Saturday, September 6, 2008

Misc screen shots.


Jared said...

So, I gather that Death Knights got beaten with the Nerf Bat recently. Aside from the shock of numbers jumping down, how do you feel its impacted playing the Death Knight? Think it'll make tanking noticably harder? You think DK's are still a little too high-end, totally balanced, or maybe Blizz overcompensated on the nerfs?

Also, I'm trying to figure out, with some of the Talent changes, just how do you work some of the strikes into your rotation? Like, Scourge Strike originally replaced Plague Strike, but now Scourge strike isn't affected by many talents. How does that play out? Also, I notice Obliterate seems a bit more viable, how is that working out?

If you get a chance to respond, I'd love to hear what you think about this stuff :P

Anonymous said...

What kind of gear are you wearing to have a both 398 defense and 443 resilience?

Mike said...


Hes in PVP gear, remember defense is raised 50 with the level, so 400 Defense is the norm at 80 when maxed.

Great screenshots, I'm actually very happy where the dps is at, although I would like to see frost dps tweaked a little bit higher, especially with Icy Touch.