Thursday, August 21, 2008

Frost Feedback Consolidation Post:

Warning, this initial post is not for the squeamish. =]
Frost has issuez, I may has answerz.

Dig it.


Huanz said...


your post is a little bit crazy and it's late in the old continent so mind if I tell anything wrong

I'm really not such a big fan of these suggestions.

1. Frost Strike is an insane good ability atm. It's kinda of the signature move of Frost. When it is down to 40RP and HB becomes castable once every 10 sec I can see things working out.
I have no problems with it competing.
A 50% weapon damage version will remove a lot of the flavor.

2. Your suggestion about Unbreakable Armor is 1 Frost..
It's a oh shit button.. i really don't want to be reliant on a frost rune when i use it.. especially not with Frost Strike being on Frost Rune Costs and worrying about Blade Barrier. Make it cost nothing

3. Id rather see HB being without a CD so I can choose wether I want to do this or Oblit. Perhaps change it to BF, because there is no style that uses this cost now.

4. My biggest worry is the unfairness between 2 rune and 1 rune styles in RP generation. If this issue could be resolved most Frost issues would go away.
Make these generate 15 or 20 RP

I like your BotN btw very much and the HC change is ok too..

But HB -> RP and FS -> 1 Frost 50% damage doesn't suit my feeling for frost ^^


PS. need the wotl intro song :D

Anonymous said...

Hello Jayde

Could you tell me what your axe weapon is, it looks very cool. Thank you very much.