Monday, July 28, 2008

Beta patch inc:

I'm looking forward to seeing all the new changes coming. =]



Shadowmorn said...


Anonymous said...

I find it hilarious that you come across as a frustrated nerd that is probably going to die of a heart attack or stroke.

By the way you dont have the right to use downsyndrome as an insult, as you have autism putting you in the same league as them.

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Blackrocker said...

First i want to say that i appreciate the info and videos you've provided for those of us not lucky enough to be involved in beta.

I was browsing the Wotlk DK forums earlier and came across a complaint about the rune masteries being lackluster (forum thread).
I think it would better to make a universal rune master talent. (perhaps put in the frost tree as it seems to be the most utility driven) also change it to something like:
When you strike an enemy with Blood Strike, Obliterate, or Plague Strike there is a 20%/40% chance that the time it take for the runes used to activate will be cut in half for the next 5 sec.

This allows for multiple rune types to be available quicker. (i realize that blood strike only uses a blood rune but considering the other two use blood runes as well i figured that would balance things out.)what are your thoughts on the rune masteries/ possible change ideas?

Cyle said...

I really hope they don't make Tanking into a DW'ing thing. I am looking forward to 2hd rapeface.

Anonymous said...


I hear they nerfed the shit out of DnD, exactly how bad is it now?

Anonymous said...

Love the site. Wanted to leave a comment with you on something I saw on the beta boards today about DK tanking.

According to Ghost: "Not every death knight will be a great tank, but not every great death knight tank will be 51+ points in Frost either. "

That worries me a lot. Why create a 51 point talent if it's not a necessity to the job?