Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wow, where do I begin?

So while I was at work today, I came across this thread. I felt very compelled to get my piece in on this, since Unholy Blight has always bothered me as a 51 point talent, for several reasons.

Here's the short story (which just about everyone agreed with I think), and if you're so inclined, the long story as well. Keep in mind, I also bring up the argument that not only do we have to spend several GCDs to gain AOE threat, and have to deal with the target cap of pestilence, but we're the only tanking class without access to an AOE taunt. This means that it's DOUBLY important to let every single spec have access to essential and effective AOE tanking tools, tools that unholy blight was holding the monopoly on in the AOE threat department.

If you take some time to look over the thread and my arguments, I think you'll agree. Apparently, the devs agree as well.

In fact, it looks like they'll be implementing several of my suggestions for future changes very shortly. Here is the main list of things coming.

Things that I've been harping for especiallly lately, with factual and informed posts to back them up include:

-- Death Coil, Frost Strike, Death and Decay damage increased. (Look at any of my recent damage tests and feedback posts, including the UB thread, as well as posts on this blog)

-- Bloody Strikes and Scent of Blood swapped places. (feedback source) (This is so that other trees like frost can access it for better RP generation via tanking, for more Frost strikes)

-- Double rune abilities damage increased: Obliterate, Howling Blast, Scourge Strike, Death Strike. (feedback source)

-- Unholy Blight no longer causes Blood Plague, but had its cooldown removed. (feedback source)

-- Pestilence has no target limit. (It still has a radius limit.) Pesilence glyph now increases area. (feedback source)

-- Frost Presence now grants 10% total health in addition to its current bonuses. (feedback source)

Among others that I'm sure we'll see implemented soon. :) The rest of the changes that are coming are just gravy.

I love Blizzard. They actually listen if you have a good argument.


Knaughty said...

Just a note: Tankadins don't have an AoE taunt either.

We have one taunt, it hits three targets. And on live it has a 15 sec CD (reduced to 10 sec in 3.0)

That said, we don't need to be buffed for AoE tanking :)

Some more single-target tanking would be appreciated. Health/Armor/Mitigation all lower than warriors right now.

JesperGJensen said...

Does anyone know if we can use our Ghoul in Arena's?

Jayde said...

Yes, the plan is to allow the use of ghouls in the arena.

Farabee said...
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Farabee said...

"I love Blizzard. They actually listen if you have a good argument."

Change "Blizzard" to "Ghostcrawler", because Koraa pretty much doesn't listen to a damn think Priests have to say no matter how compelling the argument, how many sensible alternatives or tweaks we present, or how much real-world feedback we give.

Not to sound like I'm griping, because as I said in that thread, GC does an excellent job at taking constructive and well-presented user feedback, actually going OVER it, and considering it in changes instead of just implementing her own ideas. I hate to say it, but male stubbornness is probably the only excuse for Koraa's bullish behavior towards our suggestions in the Priest forums. Sadly, he's had to have GC come in and do damage control for his aloof responses.


QRio said...
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QRio said...

Nvm what I previously wrote, you already edited your post, and I still had in mind your old post :)

Okkita said...

Your posts have always been very thorough and informative and without a shadow of a doubt, you are the top lobbyist for DK changes and adjustments.

It's just a real shame that you have to constantly be boasting about it.

Your blog would be so much better if i wouldn't have to deal with your pompous self-assurance comments.

Regardless, the content is right. Congratulations.

Jayde said...


I understand what you mean, but keep in mind, this is my own personal blog. Yes, it is entertaining for other people to read, but it also acts as sort of a living online resume of what I've personally helped to accomplish for anything wow-related.

It should be no secret by now that I plan on seeking employment with a gaming company (such as Blizzard) in the near future.

What better way to provide proof of accomplishments other than what I'm doing right now?

Please remember that this blog serves me just as much, if not more, purpose than it does everyone else. I need a central reference point for everything I've helped change. =]

Dreadhawk said...

Jayde is one of the reasons I'm so envious of those in the beta. For once players have impact on how the game is created. Deathknight is going to be my new main and I really miss not having the chance to provide feedback on it. That being said I'm so very glad Jayde and several others have been there to shape the class so nicely.

As to Koraa I wouldn't count it as a male thing. Many people when the create something have a vision for their creation. When they are presented with suggestions outside their vision they are quick to discount it no matter how good. I'd say its more of an "Artist" thing. Blizzards lack of or what seemed to be a lack of vision is what upset many druids. For a long time blizzard didn't seem to have a vision for the class and its various specs. "Vision" can both be good and bad though.

Logan said...

I'm not sure I'm crazy about the +10% health while in frost presence buff. I assume it was to address the discrepency between the low DK base health with that of Warriors.

Maybe I'm just being slow this morning (haven't had my coffee yet) but why not just bring the base DK health up to par, rather than only while in one presence?

Jayde said...

It's essentially another way to give DK's a mechanic similar to defensive stance, in that warriors in D-stance automatically take 10% less damage, in addition to having higher base health.

This is a way to make sure that DK "tanks" are up to snuff when compared with other tanks, but also no too overpowered in other areas at the same time.

The flexibility of presences gives us that option.

Mike said...

I almost started crying of joy after I read GCs Upcoming DK Changes thread...


The only thing I can suggest is that Frigid Deathplate be higher up in the frost tree (1-2 tiers higher than it is now) so its more accessible.

Deathknight tanking is look absolutely perfect. DPS is looking nice to, but I havent done much testing on it.

ILY GC! You to jayde ^.-

Anonymous said...

Right on! I hope that your future endeavors in the industry work out. So far you've compiled reasonable and well thought out arguments and synopsis' for the Death Knight class and it shows.

To be honest (as a former Warlock and player) I hope Blizzard does take more of your ideas and suggestions into practice, and not only limited to the Death Knight class.

I, just as anyone else, would love to see your input in regards to the Warlock class, because quite frankly it's been quite sub par lately. I cannot hold to this completely, but as of now (new build coming soon with hypothetical goodies) the class is in pretty rough shape, and has a large shopping list of things to be fixed. :P

Psykohamster said...

Honestly Jayde, if you applied to Blizzard I think they would hire you in a heartbeat. They already do almost everything you suggest (for Deathknights at least). Blizzard also obviously appreciates your help seeing as they put you in one of the Ebon Hold books and have you making an appearance in a quest.

Jayde said...

Indeed, so. I've already had a request for my resume from them today, and I've been told that I'll be contacted soon about setting up an interview during my stay at Blizzcon.

Looks like it's really paid off. :)

Naman said...

Just wanted to thank you Jayde for all your time and effort. I've been slightly disenchanted with wow as of about 3 months ago (had previously been playing since phase 2 of closed beta original) Just getting tired of my enhance shaman and all that I went through in TBC and have been really looking forward to the DK to give me something new to do in wow and to not have to worry about yelling "LF Tank then G2G" every time I want to do something.

I've been following all the development since alpha leaks and am grateful you and other testers are helping make the class and the game solid.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Naman. I too am done with my enhancement shaman and the DK will be my main. I have played the shaman for over 3 years and hoped they would fix some of the issues on dmg mitigation. That will never happen so I am glad we had a voice that Blizz listened to for the DK. Looking forward to my new toon but sad not to play the shaman as much.