Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blood strike scales extremely, extremely well


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roxx. keep it! :P

What abt. engeneering? :C find that out please. (my comment on your last entry)

Anonymous said...

Hey Leiah!

I have been looking at the new talents that just got released and i'm somewhat disappointed with the change to Blood-caked blade ... because they didn't change anything.
I understand this talent provides 1 nice debuff to get some extra dmg with Blood Strike aswell as Obliterate (and can be considered debuff fodder in pvp), but does this justify the fact that this is a 5point talent paired with extreme low dmg and a rather low chance of procing (when used with a 2h weapon)? IMO this talent should do something more. I'm not talking about increasing the damage, but more about an additional debuff to the target - something like the warrior's blood frenzy effect (which wouldn't be that bad for raids).

Also i'd like to now whats your opinion on Scourge Strike. Does this attack make you feel that Unholy is the PvP Tree since this seems to be the Mortal Strike counterpart?
Won't the DKs still need a real Mortal Strike since Scourge Strike seems to be only real viable when fighting Druids ?

So these are all my questions for now ... hope you find the time to answer one of them ;) Thx in advance.

- Apollyon

Zach said...

What spec are you using now?

Rev said...

Is there any word on how a Deathknight is going to be a tank in at least the 5 man instances?

No shield, no block, lower armor...

This increased parry thing doesn't really seem to make up the additional damage received from having nearly no protection. From what I see in video-clips that have a DK tanking, it's going to be quite horrifying if they intend the current DK to help the lack of tanking classes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jayde, its llany from beta, what is your current quest/instance gear stats at the moment

Breathweapon said...

Well, at least Obliterate and Blood Strike are "meshing" now that Obliterate is consuming Frost runes and Blood Strike is scaling, that's one positive note.

What's the word on Death Strike, is it consuming 1 Unholy, 1 Blood for a 100% weapon damage attack that returns life? I heard a rumor it's going to be 1 Unholy, 1 Frost, which kind of sucks because then Blood Strike is just a mindless spam button for Blood, and from the looks of it Blood Strike gets replaced with Heart Strike as another mindless spam button for Blood even later.

Thoughts on the upcoming patch?

Leiah said...

Thoughts on the upcoming patch? Well, isn't that a loaded question. :)

I typically put all those thoughts on the beta forums. My feedback does a lot more good there than it does here. I simply try to highlight some key points here.

If you guys really want to know how I feel about a lot of changes that are coming up, the beta forums are the first place to look.