks are stacking?

Jadefury said...

Nope. I only had about 350 on live back in January. And yes it is including Fel Armor, so subtract about 100 off of that. The difference is I have about double the HP. You CAN stick with your high dmg / crit gear from 60, but you won't have the HP to survive a lot of fights @ 70 if you do. Mobs hit me for about 5-7k non-crit in karazhan, and hunters aimed shot for 4.5k in pvp. Backstabs for 2.5k are the norm now as well.

Matron said...

Only 350? That can't be right. I remember your shadowbolts hitting for nearly 1k noncrit. Maybe that's from when you could still stack TOEP/ZHC though.

And 5-7k from mobs? That is insane. I take it you need to watch aggro, wow.

BTW, did you look at tailoring? Do you think any of that green tailored gear is viable? And how hard is that kickass +15 sta, +25 dmg leg patch to get?

Thanks yet again. :)