Sunday, August 24, 2008

Latest build = Lack of updates. :)

Been way too busy actually playing/testing stuff to have time to do any updates. Only one more level to go..

Anyways, on with the feedback from the latest build.

First up is my thoughts on frost at this point. It's definitely a lot better, but nothing is ever perfect.

Here are some examples of why.

Also, if you liked that music I uploaded in my previous post, here is the entire MP3 Collection of northrend music up to this point.

Edit: God DAMN i love this Zul'Drak music. Eight hours straight looping it so far. Wow. I'm typically not a Derek Duke fan, but this stuff is amazing.


Anonymous said...

I want On a Pale Horse... but being deep frost... i have to spend so much points to a nonsense pvp abilities for reach it :/
Epidemic + Unholy command + virulence + on a pale horse its ok... but more points are lolshit

Martin said...

Jayde, could you recommend me an aoegrinding unholy build? thanks in advance- im 61 atm

Leiah said...

I assume you're asking me because you're in the beta? If that's true, then why aren't you participating in the beta "test" and trying things out for yourself to see what works and what doesn't?

I don't mean to sound like an ass, but your job as a beta tester is to, well, test things.

Asking people for "ideal grinding builds" isn't really conducive to the testing process, now is it?

Okages said...

Thanks so much for the music. When you posted the Storm Peaks taste my jaw dropped. The music for Wrath has been amazing so far. I've listen to the Wintergrasp and CoT:Strath stuff for a while now.

Anonymous said...


All your posts about DK's have been great. Thanks for all the great information since I am not in beta.

I been looking at the talents. Could you address one talent to the beta boards that does not scale in the frost tree.

Acclimation bonus resistance does not scale at all. It is 50 per stack (150 total resistance). I think this ability needs to scale somehow for future level increases. It would be nice if you could improve it with some base stat if Frost DK's wanted more spell resistance.

Also, I read a post on the beta boards saying Frost Strike is getting resisted. This has to be a bug since it requires a melee weapon and subjected to dodge, parry, and miss.

btlyger said...

Hey jayde great feedback as always.
I tested out some frost today since DRW isn't working(im only 64 at the moment, been testing my other classes) and its very burst. I either felt like I was doing to little damage, or completely over powered. Blood is definetly better for leveling, but when it came to pvp, frost was ridiculous. World PVP isn't the best place to test out pvp, but its better than nothing. Unholy deathknights seem to be the strongest and hardest to kill.. I think its mostly because of the strength of the ghoul at this level, but I really like frost. I used howling blast + frost strike and instantly killed a DK who attacked me when i was at 15% HP. Frost is definetly looking great for PVP, and I think if it stays this way i'll choose it over unholy. Oh and... obliterate sucks :(

Also, Thanks for the Northrend music! I haven't got sniffing around in the files yet, but now I don't have to for the music :) Any chance you could upload the deathknight starting zone stuff?

Leiah said...

The death knight starting zone music is the same music used in naxxramas. I'll upload that too, if you like.

btlyger said...

Specifically the song I want is the old DK spawn point (When it was on the roof) That music was sooo good, yet now its gone?

Anonymous said...

As always Jade, you forgot something:

Dual Wield

Necrosis and BCB is perfect for DWing, boosting the overall DPS because of more white hits, than you would ever have with a 2hand.

It is a pitty that you try to tweak the DK in the direction you want, wihtout testing the second part... and that is DW.

Before you did not test that for a few hours / levels, I don't believe in anything what you are talking about - because you have no idea of the aspects of a DK.

JesperGJensen said...

I had a thought, i would like you to consider and, if approved, submit on the Beta forums for me.

Abominations might (+10% AP to raid) should switch place with Improved Icy Talons (+20% melee haste to raid.)

As far as i hear, Frost does not use much white dmg. An increase to that is negligable.
Frost does use alot of spells and as such more AP is great for improved dmg.

Blood gains life pr hit and has at least blood worms as chance pr proc. Haste would fit here.

Anonymous said...

As deep frost, Icy Talons only helps Killing Machine imo.

Spooner said...

This music, FREAKING AMAZING. I've been playing the CT_Stratholme music for a good long while now along with the ZD and Stormpeaks. At one point my 1 yr old crawled in and began jamming.

Dude, MANY thanks for this. Made a post about it on my site crediting you :) Sucks I'm stuck on Northrend realm else I'd be tell you this via /tell

Anonymous said...

can you duel some classes when you hit 80..?

Zarkharaan said...

Pretty damn awesome

thesleepinglotus said...

Yay! Music! You made my day!