Sunday, September 7, 2008

Latest blood/unholy test.

After discovering that the boss target dummy in orgrimmar has no armor (some boss he is!), I decided to head to dalaran after the servers became stable again and do another test, using a supposedly higher dps build of

The results of this higher DPS build on a target dummy with armor?

As you can see, this is substantially lower (and rightfully so, since this target has armor).

Notice the overall make up of damage. It's mostly necrosis + white damage. What does this tell you? Kiss 2hand viability good bye, unless things change considerably for the better with regards to 2h scaling.

Overall, I'm simply underwhelmed with the damage I am putting out right now.


Zarkharaan said...

It's scary how much DPS DRW can pull off. It does seem like Blood is a cut above the other trees as far as potential DPS goes and can be interesting with PvE oriented gear (closer to the hit cap, with some expertise thrown in).
Other trees should be brought more in line with Blood and/or Blood needs less DPS from its DRW and more personal DPS.

Edurol said...

This could be the turningpoint for DW... finally.

Maybe you will test it on the target dummy to have comparison?

You still don't know if it is better or not, you just talk to much about it ^^

Thomas said...

It is pretty clear to me from every test I have seen that Death Knight dps is to low atm but I still want to know how Unholy compares to Blood/Frost do you think you could test it. I would do it myself if I was in the beta but I'm not.

Destrado said...

@Jayde I know your worried about the state of 2h DK's and i thought of this. a tooltip passive ability in the spellbook.

Vampiric Runes : The Runes sap the energy of the Death Knight causing auto attacks to do 25% (or whatever) less damage.

Totally fits into the lore, white damage is lowered,specails can then be scaled better with % weapon damage. 2H becomes viable

I dunno just i thought. not sure if it would be an implimenting nightmare or not ><

ColdFire said...

Make sure to post that on the beta boards if you havent already Jayde it needs to be seen espically since GC just post about 2H and DW.

Leiah said...

It is.

ColdFire said...

by the by did you get numbers for the build/rotation you used one the dummy with 0 armor? I really dont want to have to spec into frost to stay viable in DPS.

Donavon said...

Dang, I hope they fix or change things so the class is a strong 2her class. If it goes DW for DPS, then I will be annoyed.

Maybe they can rework the strikes so they kinda like BCB.

Exxample: Heart Stike - Instantly strike the enemy, causing 60% weapon damage plus 109, and preventing the target from using haste effects for 10 sec. Causes an additional 25% weapon damage for each of the Death Knight's diseases on the target

So that a target with 2 of your diseases takes 110% weapon damage + 109 damage.

Just make it so the max number of your own diseases per spec for that strike is close to 100% weapon damage. Seems to be the only way to make the strikes do more then the auto-attack.

Destrado said...

I think right now the problem is the our damage pool for damage per second is about where it needs to be with maybe a certain increase or decrease as other classes are balanced. The problem as I see it is White damage is taking up a large portion of that pool, so our strikes got nerfed. In my perfect view of DK 50-65% of our damage would be strike and spell based and 15-25% for white, 15-25% for talents and diseases tics (necrosis, bcb, etc). but in order for that to happen white damage must be nerfed, or our damage pool increased. Also doesn't help that our DPS nerf was 50-70% nerf to abilities and 0% nerf to white damage. the patch kind of inadvertently changed the play style of DK's.

Blake said...

Why such hate for DW? Personally I like the option of a big two-hander, but I'm not averse to using two weapons either.

Also, I'm a bit let down at those DPS numbers.

Donavon said...

The hate for DW is cause its the only way to DPS for almost all melee DPS classes (as Paladin can't DW). Granted the Rogue doesn't have the choice. But the Shaman and Warrior don't really either, its just dumb for them to go 2her if they want to max their DPS. So it was nice that there might a class that can max its DPS through using a 2her.

Yes, I know Arms Warriors DPS as 2her, but in equal gear they can't compete with DW Fury for DPS numbers. Its the raid buff that lets them get away with it.

This is of course Blizzard's fault on the DW being the way to DPS.

As I really like 2h Swords, I'm really hoping they make it so 2hers out DPS DW on this class.