Monday, September 15, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates..

But there's really been nothing new to report on. I feel as if I've said just about everything I've wanted to up to this point. All I can do now is keep an eye on changes that are coming down the pipe, play with them when they come, and give further feedback.

Things are just rather slow right now, so I've spent some time over the past week playing the Warhammer online beta. It's pretty amazing how much more polished Blizzard products are, even in testing stages. Everytime I try a new MMO that hits the market, I'm always reminded just how good wow really is. The only thing I wish I could change about WoW that warhammer has, is letting people level up and gain exp/money from killing other players. The nicest thing about Warhammer is the fact that PvP yields a large amount of experience gained in their battlegrounds (called scenarios), keep battles, or just plain world pvp. It was a nice touch to actually level up off of killing another player. And while this is a nice feature, I'm not really convinced that Warhammer is going to have the staying power or the content to keep people interested in the long run. It feels very unpolished as of right now, and as a result, the gameplay feels often rushed.

In the mean time, I'll probably be mixing my time between playing warhammer between beta updates (when I can get some new things to test), until wrath is released. I'll probably just end up staying as alliance on Sargeras, which is my original home server. Tichondrius is great, but honestly it seems rather overrated. There are fantastic players there, don't get me wrong, but I kind of liked it better when each server had sort of their own cream of the crop. Now it seems that everyone and their mom moves to Tich, either because they are good, or because they know someone who is, or they want to try and improve. That's great, but what about those of us who just want to play the game to enjoy it? I really don't care for 10 minute BG queues, lengthy server login queues, or long waits on getting into the arena, either.

On that note, I'll probably be looking for a few more solid players to bolster the ranks of my guild on Sargeras in the near future. If you're interested and play there, or just interested in general, please send me an ingame mail to my druid "Mayah" on Sargeras alliance. The Tich thing just isn't working out for me very well, yet. It's been awfully hard to find a solid group of players who is looking forward to doing PvP as much as they are the new 10 man raids. Maybe I've just been looking in the wrong places.

Edit: I've also re-enabled anonymous comments.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Warhammer will last long either . If it stays the same as my friend (hi is in WH beta) says than Warhammer will have a hell of a time bringing up expansions .

Never mind .

Oh , and , 2h vs dual for Death Knights , have you had any testing/calculation/-converastion with a calculator nerd- ? And what about the recent 'nerf patch' , what do you think about the changes to Dks and locks ? Thanks in foreward :)


Anonymous said...

Just some thoughts

I feel you might be a bit hard on Warhammer, I'm in the beta as well and it feels about as polished as WoW did way back when. I completely agree that the exp for battlegrounds is great, I'm also a huge public quest fan. All things aside though I would like to thank you for making this blog. Its kept me sane waiting for Wotlk when I can reactivate my account and make a death knight of my own.

moop said...

After geting in beta and playing with my lock ive got to say with two months till wrath locks are looking very bad

just looking at the druid forum and seeing how meny blue posts there are makes me feel sad

Ghostcrawler specifically said that "Druids were in good hands" because so many Blizzard employees favor the class. The fact that these statements are backed up by changes that favor those classes confirms it.

Anonymous said...

you said the mechaniscs seem "viable" in pvp which i agree with, but can you give us some more information about how a DK is doing in pvp after his huge DPS/Burst nerf?

on the paper it sounds like you will never be able to kill a healer solo now... assuming most of the pvp chars will have arounc 20k life.

i may be wrong but it really sounds bad at the moment!

and dont forget that DKs have to stay twice as long at their opponent than rouges/warriors have, which will be REALLY hard against good arena players....
(dks have to do twice as much styles every 10 sec than a warrior/rouge in order to generate the same dmg they do with half the styles).

in pve its fine but i lacks in pvp... correct me if i m wrong!

Anonymous said...

you have done wonderful with your input on the class, and even tho this last beta push has shown the burst to be severely lacking from the class (avid PvPer here) i still plan on leveling a DK first (still no beta key, even tho i have dibs on 6 accts. q-q)

one thing i would like to ask, is does heart strikes' debuff affect parry hasted attacks?

props to you, and thanks for turnin anonymous comments back on, as i am quite lazy


Ailrick said...

Always enjoy reading your comments. I recently got into the beta and I'm doing well in part thanks to the excellent DK feedback you have been providing. Hope the server situation works out for you. If you can't seem to find a guild that enjoys 10 mans and pvp, my guild on Moonrunner does a bit of everything and just likes having fun. Not to sell it to you but if you need a guild, look up the Gutbuster Brigade :)

Trym said...

I've been reading this blog religiously since the beginning. You have given us an EXCELLENT look at the DK class with constructive feedback and analysis. Thanks to you, I've felt like i've been in the beta all along, even though I didn't get a key.

Mike said...

Hey jayde, I read a post recently of yours that said you live in Olathe, which is AWESOME because I used to live there as well. Unfortunately I moved away 6 years ago when my dad got a job transfer, but I still miss Olathe. Such a great town.

On to wrath, you really are the idle of DK's. Before I was in the beta it was nice to see how awesome they looked, and you provided AMAZING videos (Quality and Content) and screenshots. Being able to play a DK first hand was awesome, and although I love my hunter, I will most likely level a DK to 80 first.

I would LOVE to join and play with you on your alliance server, unfortunately I am horde, and I play with 3 of my family members. Hope to read more of your blog after the expansion is released. You've really done an amazing job making the Deathknight class fun to play. I really hope you can look at deathknights and say "I helped shape them into what they are" because you really have. Thanks again for all of your videos/screenshots/blogposts/suggestion posts/etc.

Accident said...

I've read your blogs ever since your first video. I feel I have a very good grasp on the death knight without even playing one because of your posts. :) Grats on being in a wotlk quest.

That leads me to ask though, do you plan to pvp and raid with your guild? Strictly pvp? I'm interested, I would just like to know the aims of the guild and what not?

Mani said...

Sam, I too agree with your comment about WAR.

I wanted to ask you about locks, do you think Blizzard believes that locks are fine right now in beta and just need a few tweaks or do they think locks are broken and plan on doing major work on them?

Anonymous said...

Bah, I finally get in Beta, and the great "Jayde" is playing Warhammer! :p

Well, I'm getting the vibe that, for better or worse, Beta is reaching the end of its draw. And so far, Blood seems overwhelmingly better than Unholy and Frost for anything other than tanking. Any particular skills that "mesh" better than others for alternate-spec rotation? So far, I'm really not using any new skills since I made 58, with Blood Boil, Pestilence, Death and Decay, and Death Coil seemingly pretty useless. You think they need to get buffed, or am I just nubbing it up?

Also, if Prot Pallies stay as sexy as they are now, and you're in need of one, I may have to hit you up after Wrath hits :P


Leiah said...

A couple things:

No, I don't think warlocks are even close to being done yet. At least I hope not. The new demon form plans sound nicer, but I'm disappointed that the felguard hasn't received more attention than he has. I was hoping for a lower cooldown on his intercept, if anything.

About the guild: We plan on sticking to 5-10 man content progression, as well as bgs/arenas. I personally enjoy arenas very much, but we need a few more solid PvPers who also enjoy the occasional (1-2 a week) raids. I don't have time to lead raids 5-7 days a week like most guilds, since I at least try to have a life outside of wow sometimes. :) But, I, and the rest of my guild, highly value solid players with good attitudes over players that need to be told how to play their class. I got kind of tired of that as a raid leader several years ago. I believe that people have a personal responsibility to go out on their own to research how to best play their class. That's all I really ask, and I don't think it's too unreasonable.

Anonymous said...


could you do a post in this thread korea just posted in ?

Dragonzakura said...

Hum...I was not aware that you played on Tich.

If you ever wanted to join a guild that has a solid backbone of core players (playing for +4 years) and does a fair amount of guild PvP/PvE (up to Felmyst) your more than welcome to message me. Name is Dragonzakura, raid leader of Gin no Mikazuki. We run a mixed raid of GnM, Easy Company, and a couple Quality Control guys 3 days a week.

Granted our raid times are most likely totally different than what you would like since we are based out of Hawaii, but we defiantly have an amazing group of 10-20 solid players who will be in WotLK.

If your interested just let me know.

Anonymous said...

i used to raid with treisk in conviction and he says you and kalgan care about the game a lot but have no idea how to fix things.

u kno just fyi lol

Skellum said...

Im getting very very concerned with the warlock class. Were the issue only that WOTLK is incoming I wouldnt be too worried. What worries me is continuing with sunwell post 3.0 with a class thats effectivly neutered.

I have a friend who is a hunter, playing on the PTR. He is having an absolute blast. His pet system is great, he does about 1.5X his current DPS before raid buffs. His pet hits hard and will have none of the issues that hunters currently have and he no longer needs to use a steadyshot macro.

For me im looking at the shame of explaining why out of all the other classes mine may be the only one to lose DPS when 3.0 hits.

I dont just want to play a warlock, I want to have pride in what I do. As is i'm giving serious thought to becoming a moonkin :(.

Also, is there a place to buy Tippens pie in Olathe?

Anonymous said...

WOW was pretty awful at release, constant server crashes, terrible lag, no pvp, limited raiding etc..

Its taken quite a few years to get it to the current state.

People seem to forget this, and expect other newly released titles to be of a similar standard to a 5 year old game.

Anonymous said...

As someone who has alot of xp in the WotLK beta, I must ask you how you feel about the current state of Ret Paladins?

Now, i'm not going to go so far as to say they/we are overpowered. But, they are pretty damn powerful in some areas. Instant Flash of Lights with Art of War procs and 6-10k heals from Holy Light are kind of out there.

Anonymous said...

"is letting people level up and gain exp/money from killing other players."

Not going to happen to easy to exploit. Just you watch WAR, people are just going to find ways to cheese out the system there.

Remember when you could get honor from killing guards? And how quickly WoW fixed that.

Anonymous said...

@person who said wow was awful at release.

Did you play at release? It was epic. Leveling was fun, learning your skills trying out the classes. It was a TON of fun. I never had major server problems, and found tons of stuff to do at every level instance level (especially high level). There were no battlegrounds, but world pvp was actually pretty fun since everyone was all the same level basically. I don't know where you got the impression that wow was bad at release, but I have to say it was the most polished MMO out there, even though it just released.

Anonymous said...

@ person above me,
I actually posted earlier about people occasionally being to hard on Warhammer. The reason I say this is that while its no WoW its fairly close to WoW when the game was released. I highly doubt it will ever destroy warcraft (unless blizzard ruins it somehow) but I've been on beta for about 2 months now and its a fun game. I just feel its being treated a tad harshly.

Anonymous said...