Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jayde has been immortalized in Ebon Hold:


Magathor said...


Moofrog said...

Hey Jayde

Can you link a few stats of your character for some of us who have no access to the beta?

I'm curious on a few things regarding the DK class, as a general 'whole'.

1) Str (compared to warriors)
2) Ap (compared to warrior/rogue/etc)
3) AC
4) HP
5) parry %

Do you feel the parry talent is sufficient to allow DK's to tank 5mans? Does the frost aura grant the AC of a warrior wearing a shield, without the shield? Is it any better then a paladin or bear form?

I'm looking to play a semi tank role, while still have fun in PVP. DK look fun, but I'm a bit worried about that role, and also about this so-called anti-magic role they will be playing, but seems to be lacking (based on your blogs!)


Leiah said...

I will when the servers come back up. They're being restarted atm.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering, if I replace my starter gear with gear from outlands does it change the look of my character?

Do I need to buy a level 55+ weapon and put Savagery on it?

Please help!

Anonymous said...

Yes, of course it changes your look.

What kind of question is that? Dk is like every other class...It gets no special benefits that differ from things other classes have.

BigCritZ said...

Congrats. Did Blizzard do this, or can other DK's get their name in the book too?

Also, I'd like to say thanks for being a good representative of the DK community. I personally have wanted to reroll one after seeing what they can do. I've been lookin for a new fun class :).

Anonymous said...

Hey, you don't have to get your ass all chapped up, I was just asking a question.

It is after all a fantasy game, and in this fantasy game, your armor could always look the same. I just figured I'd ask, so you can go to hell.

Anonymous said...

can you feel the love in these posts as much as i can

Cyle said...

Also, does this mean Death Knights to tank will have to sacrifice +dps (crit etc) gear for +def gear in order to tank reliably in heroics and 10-man raids?

Shadowmorn said...


Guess someone likes you at blizz hq :P

Zarkharaan said...

Thumbs up, you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

You guys are missing the point...stop sucking this guys dick.

The reason warlocks were and are so OP was because of this guys influence at blizz. He tried on hunters and gave crap advice to blizz haveing ZERO clue himself to hunters problems and that did nothing but keep hunters in the mud.

The problem with this game is you have people like leiah that have influence at blizzard who contort class balance to support their own agenda.

I predict that DK's will be STUPIDLY overpowered in wrath, simply because 'leiah' wants to play one and his daddy will make sure his class is easy and powerful so leiah can roll people and think big of himself.

That is the truth.

And leiah, I am sure you will comment to this post with some smart ass remark trying to look cool and macho... how about instead you be a man and come forward and explain how your influence has either.

A. balanced the game
B. created unbalance in your favor and for the ones that happen to play the class like you do, your flavor of the month.

I for one do not believe your influence is positive for the players in this game that fight against 'your' class.

Leiah said...

You're more than welcome to make your own intelligent, well-reasoned posts on Blizzard forums and if they are logical enough, Blizzard will listen.

In the mean time, you're more than welcome to look at what I post on the beta forums, as that's the feedback that they're getting from me. If you don't like the feedback that I am giving them, then you're more than welcome to voice your own opinions in any way you can.

You can believe whatever you want. That's fine, and I can respect that. But don't think for a second that I'm going to give a shit what your opinion of me or my feedback is, unless you actually give logical and well-reasoned suggestions as to why my feedback sucks or not. Anonymous flaming will get you nowhere, and nobody's respect.

Perhaps you can show us all how it's done. What would YOU do to make class balance, or heck, even deathknights better?

I'm listening. Go ahead. This is your chance.

Anonymous said...

My point of view is this.

It has been somewhat common knowledge for quite some time now I would say close to a year that we all have known about your 'help' in the development with warlocks. It is also no secret that warlocks have been considered one of the most OP classes in game. Obviously with the scaling and continual patches that gave rogues and warriors serious advantages over other classes, warlocks have taken a back seat.

I dont know you and I could care less to, but I do know your influence in the game and I question it.

I have played a hunter for 3 years, we all know the issues with the class at least one would think so. The things you talked about in regards to hunters fixes etc did/do nothing for the class.

Approach the DK class as you are playing one, and you are playing against one. You SHOULD not have a counter to every counter or ability, and that is the problem that plagues the 'lesser' classes right now.

Kudos to your name in the book, just please dont build the class from a single players perspective, think about the guy on the receiving end.

Leiah said...

Really? And how many of those hunter changes that I've suggested that have now gone in made the hunter class worse off or not helped?

What's your hunters name on beta so we can test things out? I mean, you must have personal experience with all the new wonderful changes that hunters have received to have been able to come to any sort of conclusion, right?

I guess unlinking steady shot from auto shot was a horrible idea? All those wonderful pet changes? Push-back resistance on our cast-time shots? Better mana and int scaling?

Yeah, oh WOE is the hunter class for wrath of the lich king. Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Sorry...had a LD phone call in the middle of the last post.

As far as if I write something intelligent and thoughout...please, blizzard does not listen to the forums, they do not listen to suggestions. They may listen to beta testers but I am not in beta, and judging by some of the childish names in beta I would say some of those people should not be there either.

I am a deep thinker, I analyze everything. I look at things from many perspectives. In game I try odd specs, I use PTR's as build trials, I mean I spend a LOT of money respeccing to min max the toons. I grinded High Warlord, I have spent much time in arena trying different specs with different classes. I do things most dont. But it does not matter because my voice cant not be heard. I could come here and kiss you ass like everyone else praising your for a GREAT job and all this hoopla but I see another 'truth' behind your influence here, and that is based on what I know of the lock class. Based on close friends that play the class and call it op and from my own warlock that I started working on some time ago.

I then cross examine what you said about hunters awhile back, your hunter posts..from hunters being fine to hunters being screwed. I personally think you gave up on the class not knowing how to fix it. I take these variables, mixed with some experience, a lot of trial and error and come to a conclusion.

My conclusion here is that you could not make heads or tails with the resources available to the hunter class. You are making good progress with DK's, but I dont know the class nor care to. I want to play my hunter, I want to see him excel in arena and pvp, I want him to have a fair chance at winning some $75000.00 toury without being a drain team.

I guess what I am saying (I know I am random, things are flying through my head) is that I question if we should celabrate your input and influence at blizz, or if we should question it.

Leiah said...

You're more than welcome to read whatever feedback I post on the beta forums. They are public now, as you know.

If you don't agree with my input, feel free to post here with an explanation why.

Simple as that. I'll listen to it if there is a good argument. Random flaming, on the other hand, gets ignored.

Lemonayd said...
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Lemonayd said...

Drain teams winning? Recently there have been 4 3v3 tournament. One of them was one by a drain team (Nihilum).

Anonymous said...

I am talking about TBC. NOTHING WAS DONE FOR OVER A YEAR TO HELP THE HUNTER CLASS, nothing of any value.

Arena is a simple environment and in order to succeed you have to be fluid.

This is why hunters, pallies, and to a lesser extent shamans and mages are not doing well. They are all classes that have to cast to do major DPS and all have mana issues (well not shaman so much)

See it is simple. The game was designed so that initially the stand stull DPS classes had HUGE burst, the mobile ones did not. That is not the case with hunters now. Warriors can shred any class in no time at all, never missing a beat,same with rogues. Dont even get me started on the stupidity of healing and resilience and 17k armor druids.

Mobility, damage on the go, healing on the go...that is what wins arena.

The reason hunters have to play the 40 minute drain game is because they can CC and viper on the move. But every season that strat gets whittled down more and more.

As far as wrath goes...well lets talk about the efficiency of keybinding and classes that need more and classes that need less.

I have every utility I need at fingers reach on my rogue, palli, lock and mage. My hunter requires a good more keybinds and macros to make work. Wrath is introducing a whole new meaning to the word micro management for hunters, and is requiring them to be even more efficient at keybindings, things other classes dont need as much of.

Blizzard is coming up with all these creative solutions to the hunter class, none of which address what hunters have been crying for over a year now. The fixes are so simple all it requires is undoing some nerfs.

A. Traps need to go back to the 15 sec CD. Cant call it op when a lock can 1.5 sec cast his and dps at the same time.
B. Damage modifiers need to be reverted to PRE TBC. I am not worried about the 1 agi 2 ap comversion, the itemization takes care of that.
C. Frost trap should not allow warriors, druids or rogues to shadow step or intercept out of.

Simply we need counters that work, every class can counter what we use to get range.

With poles, los issues mobility issues, pathetic damage, pet scaling issues etc etc it is no wonder the class does not work well..

The fixes I have seen in wrath hardly touch the issues that hunter have. Hunters have reported that mana is a HUGE concern, more so then now.

Anonymous said...

Have a good night, gonna go play some before work in the morning.

Anonymous said...

One last thing...

IT is not 'random flaming', my thoughts may be random but hardly classify as flaming.

The points I brought up are factual and true. There is an entire player database that would agree with me given the facts.

All I am asking is to design a game that gives equal opportunity by representation for every class in the game in regards to arena.

TBC failed in that regard.

Lemonayd said...

How can players like Megatf and Cherez perform so well, if hunters are so bad??


Anonymous said...

Lemonayd, please stop posting.

Alrenous said...

Man, you get a lot of anonymous coward hate.

So since you're so influential at blizzard, can you get them to make frost coil? Pretty please? :P

I think it would be fun to have a choice of which ball of death to randomly chuck at people.

Anonymous said...

it is not about being a coward..but more about protecting yourself from reprisal, I mean he DOES have blizzard contacts and on numerous occasions has tried to 'squeeze' out the player name.

You ever think about that? Didn't think so..

you see, people who rattle the cages are often not liked by the powers that be. The powers want to maintain their position and the rattlers threaten that position.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem here is that the "powers that be" have a greater mental capacity and such the "powers that want to be" have no no sensible argument.

Jayde has spent lots of time with constructive feedback both here and on the forums and I'm greatful.

PS: My TBC hunter have always been awesome. With the lowered cooldown of Beastial Wrath and more pet skills in WotLK, I can't see how any PvPing hunter can complain.

thatguylol! said...

"it is not about being a coward..but more about protecting yourself from reprisal"

So you are a coward. Lol, you said it yourself. You don't want to name yourself cause you're scared (quite deeply from what your post says btw) of people on the internet.

Oh no, E-thugs!

Protip: Hunter's are fine as is on Live.
Protip #2: Most people who play hunters are really bad at their class. They get carried to 70 by their pets and remain completely ignorant to to what spells they have and how much utlity they got.

Protip #3: The coward whose scared of people on the internet, and complains about hunters being bad is really just in the majority of extremely terrible players who just happen to roll hunters.

Sir you are so cool! Such a free thinker! Such a revolutionary leader for the hunter class! You and your undeniable unbias! Your ability to try all diffrent types of builds on PTR's and be bad at them all. Then running to the forums to complain about how its the class designers fault that you're awful at this incredibly easy game. Then taking it one step further and blame ONE, SINGULAR PERSON for EVERYTHING that is wrong with the hunter class by conjuring up conspiracies about how said person has all kinds of say as to what happens in wow with said classes.

Sounding like an idiot whose reaching really really hard for a reason to blame someone for their problems doesn't make you look any better.

You're not rattling any cages, this is a fuckin video game. Not a presidential races. Stop being a contributing factor to the declining state of today's society.

Anonymous said...

Frost Coil=Ice Lance, sorry.
And if your happy about a reduced CD for TBW for hunter PvP, your retarded. BM is not for PvP, its for PvE and maybe 1v1 duels so you can say your good.
Also thatguylol!, I would like you to to stop posting.

Leiah said...

Wow. That is the most amazing display of internet nerd rage I have ever witnessed.

Reminds me of this video:


Lemonayd said...

The comment above is the best comment, I've ever laid eyes upon.

Anonymous said...

hey Jayde,
grats on immortalization. I was wondering if you had heard anything about changing the runes on o0ur weapons. One of the things i was most happy about with the DK class was how much the experience would change based on your rune setup. I read somewhere they had finalized the runes as they are and they won't be changeable, do you know if this is true?

Anonymous said...


posting in a legendary blog! ;)

after a night with headaches i'll see if the beta is actually working for us europeans.

@the flame guy

I'm pretty happy that Jayde is here and voicing our complains. Since there are quite a few. It's mainly PvE for me as I don't PvP much. But it's the only way for european players that want to do some actual feedback work to get some feedback to Blizzard. If you looked in the european forums you would see that there is no dialogue whatsoever..
I don't know about Jaydes influence in making WLs OP (what i can't see in the three seasons i played but i mainly played 2n2) but what I can see is that this guy is having the same thoughts on the Frost Tree that I have. If he can give some good feedback to Blizzard and actually change this tree I'm more than happy that he has internal sources.

So keep up the good work, Jayde!
Thats my 2 cents :)


PS. anonymous posting is a lot like random flaming. I don't think you will get banned or anything else for stating your opinion and if posters know who you are they could more see from what perspective and experience you come from.

Anonymous said...

Grats Jayde,

I read other testers have been immortalised within the game, any of them from outside the US?

Shadowmorn said...

Funny, i know hunters who can do awesome things with the class, shame while doing it they forget to feign death and end up Illidan to the raid. ;)

Instead of fighting the fight for a class you are obviously not happy with, why dont you reroll, Mr Anonymous e-rage? Not every class is for everyone, i know i suck as a warlock in pve dps meters, but yet i rock as a holy paladin. What class did i reroll to at the start of TBC, ill give you two guesses.

Or are you one of them hopeless types that simply refuse to accept you could be wrong because your "oh so special" as your teachers at school taught you?

Ieiah, i trust you have seen this?


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

jayde - lemon thanks for all threads - work etc etc. It is really informative and well constructed.

Dispite the pvp vid (I cried) it is all very nice to see what DK's can do. I think it very good to have ppl to point out the weaknesses en strenghth of certain classes.

Some ppl will always defend "their" class with a little tunnel vision but hee thats normal right? defend territory..

Just want to add that WoW is a virtual game which is designed to have fun, alone or with other (new online) friends. So my advice is, do so and nothing else.. it's a game don't make it too seriously. drinks + woman > PC

Still ppl from beta keep up the information stream. Movies are most appreciated :-)

Greets an EU player at work


Keisu said...

Hello Jayde/Leiah,

Glad to see credit given to those Alpha testers helping to shape my favorite WC2 unit into a great WoW Class.

Also, I have a little favor. I'm currently not a beta tester, but I was wondering if you could test a tanking spec out for me. Currently I see a lot of people saying on the beta forums that deathknights aren't going to be good tanks compared to the other classes, and everytime they link a spec that is very... flawed. Anyway, the spec is http://wotlk.wowhead.com/?talent=jV0txs0zZcAezIzuzbs0fs

This is tuned to the current 77 level cap, the other 3 points would go into veteran of the third war.

Rotation: Looking at all the different skills and talents makes me think the best aggro generating rotation would be something along the lines of
Icy Touch (Pull)
Frost Strike
Plague Strike
Obliterate (by now the Icy Touch rune should be up)
And then start over from Frost Strike. During "down time" I would dump runic power that I have.
Also, Icy Touch should be used every other rune cooldown to keep up the debuff :)

Now this is a lot to ask for, Obviously I don't know the exact mechanics of how deathknights work because I haven't played their current form. Forceful Deflection is the only pure mitagation stat they give us, but it seems that they want us to take less damage by slowing our oppenents.

Anyway, I hope you try out the spec, and if you can't find the time maybe ask someone in the beta to try it out for you and post back with the results. Thanks for reading and keep up the good work as a beta tester.

Naman said...

re: Hun Tard anonymous guy -

I'll sum up the wall of texts for everyone

qqqqqqqqqqq a warlock killed my hunter once qqqqqqq

Ashanor said...

Just wanted to say grats.

I wish I could be in the beta. I beta tested the original WoW starting in March of 04 but I didn't get into TBC or WotLK beta.

Maso said...

I don't quite understand why that anonymous guy is flaming you here. He says in one line that your feedback overpowers classes, like Warlocks, but then in another line, he says that you did nothing to help Hunters. Is he just pissed?

I'm pretty damn sure that the removal of the deadzone, dispel on Arcane Shot (as stupid as that change was), MS on Aimed Shot, and instant HoT Mend Pet did something to help Hunters in the arena. No, they haven't gotten out of the bottom ranks of representation, but they're certainly better off than they were in S1 and S2.

You mention that classes have trouble due to cast times, yet Elemental Shamans enjoyed quite a long duration of top tier play in 5v5 from late S1 to now. 2345/6 are still competitive comps, and one of the main reasons is because of the Elemental Shaman... despite being one of the most interuptible classes in the game.

Mages are also performing well. They're extremely strong in 3v3 thanks to RMP, and they have almost as many comps to play in 5v5 as Warriors do... which puts them above Rogues in that regard.

Zarkharaan said...

You're so popular you have your personal troll now.

Leiah said...

I know! Isn't he cute?

Anonymous said...

Jayde is there any chance you could post some thoughts on the state of the warlock class?

Leiah said...

I've been trying to play mine now that my dk is 77, but northrend has been completely unstable and constantly laggy and crashes all the time.

However, from what I've seen, all the trees have been shaping up to be both fun and viable in pvp thus far.

I still think destruction could use more help in the mobility department, though.

Either way, very loaded question. I'll get to that stuff in a bit.

I've been playing with both lemonayd and socio quite a bit thus far, so any issues that DKs run into, I also notice immediately. Affliction/soul link looks like a lot of fun for pvp, that's for sure.

RIP Cripple. That shit was OP. :)

Leiah said...

Oh, not only that, but I also got Draele into the beta as well, as he's awesome at both giving feedback and coming up with suggestions to improve locks, especially for affliction.

He's still a bit weak at evaluating things on the pvp department, though.

I'm more interested right now at seeing what level 80 itemization + scaling is going to bring for all the classes with their new mechanics.

Keisu said...

hey some quick questions since you seem to be in the know on stuff happening.

1. Beta keys this blizzcon??

2. Is there an open beta planned for Wotlk like there was for BC?

Leiah said...

Yes to both.

Keisu said...

Nice can't wait. Blizzcon is going to be awesome this year, can't wait to try out D3 and also see the final announcements for WotLK.

Also, I made a suggestion in the regular suggestion forum and if you like it maybe you can put it in the beta forums. Suggestion was to add a Hand of Freedom type affect to Bone Armor. It may make the spell a little overpowered though but its obvious from your video as well as comments that DK's need something to remove impairing effects.

Falah said...

Hi leiah!
I have to ask if it is possible to send you a few thinkings about DK tanking. I am from Europe an so I can 't post in the Beta-Forum here. So you are maybe my online gate that someone here my ;)
I think you even can decide wheter my points are quite interesting or just rubbish.
thx Falah - EU Mal'ganis

Leiah said...

Go ahead.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information about the DK...

I have a little question for u :

Do you think that the DK can be usefull in Arena, be viable in pvp and be a good DPS ?

Thanks u for ur answer :p

Gary said...

Does Hunger for Blood currently proc UA or is it as bad for Warlocks/Shadow Priests as the description implies?

Falah said...

Thanks so much!

I have uploaded my thoughts into an .doc here:


The name of the file is DK.doc

Its mainly a response to the things Kazuo said in the thread "[Suggestion] Talent For Death knight Tanking." But I contains many own points abount the DK tanking.
Sry for my sometime horrible english. ;)

Anonymous said...

Is mind freeze atm affected by GCD
? If so you should mentioned this in the beta form because every other class that can interrupt the GCD was removed.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is affected by the GCD because it does damage


Maso said...

Do you have anything to say about the current form of Demonology? I'm very disappointed to see the direction that they're taking their additions to the tree, and also with how they handled DS.

Draele offered to post it for me, but I'm going to run the ideas here first:

-DS should banish your pet instead of kill it, for duration buff. They can either make it so that the spell has a cooldown and the buff is rather short, or that the spell is toggleable with a cooldown to prevent abuse. This helps with some pet control and protection.

-Deep Demo really shouldn't consist of FOUR talents that either buff your pet's crit or procs based on your pet's crit.

Demo was a pile of weak pet passives pre-BC, with Soul Link at the bottom. In BC, it got substantial buffs, but mainly in the form of pet/owner passives, whose only additional integration with the pet is the fact that the passives disappear when the pet dies.

Now in WotLK, it's looking like it's going to become a bunch of passives, based on procs that come from practically no input from the player. So... non-permanent passives once again.

One of the main complaints about PvP Demo was that it's boring. The tree lacks fun actives. Demonic Empowerment has a lot of potential. They should play around with it a little more.

I also think that there should be a talent or something that makes Health Funnel (or some other pet-only channeled effect) dramatically boost your pet's stats. I'm thinking in the case of Health Funnel, it would improve its defensive stats or something.

Leiah said...

Excellent feedback, Maso.
By the way, what's your email address or other form of contact?

Leiah said...

Oh wow. Not gonna ask!

Maso said...

Write it down somewhere, I'm going to delete the comment to avoid spam :P

maso said...

Hey, I got your e-mail. Sounds cool, and now that I have my laptop back I should be able to help out.

If you agree with the feedback I gave, it would be great if it could be posted in the beta forums or something.