Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Changes Coming Soon:

Source for some of them.

The rest can be found looking over the new talent calculator, namely blood of the north and endless winter/chillblains.

Here they are, for the most part:

-- The ghoul is doing too much damage. He is receiving 100% of death knight strength, which is much higher than most pets.
-- Chains of Ice is going back to be being dispellable. It is probably the best snare in the game at the moment, for a class that already has Death Grip.
-- The same is true of both Strangulate and Mind Freeze. Strangulate's cooldown is going to go up. Mind Freeze remains the quick interrupt.
-- We're increasing the cooldown on Anti-Magic Shell. We don't think this will hurt DKs in PvE much, and it still leaves you with Icebound Fortitude to use often.

What GC forgot to mention was this:

Chillblains and endless winter have swapped places. Remember this thread? (maybe, maybe not. :)

Blood of the north has been updated (or will be soon) to make blood strike more attractive. Derived from here. (which is also why you see pestilence on botn as well, now)

In addition, I know we at least have this to look forward to as well.

Death Coil's coefficient was increased. We more recently changed the base points, say from 390 to 440 at rank 5. You probably don't have this last change yet. If you used a Death Coil every rotation, that's a lot of extra damage.

And, don't forget this, either!

We found that the real problem, IMO, was Death Coil and Frost Strike weren't hitting hard enough relative to other DK abilities, so they didn't feel like they were worth the button push, and subsequently, building up runic power didn't feel like a big deal. Both Death Coil and Frost Strike received serious buffs.

All in all, these are steps in the right direction.


Monte said...

8% buff to Merciless combat
Killing Machine back to 100%
Frost Strike back @ 100% damage
slightly increased damage on Howling blast.
imp rune tap is back to it's original form + the decreased cooldown.
Mark of Blood back to 2%
Ravenous dead is back to it's old self

Something tells me that these aren't fully updated. I see some changes that are recent, but then I see that all the tier 10 talents are missing expertise. Did they revert that change? SS is back it's old OP form. I'm so confused.

Looks like they took your PvP videos pretty seriously.

Erik said...

I love the fact that as soon as you, Jayde, take the Unholy build into some serious PVPing with dueling and doing arena and what you put down on your blog, is reviewed thoroughly by the Blizzard Devs and put into effect. You sir, are such a huge asset to the upcoming of DKs in Lich King.


TorqueT1 said...

Even with these changes I still don't think it will solve the problem of Jaydes Survivability spec, I believe Rune tap should be moved down in the tier Like this Photoshoped talents http://img264.imageshack.us/img264/4017/deathknightcreatedtalenvz5.jpg

Anonymous said...

I´ve you pull down de survivabilty and don´t push massivly the Burst, DK becomes unintresting. In oposite to Paladins they can not heal the raid.

No one will play a class where you have to hit 20 keys and you´re dmg is weak, or you´re your tankability is weak and thats a fact.

The DK was so interesting because of this mixture between DD and Tank. No thats gone away. Why schould I play a class thats no more a DD or a tank, when i could again play my easymode 2key lolstep rogue??Or an protec. Warrior where I know what my job is.
At the moment the Dk feels like we say in German "not fish, not meat".
DK Talents are somewhere in the nirvana of ghostcrawlers mind and nobody knows his plans!

Travis said...

You wouldnt drop 1 crit from the blood tree to get the frost 51pt talent?