Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Current Wishlist of Changes for the DK:

Here it is.

This will be updated and modified as changes roll out, and changes are made. Three of my unholy wishes have already been granted!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jayde,

What exactly do you mean with “No Touch Necrosis! ^_- I like it the way it is right now: Useful :)” is this not working as the tool tip indicates?

Zyphoria said...

It means Do not touch Necrosis, in developer language.

I would assume its good enough atm.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about your wishlist?? Just to make the DK to fit you more??

Serois, I don't like how you think you can change everything like you want it to be.

Make some constructive thoughts on DW, not on your damn 2hand... and stop talking like you are the only one who knows what a DW should have and what not.

Damn it -.-

ElyziuM said...

DK should use 2h, it was a mistake by blizzard to even allow them to use DW.
I hope they remove the DW skill because atm it just messes up and we already got 3 DW classes and 2 that uses 2H (well 1½ in PvE).

Anonymous said...

hey, i just stumbled into ur plague/scourge strike idea thread and read the 1st few posts and thought of a pretty good idea. instead of it removing a HoT, it should have a priests shield like effect which absorbs a certain amount of healing. it would allow DKs to not ONLY be druid counters as HoT removal only really hurts them. but it still "counters" druids in that they cant remove diseases nor will HoTs break through it as quickly. provided the balancing is done right i think that would be the best kinda -healing effect u could add without it being just another MS.

well thx for reading, if u like the idea pls try to get it across to the devs, i unfortunately cant post on those forums since i dont have a beta key :(