Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Blood DK vs 74 Elite with 104,000 HP.

A patch ago, this guy would wipe the floor with me. I watched in awe as a feral druid soloed him down.

Now, it was my turn.

The self-sustainability of a blood DK right now with the deathstrike + blood worms change is pretty phenomenal. As long as the target isn't hitting me for 1/3 of my life per swing, I can tank something indefinitely, sort of like a warlock. =]

This was my spec.


ColdFire said...

Can you link the spec you were using there Leiah? Full 51 into blood and restfrost/unholy?

Rev said...

Very impressive!

Soladad said...

This is great news :)

Soladad said...

This is great news :)

Anonymous said...

Too much self healing imho..

Death Strike crits where the healing crits heal me for 5k.. thats quite a bit to much.

DS should use a fixed amount coming from your stats. It should not be more if you crit and the heal should not crit.

Death Strike is so strong now that I don't need Vendetta and Blood Worms at all.

Also RP generation seems to have been gimped to much. I tried Frost since my heart lies there and I was barely able to get in 1 Frost Strike per rotation.

It should be a bit more and some talents like Chill of the Grave should include more skills from this spec (in my case Obliterate)

This has been a great patch. I love how diverse the trees make my class feel. And the changes to tanking specially Frost are tremendous!


Anonymous said...

How useful is improved rune tap? Do you find yourself making use of it a lot? Wouldn't it better to pick up Mark of Blood and some points in WotN? Expertise is probably the most powerful stat you can pick up offensively for PVE along with hit..

Anonymous said...

Don't expect it to stay like this, warriors and hunters will have no chance in PvP.

Anonymous said...

Can U show some of the gear you had on while making this please

Anonymous said...

Nice !

By the way , Leiah , please post a video with an Unholy spec , expecialy with desecration (if it's implanted yet). 2yds don't seem a lot for pvp or anything more dynamic than a usual mob . Or am I missing on something?


Anonymous said...

And you dont think this is overpowred?

I am starting to think that you are the sole reason this game sucks. You and your 'contact' at blizzard buddy up to make what ever class YOU want to play be op..

Must be making up for some lacking in RL. Loser.

Anonymous said...

Leiah, Your such a skilled DK.
Bravo, maybe they'll let you keep yours for the release =D