Monday, July 28, 2008

Chains of ice & Unholy Blight thoughts/feedback

Let me know what you guys think:

Chains of Ice.

Unholy Blight.


Breathweapon said...

More or less agreed, if Chains of Ice is going to be our snare, then Chains of Ice needs to cost Ruinic Power and be on a 10 second CD.

Also, instead of freezing the target, Chains of Ice should root the target and the target should count as frozen with a chance to break the root on damage. So we can use Icy Touch, Frost Strike and Howling Blast for bonus frozen damage and our diseases can tick with out breaking the root immediately.

"Chains of Ice"

40 Ruinic Power, 10sec CD, 20 yards

Roots the target in place, and the target is considered frozen. The target is rooted for 5 seconds, after which the target is chilled for 10 seconds, reducing his movement speed to 0 and regaining 10% of movement speed per sec.

Endless Winter is kind of pointless, I'd rather incorporate those extra seconds into Chains of Ice and turn Endless Winter into an Icy Touch buff, like an extra -10% ranged, melee attack and spell casting speed debuff over a couple of points.

For 51 points, Unholy Blight is terrible, at best Unholy Blight should be a 1 Unholy rune spell and for 5 sec duration and 10 sec cooldown. The 51 point talent could/should be Summon Gargoyle with a 5 RP per 1 sec duration that can be sustained thru' generating RP while activated.

Bringing me to another point, too many of our abilities are talented, we have the least abilities of the classes and the most talented abilities of the classes, and it's frustrating to no end.

Blood/Frost loses Lichborne and Bone Armor, so unless you're Forsaken, Blood/Frost isn't viable in PvP. Blood/Unholy loses Howling Blast, Frost Strike and Frozen Rune Weapon, one of which could be a reasonable Frost rune dump for another spec. Unholy/Frost doesn't lose much, since Blood doesn't offer much, but I wish Rune Tap was changed from converting Blood runes into life to converting Ruinic Power into life so the Blood tree had a Ruinic Power dump and we didn't have to rely on Lichborne + Deathcoil for healing (speaking of which, WTF is it with Lichborne being on a 5 minute CD? Can't we just drop the CD on Lichborne to 1 minute and the duration to 10 seconds on par with Ice Bound Fortitude?)

The more I play a DK, the more I realize playing a DK is unfun. Sans 51 point abilities, a tree should have no more than 2 talented abilities or spells defining a spec.

David said...

(Disclaimer: I don't have a beta account, so I'm mostly theorycrafting off the videos and the discussions.)

As you said, Chains of Ice costs a lot because it allows you to get some pretty sick combos off of it. The problem interrupting these combos is that it breaks on all damage, even disease ticks.

I think the solution is to
1. Have it not break on DoT damage, like Maim.
2. Have it apply a frostbite-type debuff, so frost strike and howling blast hit harder even after the target has taken some damage and the snare has broken.

This will:
- allow DKs to always close the distance to the target and get some hard hits in (unless he's heavily snared), rather than the snare breaking on DoT damage.
- increase the synergy between the different trees, making frost less "stand-alone"

I assume you've thought of these suggestions before, which makes me think you've considered and rejected them. Why?