Friday, August 15, 2008

Latest beef: Frost is weak, blood is too strong:

It's way, way too much feedback to write up on a single blog post.

If you're interested in reading, I humbly recommend you simply go follow this thread.


Anonymous said...

I hate to make a first post that's off-topic (but I will anyways):

What about increased ghoul utility? It's a core aspect of the class...why not have talents in all three trees that alter the abilities of your ghouls?

I'd like to hear your opinion on this, as it's something that would have a lot of potential use for PvP and PvE as well as flesh out a part of the class I feel is pretty weak at the moment.

Immolthar said...

DRW is a 51 point talent after all ofc is should be strong and scales very well with your gear. Other classes also got insane 51 point talents: Deep freeze if we count a bit it will crit around 5k and stun for 5 sec ^^
I just dont like the "calling for nerfbat" idea it will hit to hard im afraid

I would say make up frost/unholy to blood the 51 point talent are just not good enough...

Damn only 1 week and finaly done with my work...(got beta key just dont have time to play)QQ

Anonymous said...

My name is Saitoz
and I approve this message!

My suggestions to fix some of the frost issues:

- Chill of the grave buffs Oblit
- Icy Touch more damage, less CD
- a new spell that costs one Blood and one Frost Rune or one Frost Rune, to give Frost Rune Mastery some meaning
- linking Frost Strike more to other Skills


ColdFire said...

I dont mind them making frost stronger but i very much hope you are not angeling for them making blood weaker as that is my favorite tree. I have a habit of misreading you post though so i hope i am just doing that again.

Edurol said...

It is not OK that you flame DW that much. It is just your opinion and your problem, when you don't like DW - but don't make it that bad.

Hopefully, the developers at Blizzard won't listen to you... because it is ot you, who designs this game.

Stop flaming DW, make some suggestions for it - you seem to know everything better than anyone else in this beta -.-

Alrenous said...

I really want to see IT buffed for deep frost. I want be afraid of rooted frost DKs, because they can reach out and touch someone.

IT is nicely designed so that this won't lead to non-frost DKs not using it at all, unlike for instance the conflict between affliction talents and destruction spells, and vice versa.

Hungering cold needs to be at least as good a root as frost nova. Seriously now.

It seems that there's been a proliferation of RP cost abilities. From the fact that all the 51-pointers use RP, it seems like the original design was that there would only be a few things to do with it. Basically, spam death coil until you get your 51-pointer and then drop death coil for most situations. As a result, there's a severe mismatch between RP generation and things to do with it.

I really like how they did basically make frost coil, though, especially the symmetry in range. The strikes are melee with DC as backup, while frost has a ranged touch with a melee backup.

But blizzard seems to have fixed the frost rune starvation twice, leading to excess frost runes.

Howling blast's synergy with frost fever seems redundant, as only a cleansing target will ever not have it on.

I still think DKs want a second ball of death to throw at people, just for kicks. Blood coil doesn't sound right, though.

Anonymous said...


You might want to check out this link:'all_intents_and_purposes'_or_'all_intense_purposes'

I've seen you post "all intensive purposes" at least twice now on the forums and thought you might want to get it right, unless you're just being funny.

Leiah said...

Oh shit. I think I just got pulled over by the grammar police! Haha :)

In all seriousness, thanks. Sigh, my chinese girlfriend speaks (and writes) better English than me.

Anonymous said...


Quick question. there was a comment of the auras being removed from prescenses.

Did this happen? Is it going to happen still?

I'm really excited to hear about that, because you can spec for blood aura and unholy aura at the same time. 100% healing to party & 10% speed boost to everyone in range sounds pretty sweet! :)

You may end up 'gimping' yourself by not taking the top end tier talents, but only time and testing will tell, but it would be fun to have 2 auras in effect at the same time.

Brian said...


I'm sure you are getting asked this all the the time, but...could you post your Blood talent spec please? I am fascinated with the Death Knight and since I probably won't be getting a Beta key, I am living vicariously through you.

I am trying to a plan a deep Blood build with DRW that also picks up Necrosis and Blood-Caked Blade and I am just curious as to what tree you dabble in along with Blood.

Thanks and please keep up the good work.

P.S. More awesome videos please! =)

Dreadhawk said...

Hi, sorry to post this here, but I can't post on the beta forums. You have a recent post about Scourge/Plague strike and I had an idea. Why not instead of removing the hot it instead turned the hot into a dot. Or it could cause a dot based on total HOTs on the target. The damage of the dot would need to be balanced, but I think it could certainly be made very useful.

Anonymous said...

@ dreadhawk

this is what the old degeneration did. Too much emphasis on Anti-Hotting would basically shut down druids in arena.

I'd much rather see a short healblock (like eating % of the heal) for the next 2 secs or so..

Anonymous said...

By the way

i'd really like to hear your opinion about the chicken of undead aka dk flying mount.

My girlfriend laughed so hard when I showed her that I feel a bit ashamed riding it :x


Leiah said...

The chicken mount? I think it's doing a fine job as a humorous placeholder until the real one is unveiled.

Leiah said...

It's not so bad, though. I've got a live chicken ground mount, and an undead chicken flying mount.


Anonymous said...

Frosts need a 1 Frost Rune Instant-Attack, I'd rather Icy Touch be a ranged, diseased based DoT and Frost Strike be a 1 Frost Rune Instant-Attack so I could DoT the opponent with Icy Touch, Obliterate and then Frost Strike the opponent on either the second rotation or a Frost Rune proc.

Perhaps Frost Strike could be our version of Sunder Armor, doing Frost based damage to bypass their armor and reducing it at the same?

We just need a 1 Frost Rune dump that does reasonable damage.

ColdFire said...

Humorious place it is good to hear you say that and i hope it comes from a "source".

Badger said...

I hope that buzzard is a place holder for the death knight's flying mount. Mostly I'm bothered by the [dis]proportion of the head to the point I've begun sketching my own (more awesome) version of the flying mount.

Shadowmorn said...

Posting this in the "Newest" post as well, but ill say it here aswell since its intopic.

Why not have Howling Blast be on the same tier as Lichborn, giving it much sooner, making the early talents more useful and allowing for a replacement further down the tree that can additionally compliment the runic power generation woes of frost?

Just to throw a random idea out for howlings replacement deep in frost, "Chilling Empowerment." Consume one Frost Rune to give you 50+ Runic Power, 1 minute cooldown. Obviously its not my place to play balance to numbers or throw extra's into a talent point spent, it could come with additional effects then just that if it is too weak like this.