Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Rune Strike sucks, As does the new Fel Armor:

Here, and here.

Seems like a lot of people are unhappy with this patch. Hopefully the pendulum of balance will swing back the other way, as a lot of peoples' damage right now feels awfully low. It's the polar opposite of how things were at level 60 when Blizzard introduced the new level 70 talents. Hm, which I wonder: Perhaps why they are keeping it like this for now. The damage to survivability ratio on live right now is already at a pretty uneven balance. It's nothing like season 2 was at all. Perhaps they are afraid of repeating the same mistakes they made just before TBC was released, when hunters and rogues were running around killing people in 3 seconds flat.

Hopefully I'm right, because it's a little funny watching two people with 22k hp take 3 years to kill each other on the beta right now.

Edit: More rune strike feedback here.


Destrado said...

@jayde, Gratz on the quest, as for Runestrike, why not change sudden doom to compliment rune strike instead of DC, put Runestrike as a talent skill in Hysteria's place and move hysteria to mark of blood (since its useless anyway). Increase DC's damage, or give it a disease refresher, so its not obsolete (like it basically is now)so you have to weave it in any dps or tanking spec, so you have to monitor your RP consumption, so its just not oh RS,RS,RS. just my thoughts, it seemed a viable way to solve the problem without effecting DPS, granted the change to sudden doom/refreshing diseases might effect dps.

Steffen said...
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Steffen said...

Hi Jayde,

gratz to your own quest ;)

I can't post to the US Beta Forum, so i will tell you my suggestion about the DPS System of the DK.

After the last Patch, my DK feels like a rogue with a 2h weapon. The Numbers are like we use a dagger.

The problem is, that the DK atm do damage from to many damagesources. 2 disease, white damage, extra damage from talents like necrosis, rune strike, unholy blight, etc.

So my suggestion:

1. Abolish white Damage,
2. Take the functionality from Death Strike to a new spell, which do no damage an cost Runic Power
3. new Death Strike: A Strike that deals balanced Damage (100% physical Weapon Damage for example) ONLY useable when no Rune is aktiv.
4. Abolish Rune Strike
5. Increase Damage from Hearthstrike (it should do only physical damage because Bloodtree)
6. Increase Damage of Froststrike (it should do damage scalling with weapondamage + frostdamage)
7. Increase Damage of Scourge Stirke (should do little weapondamage + Shadowdmg)
8. Increase the Cooldown of Howling Blast and the Damage of it. (Frost Damage only)
9. Make Obli only available, when the target have less than 10% - 20% Health. Obli should convert the diseases and much Runepower into Damage and it should feel like an finisher, scaling with weapondamage. Because Dumpingeffect of RunePower and the diseases, player would only use it to finish.
10. Abolish the Damagecomponent of Pestilence.
11. Make Blood Boil to be the alterative spell for Howling Blast, with scaling from diseases.

The idea behind this changes:
A Death Knight should do damage with big numbers, but less hits. Icy Touch and Plagestrike are for apply diseases. Small damage here is ok. Then you do a decent physical damage with BloodStrike or good damage with Heartstrike. As Frost you use Howling Blast + BloodStrike, as unholy Scourge Strike. When you used your runes -> no runes available... you can do damage with Death Strike and Froststrike or Death Coil. Or you just can heal you with the new Spell. As Frost you also can Crowd Control. At the end of a fight you finish with a big Obli which eat your diseases and the most of your runicpower.

To get higher Numbers on the Strikes and spells, take the damage of other spells away and abolish Rune Strike and White Damage.

What do you think about this? And if you agree with something on my list, please post it for GC.