Saturday, August 16, 2008

Blood @ 77.

Towards the end of the video, I take on a 3man quest elite mob that's pretty rough. General Abbendis of the Scarlet Onslaught in New Hearthglen.

I love blood. It's just about perfect.

Edit: Sorry, this was the build.

It was as of the latest build, 8788


Anonymous said...

Another great video Jayde. Your videos have me so pumped to make my own DK.

A few questions...

The black ravens flying around the Raven Priests was a very cool feature. Is that a spell graphic or is that always up?

What is that graphic that keeps showing up on the footmen? Mob ability?

Only one critique though...I liked your old hairstlye better :P

Zarkharaan said...

The footmen have some kind of rampage thing that makes a lion appear over their head.

The ravens hang around the priests when they wander around. I might also have seen them in a spell animation, though.

Adrianh13 said...

Great video as usual. Was this before or after the 8788 build?

Zarkharaan said...

Hate to post twice.
Nice vid, you should've went for some yellow ~77 mobs to show there's not a lot of difference though.
Soloing Abbendis does say a lot though.

Anonymous said...

another nice video but i would like to ask you if we are going to get any +spell crit chance from agility
also looking at talents i dont see anything that helps with spell crit chance or spell crit bonus
what is your chance to crit with spells at lvl77 with your current gear?
taking into account resilience in pvp are we ever going to see our deathcoils crit(if we dont spec for sudden doom) and if they crit considering the crit dmg reduction of resilience are they going to feel like crits or like normal hits with abit extra dmg?(since we get no +spell crit bonus talents)
this really concerns me at the moment

Anonymous said...

well I'm just wondering...did abbendis drop anything interesting?

Anonymous said...

@ Spellcrit

we don't profit from agility for spellcrit. But there is no more spellcrit and meleecrit rating. All is crit rating now. So we can expect to get lots of crit rating plate items since palas have the same issues.

Brian said...

Nice video! I was hoping to see you loot her. =) Dying to know what she had on her.

Also, what was your spec in the video? Again, nice job!

Brian said...

OK...I have a question.

I'm rewatching the video, frame by frame, studying your rotations. At the 11 second point in the video, I notice in your combat log an entry that says, "[Jaydes] Unholy Strength heals [Jayde] for 358".

What is Unholy Strength?

Forgive me if I have just overlooked this somewhere in the talent tree.

Brian said...

Hmm... okay. I just answered my own question. It's Rune of the Fallen Crusader. Sorry for my brain fart. =)

btlyger said...

Leveling a DK I could instantly see blood was the shadow priest of leveling, you can do it other ways, but its just the best spec to go if you want to level fast.

Interesting to see how OP it is still once you hit northrend. I can currently solo any group quest in outland (except maybe 5 mans, haven't come across that yet though) and it looks like I can espect the same for northrend. I hope they don't nerf it, because thats wat deathknight are, self healing damage dealers death coil in your face death knights.

Also, you showed your balls at the end going against that elite, I try to avoid mobs that have a lot of aoe for fear my blood worms will die and my Death Strike wont be able to keep me up. Very nice video keep up the great work.

ColdFire said...

I notice you have toughness instead of blade barrier is toughness that much better or is it more a moot point between them?

turboliux said...

the video doesn't work as usual and it's imposible to download. it's like whenever i come to your website and see video hyperlink it's like "oh, yet another exciting DK video which i won't see". why can't you put it on vimeo?

Anonymous said...

Vimeo doesnt take game videos anymore

Jack said...

The music in this vid are awesome. BTW i think a call to arms was in there but it sounded different than what I'm used to hearing. Is it another version?

Brian said...

I love they way Dancing Rune Weapon is working and it DOES NOT looked overpowered to me. I did notice that the DRW's Heart Strikes do not seem to be getting the increased damage bonus per disease on the target. I certainly hope they don't do anything to nerf DRW.

On the other hand, if they do nerf DRW into the ground, I think I may try a spec with something like 45/0/26, picking up nice Unholy talents like: Shadow of Death, Epidemic, Blood-caked Blade, Ravenous Dead, and Necrosis. Also having Heart Strike and Might of Mograine in the Blood tree.

Also, one last question:
Is Death Rune Mastery an active or passive effect?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So, blood is a bit OP it would seem. I guess the devs were right when they said they needed to buff frost and tone down blood?

ColdFire said...

Blood is just fine and they have said they are not going to mess with bloods dmg until they can see how it does at higher lvl once other classes are there. Blood is fine and not that over what other classes can do anyway, Frost just needs some love is all blood is fine.

Farabee said...

Question about your build...

Wouldn't Veteran Of The Third War give you more total AP than Bladed Armor, AND the extra stamina to boot? Guess it depends on how you gear, but at 80 I can definitely see this being the case as it is with retadins.

Still, Bladed Armor seems like a total garbage talent to me.

Alrenous said...

He has toughness and bladed armour because he needs at least some points in those talents to go deeper.

Anonymous said...

"I notice you have toughness instead of blade barrier is toughness that much better or is it more a moot point between them?"

20 ap per 1000 armor does apply to toughness so i would say it's because of that.

turboliux said...

someone posted this video on youtube, thnx to him. great vid Jade.

Anonymous said...

Post videos like this, and class gona be nerfed into oblivion. And you will be new Indalamar.

Anonymous said...

What do you use for video capture? Love your videos!!

Leiah said...

"Question about your build...

Wouldn't Veteran Of The Third War give you more total AP than Bladed Armor, AND the extra stamina to boot? Guess it depends on how you gear, but at 80 I can definitely see this being the case as it is with retadins.

Still, Bladed Armor seems like a total garbage talent to me."

Maybe at 80 in end game gear, but certainly not right now. 6% more strength for more right now works out to be 31 more, which is 62 AP for 3 points, and a tiny bit more health.

Conversely, 4 points in bladed armor with 12k armor works out to be around 240 AP. 62 AP vs 240. Doesn't seem like a tough choice at this point. =]

Not to mention, Bladed armor scales with frost presence (tanking) since you gain 45% more armor, which buffs your damage across the board a bit there, too. It's a great talent.

With end game gear at 80, I can see DKs with 20k armor in blood or unholy presence. 5 points in bladed armor will yield 500 AP. That's nothing to sneeze at.

Having Offensive stats scale with defensive stats is a wonderful concept.

Anonymous said...

Ah found an old blog, FRAPS is what you use!

Saito said...

Don't know if it has been touched by you guys, but Might of Mograine seems to be bugged:

-Saitoz aka Huanz-

Leiah said...

Doesn't look bugged to me.

He's critting for 260% damage with obliterate thanks to might of mograine, plus he's also rocking 3/3 bloody vengeance and 20% extra physical damage via hysteria.

The thing with a lot of DK abilities is, there are simply so many stacking %based modifiers, that things can get out of hand. It isn't limited to Obliterate.

I also don't think that the actual numbers each class can produce is going to be balanced for at least another couple months.

The current goal is to get everyones new abilities implemented and working first.

THEN they will tweak the raw output.

Besides, isn't this a beta? To focus on the damage output of one small ability for a single class at this point in time is a little short-sighted.

Saito said...

It seems bugged to me..

I use a higher rank, have by far better gear, 10% Desecration, 3 diseases and crit for half his damage.

I've made enough math at university to know that these number don't come from 20% + 5% (-10% for Desecration). Not to mention some of these pics were not made with hysteria..


Leiah said...

Regardless, I wouldn't worry about it. Bugs are bugs, and will be fixed eventually. I'm simply more worried about the actual mechanics and the flow of the gameplay right now...

Such as making frost not suck.

Saito said...

I'll wait till the next patch (again ^^).

Perhaps with HB on a lower CD and FS just costing 40 RP things will go smoother. But the mainpoint is that we use one or two 2 rune styles in our rotations. And that Obliterate is very expensive while producing to little RP. It should really be included in Chill of the grave.

I'd really like to see some skill buffing IT somewhere at the end of the tree or another 1 frost style introduced

Another thing i noticed is how weak Razorice is atm. I would really like to see this rune adding more damage to your strikes..

It feels pretty weak compared to Fallen Crusader and Cinderglacier. 4 - 5% seems a lot better for me.


Leiah said...

Razor ice is not a good multi-use rune forging enchant. It's really aimed towards raid dps, or even to use while tanking in a heavy frost damage environment if you can afford to give up the 4% parry enchant (which I love).

I agree, the rune forging enchants are pretty unbalanced. There are, like you said, essentially 2 main DPS enchants. Cinderglacier for frost/unholy builds, and Fallen Crusader for Blood. Swordshattering is arguably the most useful for tanking, as having a high parry chance is pretty damn nice if you're not worried about your threat cap.

That being said, razorice DOES have it's uses. It's just not that useful for the level they give it to you at, which is a shame, as it has arguably the coolest enchant graphic.

It doesn't make sense that they give you end game enchants at level 55, and wait to give you something like fallen crusader until you reach 70.

Saito said...

I'm not sure to see much frost mages in raiding ^^

But hopefully this changes =)

Still a bit more damage would go a long way..

And Fallen Crusader is level 70 now?
I must have missed that :x


Leiah said...

Yeah, I put up 3 new posts on the US forums about certain issues today. Hopefully that will generate (or continue to) some valuable brainstorming and constructive input.