Friday, August 1, 2008

Further early alpha feedback:

I think I'm beginning to like the DK less and less the more I play it.

The more I realize how limited the rune/runic power mechanic is, the less fun it becomes, which is a pretty big red flag that something is wrong. I wish I could talk to you on vent about it sometime, eh but I know you're busy. Ah well, it is still early in the process.

Someone made some pretty valid points here that I gotta say I've noticed as well. And to tell the truth, with as much time as I spend simply chasing after my balance druid buddy that I duel all the time, I really really wish I had more ranged silences than strangulate which is on a 30s cooldown and needs all runic power to be worth a damn.

I also find myself wishing I simply had a single target CC of some sort... like.. an incapacitate, or a knock back, or a single target freeze, or something. Something frost based (but only if chains of ice was 1 rune cost, darnit!).

One last thing is, I feel like... I dunno... I don't have a big nuke or burst damage ability other than a death's chill + howling blast which is technically 3s and not on demand. You know? I mean I don't have this big scary mortal strike attack that I could bust out on someone, which is weird cause I keep seeing talents for this thing called "obliterate" but I have no idea what it is. I'm hoping that would address the issue. I feel like once I get close to chox (the druid), I just can't do enough damage in those few seconds between when I'm getting rooted to put any fear of death into him, while I get kited around and die to dots + nukes between strangulate.

I certainly don't feel like much of an anti caster at this point other than an Anti HoTer, since degeneration is splendid at countering hots. (kudos there!)

Part of being anti caster (who excels at ranged combat obviously) is either being able to constantly close the distance to them like a warrior or rogue, or have lots of ranged interrupts and ranged damage to match or scare them into thinking twice about standing there and nuking (ala hunter).

At this point, I'd also gladly give up mind freeze for earth shock, as the range on mind freeze is just pathetic.

I would also kill to have more runic power type abilities that were effective and weren't totally dependent on having a full bar to be worth it, as I find myself holding onto a full bar (wasting future RP generation) just for the right time for when I need to blow a strangulate, as it's on a 30s cooldown.

Developer response:

"Yeah, there are some valid points. It’s definitely still a possibility to change runic power abilities to use discreet amounts of power.

Aside from that, we do plan to get chains of ice down to 1 frost rune (possibly frost/unholy though)."

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