Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bit of PvP with the new BG:

It was ok I guess. Here's the link. Not sure If I dig the new BG or not. You can get in this machine that runs faster than everyone and AOE fireblasts people for 3k a pop, 2 second cooldown, and the machine has about 50k health, immune to snares, etc. It's alright I guess, but it is a bit cheesy to be in an intense and heated moment of PvP just to get blown up by some random fireball from 100 yards away.

This battleground also introduces a new element of PvD, or player vs door. You have to pelt these doors along the way with the machines about 10 times each or so. Yes, you HAVE to use one of those vehicles. I'd almost prefer being able to DPS my way through the door, similar to how it's done in WC3.

Ah well. Blood DKs aren't doing too badly overall. Here is a screenshot of my final damage/KBs.

If you're wondering how I feel about the overall state of our performance in the BG's, I've summed it up here.


Zyphoria said...

Nice job on dmg ;)

One question and one statement for you my lord.

How is our Hamstring ability doing? Do we have even one yet?
Yes Hamsting > all.


Death Knight without Mortal Strike/Wound Poison/Aimed Shot - or spammable CC ex Sheep/Fear will not fit in a 2v2 top Arena team.


Leiah said...

Updated my entry. Go read the post. =]

McDanks said...

I've been playing around with unholy since last night, it's not terrible. Too many bugs and AMS/AMZ are still really weak, but I think once things are in order again it will be relatively strong. Also tried frost in the new BG, was very meh; have yet to try blood in a pvp scenario. Believe I was unholy in the screen you put up, I'm a few people below you; damage output isnt too bad, really enjoying scourge strike.

I pretty much feel the same about the new BG, it's fun for a while but all in all its too troublesome. I've found that the seaforium charges dont work all that well, if at all on the doors. The place itself glitches every now and then and wont spawn the tanks, which I found btw have extremely small hit boxes.

Zyphoria said...

[disclaimer] if you do not understand that Warrior is the perfect Arena class and partner for a Healer (Druid) do not read this.[/disclaimer]

The thing with Warriors... They suffer from simple design illness. They where the first tanking class, the only one. So Kalgan had to make them easy to learn and play but still powerful. Give them simple and powerful on-demand abilities.

Everyone knows countercomp wins Arena. Counter someones abilities and you will have a fair chance of win.


But you can not counter Hamstring, because you can not remove it. Piercing Howl - can not remove it.

You do realize Warrior have the best Mana draining ability in the game? Mortal Strike - with a duration longer then its cooldown.

Doubles your healers Mana Cost..
No need for getting in LOS and Mana Burning a'la priest.

Just use your magic TELEPORT ability and reapply it.

You guessed it - Inctercept! 15. Fifteen seconds cooldown. With a Cherry on top aka 3 sec stun.

I can go on all night.. Intervene free styling, Mace Stun.. im not going there. Death Knights cant even use Mace lol. Forfeit by default.

If Death Knight had came with TBC they would get steamrolled by simple classes with debuffs that COUNTS. Mortal Strike - Fear - CYCLONE ect.

One does not do high level Arena without -50% healing or a spammable CC.

tl;dr Warrior - so simple design so perfect. I salute you Kalgan.

zyphoria said...

wow inc flameing i guess =)

I really dont see where a Death Knight will fit into Arena.

Yes PvP is the only thing that matters.

PvE'ers have poo for brain k

Anonymous said...

What song is used in the video?

Anonymous said...

yea, was that a new depeche mode song, or off a dave gahan album?

Leiah said...

Good ear! It's Dave Gahan: I need you.

Leiah said...

Oh, gabriel and dresden remix. (I love them).

Anonymous said...

me too =) thanks for replying

zyphoria said...

oh boy was i drunk yesterday.

Sorry for the QQ about warriors lol :-/

But i think my point is still valid. I just cant see a DK fit into any good Arena setup.

Anonymous said...

What is the spell that looks like a bastardization of consecrate that has either arms or tiny trees come out of the area

Anonymous said...

One thing that BG video really highlighted for me is how badly Deathgrip really needs a 2 second root added onto it.

Mr. Gerbz said...

Love the vid, as usual :)

Exactly what build were you in this movie Jayde?

Oh btw, I'm thinking of editting the movie for you, nothing really fancy, but just putting in text which skills you use, so people have an idea of exactly what you are doing (without having to focus on the combat log ;) ).
Ofcourse I won't do it without your permission, and you'll be the first person to see it.

Anonymous said...

Ok im really not sure how the specs are supposed to be working. Im not in the beta but what ive seen from these videos (great job BTW) the specs have talents all over the place. The frost "tank" spec has pvp such as lichbourne. Blood "DPS" has parry and tanking shit and unholy "pvp" has anti-magic shield and bone armor which looks like tanking talents. If you wanted to be a good raid tank bone armor, anti magic shield, increased parry and a majority of the frost talents are the best bet, but you cant get all of those.

I just cant wait to play one for myself they look like ret paladins with a little bit of warlock thrown in. You have show how each spec does in pvp, but how well with the specs do with a raid boss wailing on you?

Anonymous said...

262 bonus honor over 21 minutes? ugh

seems like AV will still be the best honor / time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be offtopic leiah but i was wondering if you could do a post on the us beta forums about the sate of the warlock class?

moofrog said...


Regarding death strike. I really think it makes a lot of sense for it to be 1 Blood/1 Unholy, considering the name of the ability and the effect that it does.

However, as you've pointed out a lot, we are starved for Unholy runes as it is.

AMS/AMZ definitely need to be either RP or just free.

That wouldn't solve all our problems though.

What about making death strike cost 40-50 RP?? That you way you can either choose to Death strike and heal yourself, or death coil and do more damage?

Death strike could be changed also to do 50% health per disease, giving the unholy spec with 4 diseases that ability to heal for 200%, but all the others just heal for what they did damage on.

Xathras said...

Regarding the "bastardized consecration": that would be Desecration an unholy talent ability. Those waving things are the grasping limbs of the dead.

When I saw that my reaction was "sweet!".

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are having Dk's designed just like you had warlocks designed. OP..and you are still QQing about talents. PvP, dont need hit...waaaa blah blah waaaa..

Mr. Gerbz said...

Oh look, a coward who is already afraid of a class not even implemented yet due to his inability to play the game, and who has criticism on Jayde's feedback, but doesn't dare to show his identity.

Youdontgetit said...

Mr. Gerbs, you have already expressed your desire to play a DK as your main. I dont expect someone like you who clearly wants to play an overpowered class to understand. You see, some of us want the game to be balanced. That is to say whatever class a person chooses, that class have a fair chance of survival in a once verses once encounter. This has to be done simply because of the existence of pvp servers. No one likes to get ganked, killed and camped because their class can do little to counter the ganking class. Of course you obviously have no clue about what I am taking about, so I will give you a clue. Hunters vs rogues. With all the hunter utility and goodies, they do nothing against an equally geared and less skilled rogue. Jade clearly has ties to blizzard and clearly intends for the DK class to be able to hold their own 1v1 without regard to other classes ability to hold their own 1v1.

I am sorry if you are to dense to understand the truth, to shallow to admit it and to weak to desire a fair fight in wow. You, just like the rest of Jaydes followers are nothing more then a bunch of lemmings and attention whores looking to adorn favor with blizzard in hopes of getting an 'in' so that you can express your class balance personal desires directly to the dev team and make what is unbalanced and overpowered even more so.

At least I stand up for justice while you stand back and promote the problem.

Anonymous said...

What spec were/are you during this video? You wrecked that WG Rogue everytime you saw him.

Mr. Gerbz said...

@ Youdontgetit

You're saying I don't want game balance? Lmao talk about irony.

You're the one who wants to imbalance the game so you can still own DK's with your class, where as I'm thinking from the point of view of all classes.

So I will use this quote against you:
"I am sorry if you are too dense to understand the truth, too shallow to admit it and too weak to desire a fair fight in wow.". I even fixed the grammar for you.

Thanks to whiners like you the game sometimes gets unbalanced (*cough* resto druids *cough*), you're afraid that when someone comes with a lot of good ideas for a class you don't play, it might actually stand a chance against you, who probably plays an overpowered class, and has not much skill. And when someone tells you this in the face, you tell them THEY want to be overpowered. Oh and even worse, you're too scared to show your identity. You're the kind of person who deserves zero respect.

And me, I don't follow anyone. I just agree with Jayde's points, and would've brought them up myself (if I had thought of them, ofcourse) if I was in beta. Most of the points are well thought out, and when you actually have an IQ higher than that of a monkey, you realize that it is not his intention to get DK's overpowered, but because your skull is so thick you only see the posts with suggestions which you feel are a threat to your class.

And lmao, Jayde tied with Blizzard? That's a really poor excuse.

Oh and before I forget:
"You, just like the rest of Jaydes followers are nothing more then a bunch of lemmings and attention whores looking to adorn favor with blizzard"
I have been banned 15 times, and 2 times permabanned on the forums. This excludes permabans on 2 other accounts.
And ofcourse I want in the beta, but who doesn't?

Anonymous said...


Shokaah said...

Nice video, I just love Dave Gahan.