Thursday, August 21, 2008

Storm peaks music = Massive Win, Blizzard.

Here's a sample of the fantastic new music that Blizzard has created for us in the latest zone: Storm Peaks.

I absolutely love it.


Anonymous said...

I love it, too! It's beautiful.

Which MPQ file did you find it in? I can't seem to find it.

Leiah said...


Anthr4x said...

Not to be an nuisance, but could you stop using filefront for stuff like small files?

Everytime I try downloading something from there it says:

Your download has failed. There were no available download servers.
Click here to try your download again. Click here to try your download again.

And no matter how many times i retry it keeps failing to download :(

btlyger said...

R.I.P old DK starting zone music. (On the roof when you first spawn)

Christoffer said...

This is wonderful. Thanks a bunch for uploading.

Immolthar said...

Awesome music idd

Jayde is that waterwalking ability true? (i hope it is with a buffed animation it would be even more awesome to be a DK)

Leiah said...

Yup. Path of frost is true.

Should be fun times crossing over the water in AB to get to the blacksmith. =]

Immolthar said...

Ah kewl :)
1 more thing:
Unholy Command (Tier 2) changed to: Reduces the cooldown of your Death Grip ability by 5 seconds and the cooldown of your Demand ability by 1/2 sec.

What the heck is demand coz i cant find any info about it

Oh and ofc wtb movie about a CoT Strat run xD

Nick said...

hey Jayde plz look at my 2 posts at the bottem of the "tanking zul drak " thread

Huanz said...

Demand is the new taunt since Death Grip no longer has this effect. It's a mocking blow effect now.

Hope that helps

@ Jayde thanks for the music. Still wanna know about the WotL Intro.. Guess I'll search a bit.. :)


btlyger said...

Speaking of Path of Frost, I like that its an AoE to everyone around you, but I dont like the snow getting kicked up into my screen. Its kind of an eye sore.

Wow, I turned this song on while I was leveling today in zangar and forgot about it till 2 hours later when I was like "This music in zangarmarsh is awesome, did they change it?"

Can't wait to get to Northrend and try out tanking, have you tryed it at all?

Immolthar said...

Whaaat they removed the taunt from Death grip (my beautyfull ranged taunt) ?! That sux big time since they removed it from Bloodboil aswell so our only taunt will be Demand what i gues is melee range : /

If thats true its such a crap change from blizz Death grip was good as it was...

Huanz said...

Have you actually played Beta @ immolthar?

I am very happy with this. Using Death Grip with taunt will harm one of its uses.

Either Taunt CD is too high or its too strong in pvp.
The old Death Grip had a too high CD in many Taunt situations.


Immolthar said...

Nope you are right i havent played Beta yet coz my summer work just takes to much time and i am to tired for playing after i get home :/
This proves it exactly well coz i readed your comment 3 times last night and only today morning realized that i misunderstood it.

Sry for that..

Huanz said...

Frost in Drak Tharon Keep


miller said...

you werent duel wielding :(, can you link talents plz thanks

huanz said...

This was the build:


Anonymous said...

This sound is really epic.
I can imagine myself standing around idle in storm peaks for hours just to listen to that ...

Dozza.k.a.Cano said...

OMG i thought it was just me! Yes the Storm Peaks music is extremely beautiful! especially this piece of music called "Mountains of Thunder". It's labeled that on the official WotLK Soundtrack!

Nightelf rogue