Thursday, August 21, 2008

New WotLK Cinematic!

For those of you who want to see it in high quality, without having to use the Blizzard downloader, I have uploaded it to filefront for your viewing pleasure.

It really must be seen this way to be truly appreciated.



Bryan Fillmer said...

Initial reaction: Holy Shit!

Pretty much the same reaction after I watched it a few more times as well.

Bryan Fillmer said...

Completely unrelated question for you Jayde: what are your thoughts on the built in scrolling combat text? I noticed what looks like built in threat text and such now, is it getting to the point where I might actually be able to part with SCT & SCTD mods?

Leiah said...

Yeah it's not bad. I've actually stopped using SCT a long time ago, because it's getting really bloated.

The problem with mods is, as they come more and more popular, the author tends to try and overdo it and it ends up getting bloated by trying to do too much shit.

Bryan Fillmer said...

No argument there, I slim down my mod list every few months, but inevitably end up building it back up.

I noticed a few suggestions on the beta UI forum for a Bongos/Bartender type addon to just be built into the game, which I think would be the biggest UI improvement they could make. Simple flag in Interface options to instantly clean your UI up.

That and on-mouseover keybinding...

Anonymous said...

I missed some action ... but than , I think it would have ruined it ! And for those of you that played warcraft 3 to the last mission - pay attentio nto the music :) It fluently continues from the music of the last scene where we saw the new Lich King (NerZhul and Arthas combined) . Epic enough ? Maybe . Made my back shiver ? 100% shure .

-- Sithril

Terin said...

That was an awesome opening cinematic. Definitely makes me wonder what they're going to do with Arthas' character.

Off-topic, I'm supposed to be getting in Beta soon (won a WWI card). Any tips on playing the DK on a PvP Server? Which racials for Horde would to recommend, as well? Thanks :P

Cyle said...


Why not just make your suggestion for Icy Touch, replace Frost Strike. That way frost gets that icy Touch upgrade and still retains the pull mechanic + frost fever.

Scourge Strike will replace Obliterate, & Heart Strike replaces Blood Strike. If Frost Strike replaced Icy Touch, I think it'd make Frost feel less bloated.

Also, changing HB to RP and HC to Runes is a good idea as well.

Though, would frost gain enough from these suggestions or would it dip down? As long as Obliterate still does more dps than Frost Strike, it'd be worth it I think.

So rotation would be like:
1st FS > PS > BS > BS > O > HB
2nd O > O > O > HB

Huanz said...

Special Agent Saitoz to Jayde..

please inflitrate Blizz HQ and tell me how this song is called.
I don't care who you have to sleep with, just do it, soldier!

Saitoz out!


Ps. Thanks for uploading ;)

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