Monday, August 18, 2008

Three new threads that hopefully get looked at:

Issues with early frost talents:
Blood attack rotations:
Runeforging issues and concerns:

Probably too much to post here, so I just tossed up the links. If you can't access the links, I'll probably put each topic in it's own blog entry at request.

I realize some of you are accessing this stuff while working, and thus you might not have access to the wow forums. =]

Not that I ever do that..


Huanz said...

Good posts :)

I hope GC posts something regarding the runeforging enchants. I made a post about Razor Ice on the EU boards to see what the other players think.

Perhaps a talent improving its damage could be added.
But I'd rather see the damage go up and the proc chance which literally forces you to dw, which is not bad for me ;)


Alrenous said...

From the number of times my warrior has stood around watching people drink, can DK's get a way to buff drinking regen?

You know, use those runes, that are otherwise just sitting there, to shorten the downtime?

Rigormortiz said...

Hey there, love your feedback so far from beta. I think you have one of the better opinions so far and for someone like me whos planning on swapping to a DK as their main you've given me some good insight!

I had a question though for you. IN your 10:30 min video of Strand of the Ancients, what song is that? I like it quite a bit!

Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

Malexan said...

Hey Jayde, I'd be curious to see what your thoughts are on my own post regarding a suggestion for Frost RP generation.

malexan said...

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention, I think my idea might help Frost for PvP as well, since especially with a hopefully reduced CD on Howling Blast that GC mentioned, Frost could then generate 20 RP at range to use on AMS or IBF.