Monday, August 11, 2008

Plague and Scourge Strike Idea:


Pretty self-explanatory.

Update: Looks like this change might happen.


ShadowJester said...

I like the idea a lot, it is an interesting twist to have it pull a reverse abolish disease or whatever (not a druid player). I feel that this is much better than what Adamaunt suggested. Keep up the good work ^.^

On a side note, can you make a short video with gargoyle and unholy blight, as I am unable to find videos of either and I would like to see them? Sorry to hijack this post with this request.

Anonymous said...

Would it be unreasonable for the disease to just corrupt all HoTs on the opponent, turning them into DoTs, for the duration of the disease? That both deals with all HoTs on the target and all HoTs during the duration of the disease with a deterrent for casting HoTs in the first place.

Now people just aren't going to spam HoTs when there's a chance a DK will turn them into DoTs, and the idea of a DK using the opponent's healing against themselves is more original than MS.

Anonymous said...

i think this idea sounds nice, but i dont like rng-effects, the suggestion with the duration sounded better i think.

also do you really think this will solve the problem? i think it will be very hard for a deathknight to get into an arena group. Actually i play a mage at the moment and i know how to play him(before some flames are here, i´m a merciless gladiator) one thing i dont like about it is, that you just cant play 2v2 with a healer. i hate those burst combos and i love well played tactical games. So, just to come back to the topic, do you think that it would be possible to play with a healer in 2v2 as a dk atm? i think it´s something missing against heals (mage has got 10+5+2,5sec sheep,which is too less in most situations) do you really think all our spell interrupts will be enough?

sry for the wall of text :>

Gary said...

Considering Nourish potency is enhanced by having a HoT on the target, why not make it so Plague Strike makes a HoT tick half as fast? It'd keep the duration of the HoT the same to sustain the Nourish healing bonus and it'd definitely lower HoT efficiency.

Wouldn't have to be half either of course, but some value that'd require the druid to use direct heals to supplement the HoTs if they want to keep the person alive.

BtLyger said...

I do like this, however I think my main problem is that Scourge Strike seems like a waste of a talent spot. I know it does more dps, but I think it should remove a HoT and do your 25% chance for its disease tick to remove an additional HoT. Or make Scourge Strike a passive ability talent that adds that affect to Plague Strike. Your very right though, Unholy runes go way to fast.

Also, 1B1F1U death and decay ftl :(

Anonymous said...

And what about a heal transfer ? I mean, if plague/scourge strike would leave a debuff on a target which transfer the healing (or a % of the healing) done to this target to the deathknight? Or even turn a %age of this healing into damage ?

It would be a bit strong because it could be applied all the time on the same target (isn't it the case for mortal strike atm?) and it would also be similar to MS in that it would negate a percentage of the healing, but at least it would be different.

Let's imagine how this could be : say that while the disease is active on a target, it transforms 30% of the healing applied to this target into damage, and heals the deathknight for the same amount.

It would turn a 4000 heal into a 2800 heal (4000 heal + 1200 damage) that heals the deathknight for 1200.

Well maybe this idea is stupid but I "only" have an european beta key so I can't post on US forums, so ... :)


Anonymous said...

And sorry for my poor english (and double post too now :/ ) ...

Anonymous said...

Well I guess it was a bad idea then :)

Anonymous said...

Why not, instead of removing the HoT completely on tick, have Blood Plague reduce the effectiveness of HoTs by 25%? (Increase by 5/10/15 with talents?) The whole 'removal' thing feels like it might screw Druids over in PvP, as they have little to no pushback resist on their other direct-heal spells. A DK would obliterate them once Blood Plague was on just because they wouldn't be able to heal at all. It shouldn't be as easy as "apply X disease, then hit it a lot" to kill a resto druid. Blood plague should be something like Step 1 to killing a resto druid, a way to tone down the HoT healing in a more lasting way so that they can be focused down easier.

Anonymous said...

When i read your post I got an idea myself, but I can't really post on the beta forums since i have no beta account.

But couldn't the scourge strike and/or blood plague place a debuff that makes the healer whom heals the target get 20% (i don't know what % would be good) of the healing done back as Shadow Damage perhaps?

Making the hots a druid places a dot on themselves aswell as a heavy heal from a holydin or something would damage them for quite a bit. This making them having to use a bit more mana/diversify what they're using when perhaps. Good idea? :o

/Halnok (Defias Brotherhood-EU)