Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Frost DK tanking + Stratholme with Arthas + Army of the Dead?

Build used. (Obliterate sucks)

Part 1.

Part 2.

For what it's worth,

This isn't a fast run or speed clear by any means (which I tend to enjoy more). This was all of our first attempts at this instance, and it was just a pug. I went with a warlock buddy from Tich, Socio, and we just joined up with 3 random dudes.

You can see the disparity between tanking spell casting bosses and hard hitting bosses. The first boss was actually the toughest, mostly because he randomly shoots these chains at someone and stuns them for the duration. This makes the first boss fight much too reliant on having a resto druid healer (basically someone that can keep heals going while CCed). The chains effect is physical, so grounding totems don't work. It is rather funny to watch, though, since after I died, the other DK ressed me as a ghoul. I then ended up killing the boss like that. =]

The second boss was a pushover, as I could mitigate a ton of his damage.

I'm not really sure what the third boss did, but it didn't seem too bad.

The last boss lays out a lot of AOE magic damage, and randomly mind blasts/sleeps a target other than the tank. Acclimation is a huge boon here. In fact, I'm more inclined at this point to prefer acclimation over Anti-Magic Zone. As I've stated before in an earlier alpha synopsis, acclimation requires no runes, no global cooldowns, and is constantly being refreshed on you and your raid. It's fantastic, and it stacks with frost aura.


Anonymous said...

Gonna make me break my F5 key? I can refresh only so many times!

Immolthar said...

God damit it seems i woke up to early today xD

Kahai said...

Hope you don't mind but I've been uploading your vids (with due credit given to you/your blog) to YouTube since a few of my friends can't get Filefront to download correctly let alone stream. I'm sure I'll do the same with this video as well, heh.

Monte said...

Time for a 3 hour nap...

Raj said...

You damn tease!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering wich programs you are using in able to create the vids?

/ DK fan

zyphoria said...

I love you

Have my babies

Pie is better then cookies ect...

Thank you

Kahai said...

He's most likely using Fraps (www.fraps.com) and Windows Media Maker for the WMV files (High Quality).

Kahai said...

..err Windows MOVIE Maker :P

Huanz said...

Something I noticed.

Keeping Blade Barrier up is rather hard. If even one style gets dodged / missed / parried its almost impossible to get it going since nearly all styles tend to use 1 rune and if you use some ohcrap buttons it's nearly impossible.

Any thoughts about that?


Rev said...

Didn't really feel like you had aggro on the multi trash packs other than the maintarget. Not too sure what you're wearing, but the mitigation seems quite lacking as well. Pestilence needs some extra threat in Frost Presence.

Anonymous said...

pretty badass is that the ingame music for the zone

Anonymous said...

Could you post a list your character's equipment that you used during the vid?

Anonymous said...

ok, so I should watch the vid longer. But it is still alittle blurry for me, a text list in the blog would be nice.

Anonymous said...

What is your opinion on DK tanking in later instances? Do you think we'll need more defense/dodge gear rather than our regular gear (since we can't wear shields)? Will DK tanking even be feasible in endgame instances without it?

Anonymous said...

ehm..? where can i look at the vid?

Anonymous said...

Can you please, please, please also upload to ANYTHING other than filefront. It always gives the message that video no longer available.

btlyger said...

A lot of people ask if DK's are going to be good endgame tanks, and I think what they should be asking is our DKs going to be overpowered tanks.

The reason for this being I'm sure most of you have seen the rogue tank, who takes no physical damage. He ahieved this by maxing out dodge, with extra boosts from parry, and then having the right group said up. DK's are going to be able to achieve the same thing. Plate tank gear is going to have a lot of dodge/parry on it(some pieces will have shield rate for the other 2 classes) so I think achieving this "Untouchable" state is very possible. With parrying and dodging you take NO damage. Even if you aren't able to get untouchable, its very likely that you canget to around 90% or more mitagation just from dodge/parry + debuffs. 90% of the time you take no damage, and for the other times? High health + high armor, not to mention bone shield will be up for those random hits if you have it. All in all, I think everyone is underestimating DK's very much, and I think once they actually get tanking gear, they will be the best there is.

Btw end of part 1 was great... you jumping up and down on his dead body :)

Myrag said...

to, btlyger

"DK's are going to be able to achieve the same thing. Plate tank gear is going to have a lot of dodge/parry on it(some pieces will have shield rate for the other 2 classes) so I think achieving this "Untouchable" state is very possible."

just NO... if u would read what blizz is stating you would know that they said they will try to make sure there will be no such a thing as untouchable rogue or such us of any class, so DK wont be OP for sure

BTW leiah I think army of the dead isnt really designed to be used for pulling, I think its a life-saver, blue geared DK with 15% parry and 10% dodge gets 25% dmg reduction while chanelling and when your finished boss changes tagret to your ghouls so its very nice for moments when boss enrages or your health is low dont u think, btw does it stack with icebound foritude,if not then well its nice to use it when IF is on cd


jhero said...

Hey Jayde, just wondering what combat log mod is that?


Monte said...

Follow up on part 1: Rather comedic boss fight with you chasing him down in ghoul form. I noticed you turned your back to the boss for a second, in addition your healer was stunned. That's def a tank death combination right there. Consider maybe having a PvP trinket on your healer for the first boss. About to watch part two now

Anonymous said...

Dude. Shark Pet.
Total Win.
I thought that was "in the game" but not available.
Is it a drop or vendor item?

As always, awesome footage.
Not to belittle your guys accomplishments, but those all seemed from the video, tank and spank fights.
The time warp guy was interesting, and Mal'Ganis looked like it had some sort of seal that Jayde stood on, but can you tell us a liiiittle more about the fights.
Looked effortless

Immolthar said...

@ Army of Dead as i readed it in a post its actualy buged and instead of decreasing dmg taken increases it :)

Monte said...

follow up on part 2: I noticed you were taking a beating on those abom/ghoul trash packs. I also noticed the abom was stunnable, which would lead to me to guess he is snareable too. Consider maybe Chains of Ice the abom, death grip the ghoul and pull him back. I know chains eats up a frost rune, but it's better than potentially dying. Second boss looks cool as hell. Love the guild chat too :P

Thomas said...

Nice, the one thing I have to say is I hope that your healer isn't a healer in live because he sucks.

Huanz said...

Hey Jayde

have gotten popular :D

On the european boards a pretty interesting thread has evolved:


Some ideas about Obliterate since it barely gets used these days:

What Obliterate needs the most is more RP Generation with Chil of Grave. If you just compare:

2 Icy Touchs = 40 RP, 1 Howling Blast = 20 RP, 1 Obliterate = 10 RP

Together with the fact that Obliterate seems to do no damage when it not crits and costs 2 runes most Dks prefer using other styles..

Icy Touch should really last 20 seconds without Epidemic (!!)

That would allow the following 20 seconds rotation:

IT -> PS -> BS -> BS ->HB -> Oblit -> Oblit -> HB

Throw in Frost Strikes where you like

thoughts about this?


ps. it's a shame european testers can't post on US beta boards

Denver said...

I agree with Rev. It doesn't look like you were really trying to tank trash mobs. They frequently broke loose and were picked up by the other members, and some were flat out ignored while they beat on your healer.

I liked watching the first boss fight. The Army of the Dead was an interesting way to start, and it was funny watching the ghouls all repeatedly taunt him.

Anonymous said...

DUDE! over 10k crits as a tank! I frikin love u! How geared were you? The vids of frost spec are sick! Was it the blood strike that did the 10k crits? I made this spec at wow but nver played a dk so can i get ur advice... Its unholy tanking but useing scorge strike, u think itll hit over 10k?